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Stormy Night ( Prelude to my night of terror )

I remember the one night when I could have prevented Richard from ever touching me again. It was a cold rainy night with a lot of lightning and thunder. I was drinking beer and smoking a little weed and I wandered outside in the pouring rain completely nude. Richard was 14 at the time. I felt a blanket go around me and Richard turned me around and led me back inside.

Richard asked if I was crazy?, I said maybe just a little and laughed. I let the blanket slide off my shoulders and I hugged Richard to me and said thanks for being my hero and saving me. Now it’s time your mother goes to bed though. I’m a little loopy from the beer and smoke.

Richard said come on mom I’ll tuck you in. I smiled at him and kissed him and said my hero and we both laughed. Richard sat me down in my chair and pulled back the covers. He turned and put his arms underneath mine and pulled me up. My cool breast were pressed against him as I stood up.

He led me to bed and laid me down and pulled the covers over me. He leaned down and kissed my cheek and whispered night mom. I answered back with good night, mommy loves you and closed my eyes.

A huge resounding boom of thunder woke me up. I looked at the clock through sl**py eyes and saw it was 2:12am. I sat up and went to go potty and I slowly made it downstairs and grabbed another beer from the fridge. I went to get back in bed and Richard was under the covers.

I giggled lowly and said the thunder wake you?, he said yes mom, can I sl**p with you tonight. I said of course come snuggle with mommy until I fall asl**p. Richard at 14 was already quite developed for his age. I pulled him to me and his head rested on my breast as I lovingly caressed his hair.

A bolt of lightning lit up the room and thunder roared in the sky. We both jumped and then laughed. I pulled him back to my breast and he lay semi sideways against me and I could feel his penis laying along my thigh. I ruffled my fingers through his hair and said good night and rolled over on my side.

Richard lay there stone still and quiet as a mouse I told him it’s ok you know to snuggle up to me. I felt rather than saw the huge grin on his face as he carefully rolled up against me. Within seconds his penis was hard as a rock.

Rather than make a big thing of it I reached back and put him between my butt cheeks and said there he’ll be all comfy and cozy there. Richard snaked one arm under my neck and put his other over my shoulder his fingers brushing my breast. I snuggled back into him and whispered nighty, night Richard. He said night mom.

In a dream like state of sl**p I felt a hand on my shoulder pulling me over on my back I grumbled a little and settled back into the bed and fell back to sl**p. I heard a far off voice whispering mom, mom, hey mom. I dreamily smiled and rolled toward the voice.

I thought I heard Richard say oh god. Then I felt myself being rolled onto my back. I felt a light soft touch on my breast, a gentle kneading and my mouth opened as I sighed out loud. My body was fighting my mind to just drift back to sl**p.

I dreamily reached up and put my hand over the one kneading and caressing my breast and settled back into a deep sl**p. I slowly drifted back to a more conscious state when I felt the gentle tugging pull of someone sucking on my nipples and then rolling their tongue around them. A slow quiet moaned escaped my lips when I felt fingers playfully rubbing up and down and around my pussy lips. I gasped out loud when two fingers slid into my dripping wet pussy.

Once again my mind and body were fighting for sl**p and the other to wake up. The beer and weed won out again as I slowly rolled my hips but drifted off to sl**p with a smile on my face. I there and surrendered to the sexual pleasure and spread my thighs further apart exposing more of my pussy to the fingers in me.

I began to dream of myself and my lover in an open field of wild flowers. My breast began to ache and my nipples hardened into sharp diamonds as my lover gently bit and nipped and sucked on them.

My hands reached up and held his head as he lovingly sucked on my nipple as his other hand gently parted my silken smooth wet folds and his finger slowly and wetly moved in and out of my hot burning cunt. I could hear the soft wet sucking sounds of my pussy as his finger moved in and out of me.

My hand blindly reached out to find my lovers cock. A frown touched my lips as I sought my lovers cock the more I reached for it the warm wet mouth would pull away from my rock hard nipples and my lover’s finger would withdraw from my steamy pussy.

When I lay back in resignation once again the wet warm mouth engulfed my nipples and the fingers once again slowly snaked their way into my dripping wet pussy. I softly and quietly moaned as my lovers tongue swirled around my nipples and his sharp teeth bit down on them.

