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My Little Neice #1

So here is my story of my Neice....

I invited my f****y over for a BBQ on Superbowl Sunday,
My neice shows up earlie .as I was getting the grill started .. she pulled up in her little beat up Blue Chevy, I greeted her outside with a hug and a kiss on her cheek..(what she didnt know when i saw her for the frist time in 13 yrs I had a crush on her and her tight little 16 yr old body...)

we both walk into the house and as im getting the meat ready we are having our conversation.. i tell her the f****y will be here in about an hour.
she says good then can i take a shower? i just got off volley ball practice.
i say.. oh is that why you wearing your spandex and tanktop i said oh i thought u wore it for me lol..she said comeon your my uncle..i then told her sure go take a shower ill be here waiting for you to get out...

tell u more of my neice later...

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