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My Mouth Sucks!

Last November me and my friends rented a Limo-Bus too go from Chicago too Milwaukee. We went too see the rock band Megadeth making a very selected Mid-West appearance. After the Concert and we had gotten back too Chicago My Friends had hired 4 Strippers. Wow my first Stripper experience it was great. Since it really wasn't anyones Birthday and or Bachellore party.
I got too be the Lucky one. I already shirtless ,The main stripper took my belt off and un-buttoned my pants.In Underwear only She oiled my chest and herself ,She oiled herself and I laid on the floor she rubbed her tits all over my body and the next stripper likewise. Hot candle wax was poured on my two nipples. After that part of their show. One of the Strippers had very petitte tits and it costed 10.00 to do Whip cream shots off their tits. Well i sucked this Girls petitte titties completely in my mouth. She quoted that I Sucked so hard I should have been charged double. Well i did the Whip cream shots and Kissed the tits of 3 out of the 4 strippers. It was great a Couple Lap dances. And i just think personally I can Suck Tits Harder than Chick's can Suck Cock! Thats all. From Paul.

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