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Staff Night out part 1

We were well into the staff xmas night out, everyone was pissed or those who were boring had pissed off.
Being the boss I felt I had to stop till the end, set an example you might say.
One of my more younger staff members had had a bit too much to drink as well so I was looking out for her too.
She was very much the exhibitionist when she'd had a drink, I'd found out, much to my pleasure.
She had sat on a table and let guys from another party take pics of her cunt up her dress.
Her tits had also been out on several occasions.This was all exciting me and I was only waiting for my moment to take advantage of her.
It came quicker than I thought, I was at the bar paying for yet another round when she came up beside me. 'I've seen you watching me, I'm going outside for some air its too stuffy in here, coming?'
Not yet, but I aim too I thought. I instructed the bar staff to take the round to the table, paid and followed her outside.
There were a crowd of people waiting for taxi's near the entrance, she was stood a little way off looking amazing.She was wearing a strapless black dress, the main reasion her tits had been on show so often. She was blonde very petite and had the most amazing pair of tits on her which I really wanted to get my hands on and intended to within the next few minutes.
I walked over to her, 'do you want to go somewhere more private?' I asked indicating the crowd near us. 'Here is fine,' she said and reached up to kiss me. Wow. What a kisser! My cock was immediately woken from his d***ken stupor and stood to attention. I was aware of voices next to us but was to busy to worry about them. I wanted her so badly after watching her antics I was now past caring about anything else.

I f***ed her back against the wall, I'm well built and with her so petite we hit the wall hard. 'Wow someones gonna have a headache in the morning.' I heard. 'You ok?' I asked coming up for air and my answer came in her pulling my lips back onto her's. God I was horny now! My hands came up to her tits and I mauled her for all I was worth, her tits were so good, firm and pert with amazing nipples made for sucking on. Thats exactly what I decieded to do.
I pulled her top down, heard her moan and a cheer go up at the same time, I'd forgoten about the taxi queue! 'Don't stop' she groaned.
Needing no encouragement I quickly sucked on a nipple, my hand went between her legs feeling for her panties, when did she take them off?!
I just had chance to ponder that before her hand was down my pants and heading for my cock.
I was exploring her pussy now and god was she wet!I slipped my hand inbetween her legs and stroked her pussy lips, enjoying her moan in my ear as I sucked her other nipple.She was rubbing me furiously now and I didn't think I'd last long like that.'Stand up,' she said as I did so my cock came out of my pants
and went straight down her throat. There was now a running commentary from the taxi lot including advice and what they'd like to do to her.
'Do you mind if I call their bluff' she asked. 'Go ahead', was all I could manage. She stood up and with her tits still out walked over to the crowd and the most vocal guy there.
'Come on then big boy' she teased fondling her tits for him.'Take me'.
He didn't need telling twice and got his hands on her suberb tits.
She now had about 3 guys working on her,she might as well have been naked her dress was now round her waist and she was wearing no underwear.
one guy was on her tits, one was working on her cunt and one was getting a hand job.She had a free hand so I decieded to fill it, I went over and guided her hand to my cock. 'Mmmm wondered where you'd gone,' she said.

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