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Doctor Doctor

Hello everyone.. I like to submit my true story which happened during my c***dhood days..
My cousin s****r had come for vacation from Vellore. She was 19 at that time and I was 18 just waiting for my results. She was into her second year nursing. Everybody at home went for work and we both were alone spending time with TV. We were very close since c***dhood and used to play a lot of games together as we were of the same age group. Those were enacting cooking with toys, shopkeeper selling, teacher student and others.

That day we were watching TV and a program was relayed about some private doctor treating patients. We were bored of doing the same TV watching all the day. That is when we were discussing about our c***dhood days and games. Then I asked why not we play some game like that. She agreed and asked what we play. I suggested the same shop keeping, teacher students etc. but she was no more interested in all these things now.

So she thought for a while and told me that we play Doctor – Doctor as she is more a nurse now. I readily agreed. Then we arranged things for the play. We set up table and chair put it close to a cot which will be our examination table. We got some things like a stick for thermometer, an old earphone for stethoscope and so on. All ideas were hers as she knew about it more.

Me: Akka, I don’t know much about how to play doctor, so I’ll play patient.

She: hey don’t worry, we will play in turns first u patient then I will be patient and we will change roles for next visit (for next complaint)

Me: ok.. fine.. I’ll be patient now.

I walked down and sat on the chair across the table opposite to her. I was wearing a sleeveless vest and shorts. She was wearing a T shirt and a skirt upto her thigh. Now the play began.

She: Yes sir please come in. What problem do you have?

Me: I have high Grade fever for 2 days

She: Ok, please lie down on the table.

Ok madam..

I now go on the bed and laid down. She took the stick and told me that she’ll check temperature. I opened my mouth but,

She: hey this is not the right way to check temperature. We usually check temperature under arms. My teacher at nursing college taught me. So lift up your hand.

(I lifted up my hand and she placed it under my bare armpit. I was feeling shy. I had few small hairs in my arm pit. Now she took the stethoscope earphone and placed it in her ears and placed the tip of wire on my chest as if examining my lungs. Then she saw temperature and said)

Hey you have a very high grade fever. You need to get an injection done” (She took a blunt pin and came to inject. I showed her my arm, but she moved me to one side and pricked in on my bum on one side over my shorts. I felt very shy. That was the first time she touched my buttocks. After injecting she massaged my butt and asked me to get up and sit in the chair. She gave a paper prescription for medicines. She was too professional in her acting probably because she was going to be a nurse. Now it was my turn. We interchanged chair positions and continued)

“Yes madam, please sit. What is your problem?”
“I have got high grade fever” she said
“OK lie down on the bed. I’ll check u up”

(She laid down on the bed. I took the stick and asked her to raise her arm. Till this time I had no bad intensions in my mind. It was only a game I was playing. But now she rolled up her sleeves and showed her arm pit. Something happened to me. I had butterflies flying all over my body. I saw her armpit. It was clean shaven. I kept the stick there and asked her to hold it. Now I took the ear phone and plugged it in my ears.

Now more butterflies started to fly. My heart was pounding. I did not know if I was supposed to do that or feel this feeling. I took the tip of the wire and placed it on her chest. My fingers were literally touching her chest close to her neck. My heart beats I could hear outside.. I kept in two three places purposefully avoiding her breasts and took the temperature stick.)

“Oh! You got high fever. You need to get an injection done”

( I took the pin to her arm and maintaining decency rolled her sleeves up. I could see her fair rounded arms. More tickling sensation in my stomach. But she turned to me and said

“Hey the fever injections are very painful injections and should never be given in the arm. You should give it in the butt”

(She knew all these from her college I suppose. But my tension only I knew. She rolled on to one side as if showing her butt to me. I didn’t have a choice. I pricked her butt a little and was admiring her shape of the rounded buttocks in from to me. Then i massaged her buttocks. Now my underwear started to wet with fluid. I came back and gave her the prescription and my turn ended. I was feeling a little guilty about feeling for her but I was enjoying the situation in one way. Now it was my turn as patient)

“yes sir tell me your problem”
“I have a severe stomach pain madam” ( she asked me to tell that way)
“ok. Come lie down. I need to examine you”

(I went and laid down. She came to me and lifted my vest to my surprise. I was shocked and my tummy trembled. She touched my tummy like a doctor and pressed it here and there. She said

you need to get an injection done”.