My hips began to rise and fall and my pussy made wet sucking sounds as it squeezed and quivered around my lovers fingers. My lovers fingers explored my pussy in a somewhat curious fashion. I could feel him pulling my soft wet pussy lips open between his thumb and forefinger.

I reached down and found my swollen hard clit and began rubbing it in slow circular motions. Soft moans and sighs poured over my lips as my pussy began to flow like a river. My lover held me open and I felt his burning eyes piercing into my open cunt hole.

My body ached for his touch and I wanted his hard long cock buried deeply in my slippery wet tight pussy. His hot lips were sucking hard at my nipples. His fingers began to move faster and faster in and out of my dripping wet cunt. My hips rose and fell as my lover finger fucked me with a heated passion.

I heard myself screaming out oh god yes! oh god uh huh! uh huh oh god! Oh yes! oh god yes, yes and a final long wailing yes as a flood of hot wet sticky juices ran out of my pussy and trickled down onto my puckered pink butt hole.

My lover left his fingers in my cum coated pussy as spasms quivered along his fingers and my pussy sucked and clutched at them as they stayed buried deeply inside of my orgasmic cum drenched cunt.

A disappointing moan escaped my lips when he withdrew his fingers from my cock hungry slippery pussy. I felt a hand on my hip and one on my shoulder as my lover rolled me on my side. When I felt his warm body press against mine as his arms wound themselves around me I let out a long satisfied sigh and drifted off into a deep, deep sl**p.
I felt hot breath on the back of neck and a very hard and fat cock sliding along my soaking wet pussy lips. My hips instinctively pushed back in anticipation of feeling the head of my lovers fat cock opening me up as his thick cock slid slowly and wetly into me.

In my dream we were on a huge canopied bed. My lovers hot breath sending shivers down my spine as I felt his hand cup my breast. His thumb and forefinger began pulling and squeezing my nipple into a rock hard diamond tip.

I tried over and over to position myself so his hot thick cock would find my wet hot entrance and fill my aching pussy with his hard long cock. I bit my lower lip and moved my hips in a frenzied determination to feel his cock burrowing into my burning cunt.

I tried to open my eyes but the weed and beer overcame every attempt on my part to open them. I lay there moaning softly as I felt my lovers hard bl**d engorged cock slide along my dripping wet pussy lips. Only to slide past my aching pussy hole.

Suddenly I loudly gasped out as I felt the big mushroomed head of his cock enter me. I pushed back but he had withdrawn his cock from me. A quiet whimpering please came from my lips as I pushed my hips back. My lover once again went back to sliding his long hard penis along my soft silky pussy lips.

I reached down to guide him in but he stopped. My hand found his big fat cock and I began to pump my hand up and down it rubbing the head of his thick cock against my very wet and aching pussy hole. I quietly pleaded for him to fuck me with his big huge cock. He would pull away but let me pump my hand up and down his thick veined cock.

I felt his hand over mine and he took my hand away. Once again I felt the big fat head of his cock begin to open me up. I pushed back in anticipation of his thick cock pushing it’s way into my hot aching pussy hole.

I sighed out in exasperation when he only removed it again. Now I tried to claw my way out of my beer induced dreamy state. I felt my lovers hand slowly caressing my back with soft feather like strokes. No I cried out but nothing came out, no please no was all I could try to say as I knew that within minutes I’d plunge back into a deep sl**p.

My mind surrendered as I moaned in pleasure at the feather like massage and soon I gave in to a deep sl**p. Once again I felt a hot hard penis sliding between my legs, I smiled in my sl**p and sighed out. I felt the bulbous head of my lovers cock once again pressing and then sliding into my aching pussy.

This time after trying to push back and get his cock deep inside me I resigned myself to the fact he was only going to sensually tease me without actually making love to me, but god how I wanted him to ravish me and fuck me so hard with his big heavily veined cock.

My breathing was now short and deep as he fucked me with just the head of his cock , never entering me any deeper. I reached down and found my swollen clit and began to rub it in synch with his shallow thrusts. I could feel a deep rippling orgasm spreading and radiating and powerfully exploding as I momentarily left my dream world and moaned out long and loud through a f***eful orgasm.

