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5 New Year Dreams (or Fantasies)

It’s nearly New Year, a few hours to go, and I think I should declare a few of my dreams and fantasies for 2011. If I don’t put them out there, they may never happen. So treat this as a fantasy story, or maybe a look to the future.
My wife’s away, so I can’t share them with her at the moment – and most of them involve herepractically, or at the very least with her acceptance and ideally presence. I don’t have any dream or fantasy of being apart from her physically when I explore my life, my lust, or my indulgencies. So here are a few of them.
a) I would like the chance to have more time sharing my life with my wife. Being there with her when she pursues her fantastic career which is doing so much good to so many people – so one dream is that I find some easy way to become freelance (or retired) and able to work alongside her as she travels. That’s the wholesome non questionable bit.
b) When I was a school boy I had such fun, over 2-3 years. I explored every shape and size of penis and leant how they worked, how they got excited. Each was tiny by comparison with now. I got the shock of my life when I first encountered a grown-up cock of another student. I can remember now sharing the view, the feel, the sensation with the other boys surrounding me. I moved on. I stopped playing with men and found the female form. Now I would love to try that no-strings learning how other men work, how they are shaped, how they get excited. Am I bi- …not sure. Am I intrigued ?, can I excite a man, can I suck and lick and enjoy. Yes most definitely. If only to be able to understand better what a “blow-job” is and how I myself would like to be explored.
c) I have a small cock. My wife tells me it is all that’s needed, but I know the pleasure I can give her with a well tempered dildo or vibrator. So I would love to see whether she would like a completely safe additional cock in the bed. Could be a mixed couple, could be a solo man. But they would have to know that they are there to do as she and I would like, to explore the depths of her body if she wants, or to be there to use their tongue and fingers if that is what she wants. I would like to explore what that cock feels like, and so a bi-man would be an advantage.
d) My wife was actively bi- before we met, and the first thing she said to me on our first weekend was that I needed to accept she would continue to be active. 10 years on she has not been. Maybe she is completely satisfied with me – but I think now would be a lovely time to explore with a girl what satisfaction and joy it is possible to give to my wife. I have learned by practice how to explore her body. How much fun would it be to be instructed gently by another girl in the gentle art of maximising pleasure. So that’s my fourth wish for my wife (and me)
e) And finally I would like to take it further. I would like to explore, together, what it is like for a real shared four-way exploration of bodies. I don’t want a new partner. I don’t want my wife having a new man, but I would love us both to wallow in the delights of four bodies playing together. Do I want powerful anal sex – I don’t know, but together with my wife it would be fun to try. Does she want DP – I don’t know, but together it would be fun to explore. Do I want to be showered or offered extraordinary squirting orgasms by two women at the same time – I don’t know but it sounds fun to me now as I type this. And do I want to learn the art of sloppy-seconds – I don’t know, but so many others love it and I should try.

Whether I will show this all to her. I’m not sure. [She knows my fantasy already – would she like that I have shared it and written it, not sure]. But I felt it would be fun to list a few hopes for 2011. Hey it may be our last full year before the end of the Mayan calendar. You have to live for the moment.

Oh and I’d like to do lots of this outside in the glorious sunshine completely naked with the warm wind rustling, and if anyone is there to watch so much the better.

Now to find a few people to share this fantasy
And to see what my wife thinks about it when we discuss 2011 and all that.

Happy New Year


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