( I now with my previous experience, turned to the opposite side showing my butt. She to my surprise slid my shorts down exposing my underwear and gave the stick injection. I was enjoying it with a bit of guilt. After that she massaged my bum and asked me to come to the chair. As usual, she prescribed some medicines and this turn was over. Now I was sitting in the doctors chair very nervously as I was getting aroused how my turn will be.)

“Yes madam. What problem do you have?”
“I have severe pain in my stomach”
“ok I need to examine you. Lie down on the couch”

(She then laid down on the bed. My heart was pounding as to what I’m going to do. One part of me said be decent and examine her with her clothes on. But other part of me said just enjoy. I went near her. I slowly lifted her t shirt up to expose her tummy. Wow that was the first time I ever saw her bare tummy. She had a fair smooth skin with a tiny umbilicus. She was really looking awesome. My heart was beating aloud as if everyone can hear. I controlled myself and slowly touched her tummy with a
trembling hand. She started to smile. She said,

“Hey common why are you so tensed? It’s only a play”
“No I’m feeling somewhat uneasy”
“Hey what happened? Are you well? should we stop?”
“No I’m alright, Just that I’m playing this for the first time”

(She smiled at me as if she came to know why I’m tensed. Now I got a little bolder. I pressed her soft tummy here and there. My underwear was getting wetter and wetter. I touched her umbilicus. I felt a shiver in my body. First time she contracted her tummy as she also would have felt the shiver.)“you need to get an injection done”

(She now turned to opposite side. Must have been wondering how I’m going to give injection. I was wondering the same thing.)

Me: “How should I give injection?”
She: “what do you mean?”
“how should I give? Like last time or this time?”
“However you feel like.”

(now I got courage. May be she wants me to do this. Or at least she won’t mind me giving like this. I lowered her skirt exposing her butt. I saw her underwear. Wow! What a butt it was. Rounded soft and lovely. She was wearing pink printed underwear. I gave her the prick over her underwear and then massaged her butt as usual. She walked back without any hesitation. I gave her the prescriptions. Now my shorts had a wet stain on it. I hoped she didn’t notice. Now it was my turn.)

“What’s your problem sir?”
“I have chest pain” (I told as she told me to tell)
“oh is it? Please lie down. I need to examine you”

( I laid down on the couch. She came to me and just lifted up my vest and kept the earphone stethoscope on my bare chest and started to hear. I’m sure she could have felt if not heard my heart beating hard. Now she said)
”we need to take ecg. Remove your vest”

(I was shocked. She is my elder cousin. I’ve not done this before. I hesitated. But she did not wait. She Just removed my vest herself over my head. She then put some hair gel on my chest here and there and connected some old wires picked up from the table and acted as if she took an ecg. She then took out a paper and read as if it was an ecg and said,)

“it is normal. It could be Gas problem. I’ll give u an injection”

(injection became my favorite now. Never I liked injection. But now I;m enjoying it. This time she slid my shorts, but even my underwear slid exposing my bare butt. Even she was shocked. But she didn’t mind. She gave a prick with the stick and then massaged my bare butt. I was really feeling like bathing in my own juice. Then I walked back. There was a wicked smile in her face when she gave the prescription. I couldn’t see her eye to eye. I got it and walked back. Now my turn.)