I heard c***dlike whimpers as my lovers cock exploded and I felt hot strands of his sperm splashing onto my butt cheeks and lower back. My mind was confused by the timbre of my lovers voice. Once again I felt the feather light gentle massaging strokes along my back and my body slumped into a deep , deep sl**p.
I became suspicious of things in the morning when I felt my pussy and knew someone?, something…? Richard was already out of bed. I tip toed down to his room and quietly opened the door and he was fast asl**p. I shook my head and walked back to my room.

There on the sheets was all I needed to see my heart leaped into my throat , and my hand flew to my mouth. The bed sheet was soaked with pussy juice where I had lain. I looked closer and saw what was obviously sperm stains trailing off the bed.

Then I saw the most incriminating piece of evidence of all. Richard in his haste to run to his room had left a towel on the floor. When I picked it up it was encrusted with dried sperm. I sat on the edge of my bed and felt hot tears running down my cheeks.

I reached down and felt of my pussy again. It was still wet and open all the more proof that he fucked me? No my mind screamed no. Then with a sigh I remembered my lover had not fully penetrated me. My tears still fell though. d***k or not I could only blame myself for what had happened last night?

Then with embarrassment I felt my cheeks flush red with shame when I felt a stirring in my pussy I quickly crossed the room and locked my door. I went to the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face. I stared at my reflection and saw my nipples were hard and I felt a twitch in my pussy.

No Anna I told myself for god’s sake no. I was drawn to the towel and I picked it up and felt the dried sperm. I looked around and slowly brought it to my nose and breathed deeply the scent of my own son’s sperm.

I held the towel to my nose and I cupped my pussy and spread my hot wet juices over my excited cunt lips eventually slipping a finger inside myself. My knees buckled and I went and laid down on my bed. Fingering myself until my hips began to rise and moans flew from my lips.

I closed my eyes tightly and once again felt the big bulbous head of my ( lover’s cock ? ) slowly opening my pussy as it pushed it’s way into my hot slippery cunt hole. I frantically fingered my dripping wet pussy as the vision of ( Richard‘s ? ) my lovers cock pierced deeply into my steamy wet cunt.

Quiet moans of oh god, oh god yes! uh huh , oh god yes ! fuck me ! uh huh ! fuck my pussy with your big huge cock. Became louder and louder as I felt the rumblings of an orgasm begin to shoot through my dripping wet pussy.

I clenched my teeth and my hips bucked up and down as an intense orgasm rocketed through out my body. My pussy clutched and spasm after spasm shot through my pussy like little electrical jolts of lighting.

I lay there thinking about what ( may have ) transpired last night when I heard Richard at my door asking if I was all right?. Then a flood of guilt and shame washed over me as I realized I had masturbated to the scent of my own son’s sperm.

Then I thought oh my god Anna he may have fucked you? What if he did? A million thoughts went through my head as I lay there torn with guilt over what I had just done. I had just had an explosive orgasm thinking of my own son fucking me?

Richard asked once again if I was ok? I shook my head from my stupor I said yes honey mommy is fine. I got up and opened the door. The minute he looked at me I knew something had taken place. I said Richard sit here with me for a minute we need to talk. I saw him turn red in the face and he burst out but mom I didn’t put it in you all the way, I swear mom I just put the head in. My heart caved in when I saw the look of shame and anguish on his face.

I held him to me and rocked him and said it’s okay darling, mommy understands. Oh mom Richard sobbed I’m so sorry it’ll never happen again I swear mom never ever again. I looked at him and said Richard why did you do what you did last night?

Through his sobs he told me it was all on accident. He said when he laid his head on my breast he got all tingly down there and it began to grow hard. I kissed his cheek and said it’s okay my darling. You’re going through puberty and during that time it’s going to grow a lot.

Well when you rolled over and said goodnight and I snuggled up to you, well, I um, …Richard I said it’s okay you can tell me everything it’ll be our secret. Well , are you sure mom? I hugged him and kissed him and said yes.