“Madam What problem do you have?”
“I have severe chest pain”
“Oh please lie down I need to examine you”

(She laid down on the bed. I took my earphone stethoscope and kept on her chest. Wow! I could only hear my own heart beat. Slowly I moved my stethoscope on her breast area. It was heaving high and low. My heart was about to fall out. Then I remembered what she did to my vest. I was confused whether to lift it up or not. I decided to try my luck. I slowly lifted her T shirt up. She was for the first time feeling uneasy. I didn’t stop.

I lifted it up exposing her mounds with her black bra. Oops I almost was falling u*********s. My shorts was soaking wet. Now I touched the earphone on her bare areas of the chest. I now could feel her heart beats. I understood even she was feeling the way I felt. Now on to the breasts covered with bra. I could not imagine what I was doing. I saw her. Her eyes were closed a little tight. I said)

“I need to take an ECG. Please remove your clothes on your chest”

(I never imagined I could say that. I must have in the height of enjoyment gathered all my courage to say so. She was also shocked to hear me say that. She hesitated and tried to cover her t shirt back. But I didn’t waste time in getting it out of her head. It was not without ressistance from her hand. She didn’t speak a word. Her breasts were moving up and down but with her bra on.)

I told “remove this madam” and went to remove her bra.
She said “hey please. Should I remove? Take ECG with this bra on”

(The word bra, I was hearing for the first time from her mouth. I insisted)

“Hey common Akka, you only told that this is just a play. I did it for you. Now why are you hesitating?”
“you are a boy. You can do all this things”
“please be a sport. Common I need to take an ecg”

(I didn’t wait for her answer, I turned her to her back and unhooked her bra. I don’t know where I got the courage from. Now I turned her back to her front. She held the bra tightly over her breast so that I could not remove it. I became very aggressive and removed her bra but within fraction of seconds, she covered her breasts with her hands. Now I pleaded her to remove her hands. And I used f***e to open her hands. She turned her face away from me when I saw the wonder of hers.

Big round soft mounds fair and light brown nipples. I was literally enjoying every bit. Now I acted very normal. I placed all those wires here and there, some of course on her breasts. I took chance to press those wires and felt her soft breasts. Her nipples were getting erect. She slowly turned towards me and saw me with shy. I acted normal with lot of difficulty. I took a paper and said)“your ECG is normal. It must be only gastric problem. I’ll give you an injection”

(I turned her to opposite side. I saw her bare back. I was enjoying the sight. Now I slid her skirt down purposefully included her underwear this time. I did not understand my courage. Now I saw her fully bare buttocks. She turned towards me and saw me. I tried to act normal but could not avoid the smile. She smiled and turned back. I gave her the injection and now massaged her bare but with the palm of my hands. I went back to my chair.

She was trying to wear her bra. But before that I went to her and gave her a prescription and acted as if explaining the tablets but was only staring at her breasts more than anything else. Now she must have also enjoyed this and kept quiet. She again stared wearing the bra. But I told her

“Akka Don’t mind wearing it. You look very….”
“Very what?….”
“Very beautiful.. very…”
“Very? Common tell”
“very sexy”

(I couldn’t believe what I said. She burst out smiling and feeling shy. I could feel her blush in her cheeks) please be like that itself without tops. Come we will continue play.”

(I didn’t know what she agreed to my request. Probably she enjoyed it too being topless in front of me. She walked like one of the best FTV models and came back on sat on the doctor’s chair. I went and sat on the patient’s chai. She said)

“Now what?”
“Doctor I have some pain and itch near my upper thigh”

(It was this time my own complaint without her teaching me what to tell. She stared to smile. She said)“ come lie down”

(I laid down. She came near me she saw me shorts soaking wet. She felt shy and asked)

“ hey have you peed in your pants?”

(I kept quiet. She asked)

“Where is it? Show me”

(Little did I expect her to take revenge on me. She in a spilt of a second, pulled down my shorts and underwear together making my nakedness seen to her. It was standing right up with slimy juice sticking on it. I was speechless)

“hey what is this?” I asked
“common as if you didn’t do it to me. Its just a play…. Hahaha..” she laughed sarcastically

(I was enjoying inside and inside. She continued)

“Tell me where is the pain.”

( I showed her my crotch which was recently shaved and stubs of hair there. She now took me by surprise by caressing there on the hair. Slowly she touched my dick as if she examined it. Now touched my balls. Again she touched my dick and caressed it as if she examined. I was about to cum. I stopped and got up. Tried to wear my shorts but she said)

“Hey you also look sexy like this. Be like this it. Common I’ll give you an injection”

(She stuck the stick in my butt and massaged my butt as usual but this time was feeling the whole of my butt and massaged it. I felt very nice. Now I got up and came to the chair. I wanted to continue the game. But she insisted that we stop. I never let it happen. I was more thrilled to see her naked in her turn. I persisted. She finally agreed.)

“What’s your problem madam?”
“ High grade fever” she quipped cunningly.
“hey common, this is unfair. Tell me the same complaint I told you”

(She smiled and told)

“There is pain and swelling near my inner thigh”
“oh is it? Common show me.”

(I tried to pull her skirt down. She never let me do it. I used a lot of f***e and then BANG!! Her nudeness was there. She closed her eyes tightly and turned to other side facing away. My dick was literally pouring out wetness. I slowly touched her crotch caressed her fully shaven crotch. I now gathered courage to slide my fingers on her pussy. She was holding her thighs tightly so it was difficult for me. I parted her thighs now. She felt shyer. Closed her eyes more.. I touched her pussy.

Even she was very wet naturally. I touched her wetness. I really loved it. I smelt it. She was trying to see me with her tightly closed eyes. My instincts over ruled me. I massaged her pussy. She was flowing more. I slowly went close to her pussy and smelt her directly. As soon as she felt my warm breath touching her thighs, she jumped out and sat folding her legs)

“Hey what are you doing?”
“Akka. You look absolutely stunning. Your chu chee is very beautiful”

(She felt very shy.)

“hey common you are not supposed to do that.”

( That’s when my dick dropped the wetness on her leg. She stared at it. She was very hesitant. But when I took my fingers and licked her wetness, she got bolder to touch my slime. She was enjoying it too She now saw my dick pouring out juices almost on her. She was staring at my dick. she then smelt it like I did. I said “taste it”

(now she licked it. I was pouring more on her. She made a face and said

“It’s very salty.”
“Your is also salty and sour”

(Now I slowly parted her thighs and made it straight. I went near her pussy smelt it nicely. She was enjoying it. I now planted a kiss on it. She just jumped in joy. She now took my head and hugged it against her pussy. I was enjoying it too. I licked and licked. Now I slid my tongue in to her pussy. She moaned out loud. Tightened her thigh against my face,

I move my hands on to her breasts and started to squeeze it. Now she cried more. I looked up and took her large breast into my mouth wholly. Sucked her nipples hard. Squeezed her other breast hard and then put my other finger in her pussy. She jumped in joy. I hugged her tightly. She hugged me also. She said)

“Hey this is not correct”
“Please Akka. You are so beautiful and tempting. Please akka” and I continued kissing her everywhere
“Ok. Then promise me one thing. You should not tell anyone”
“why will i? am I mad?”
“hey we will not complete the act”
“complete the act means?” I asked her smilingly
“complete means not have complete sex. I want to be virgin.”

(I agreed)

“you can do anything you want but not insert your thing in”

(we continued to foreplay more and more. Touched each other everywhere. finally I came out spurting my cum on her. She reluctantly took it smelt it and licked it. I was jetting on her more f***efully. We really enjoyed every bit. Then we decided to take bath together. We soaped each other, enjoyed the bath for more than one hour. We came out and sat together and chatted for long about today’s incident. Of course touching and playing with each other’s private parts over our clothes.

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