Do you want to pinky promise? He finally laughed and said yeah let’s pinky promise.
I hugged him close to me and told him mommy loves you so Richard. You’re all I have and all I ever wanted. As I pulled away I saw he had a very big cock sticking up in his boxers.

Richard looked at me and said well, shoot mom. I swear it was an accident. You see when you rolled over and anyway we snuggled like that and you went to sl**p. Passed out I said and laughed, but go on. Well um well it got hard but it was like touching you down there and it felt really , really hot.

He hung his head and said well I felt you down there with my fingers and it was so hot and gooey and slippery. Go on I said. Well my finger kind of sort of slipped and went in you. Oh mom I’m so sorry. I held him and said it’s okay Richard go on now continue. Ok well um my um , penis? I said. Yeah it was still like touching you there still.

While you were sl**ping you um pushed back and that’s when my uh penis slid between your legs. I swear mom it went in on accident but well you see I grabbed it and stopped it from going in all the way. So I said you just put the head of your cock in mommy’s pussy.
His face brightened up because I could see he thought he was not going to be in trouble.

Yeah, yeah mom I swear that’s all I did. He hugged me and looked up into my face and sobbed mom I just couldn’t stop. I feel so bad I’m so sorry mom. My heart melted and I felt so bad for him. I held his chin and said listen to mommy. He shook his head yes. Richard you can’t have sex with your mother.

He had a look of puzzlement. I said remember where you put your penis last night. Well you can’t ever do that again. Are we clear on that?, yes he said. I could see how sad he looked at me. I said Richard, you’re becoming a man, sooner than I thought. You’re quite developed already.

As I said this I looked down at his rock hard penis sticking out of his boxers. God I thought it’s already bigger than his fathers was. I took a deep sigh, not sure what else to say. My eyes were drawn once again to his very big and very hard cock.

I could see pre-cum glistening on the tip of his cock. My nipples began to harden and I felt the tell tale wetness seeping out of my pussy that I was becoming aroused. I wet my lips and an involuntary whimpering moan escaped from my throat. Richard asked if I was ok. I said yes Richard mommy is just fine. I looked at him and with an embarrassed smile. It had been about 8 months since I’d had sex and I was getting upset with myself because my gaze kept shifting back to his hard throbbing cock.

Here I was inches away from his hard cock that was dripping pre-cum and sticking out of his boxers. It was as if I was transfixed and unable to move. Richard has always been sensitive and empathetic to others. He pulled me to him and hugged me and apologized over and over for last night.

When he pulled me to him I was already sitting on an angle facing towards him and our knees were touching. My hand fell and brushed his hard throbbing cock. I turned away and buried my face in my hands and began to cry. Richard held me tight and said it’s my fault mom I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry.

My cheek was resting on his hairless chest and I was now looking down at Richard’s thick cock; oozing pre-cum. I watched in hypnotic horror as my hand slowly wrapped around his hard throbbing penis. My thumb wiping away the pre-cum and sliding back and forth over the head of his cock.

I pulled my head up and looked at Richard and said it’s not your fault Richard, it’s not your fault at all as my hand began to slowly pump up and down his fat hard cock. Remember our pinky promise? He silently shook his head. I cleared my throat and blew out a long sigh and said well I’d like to make another pinky promise with you.

I smiled at the innocent look that crossed his face. I turned to him and held both of his hands in mine. I said mommy wants to do something very special for her darling son, but it has to stay our secret. Do you understand that Richard? He shook his head yes. I smiled at him and hugged him to me and kissed his cheek.

I got down on my knees and looked up at him and smiled as I held his rock hard cock in my hand. I closed my eyes and moaned as my wet lips touched the soft smooth skin of his chubby hard cock. I kissed the tip licking and tasting his salty pre-cum.

I opened my mouth and Richard groaned out as I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and flicked my tongue over the sensitive underside of his cock. I took his cock deep into my throat and gurgled as his hands reached out and held my head as nature took over and he thrust his cock in and out of my throat.

I felt his whole body tense and his cock throbbed wildly in my mouth as his hot salty sweet sperm gushed from his cock splattering the back of my throat with gob after gob of his burning hot cock crème. I kept his cock in my mouth slowly bathing it with my tongue. I sucked hard on the head of his cock getting every drop of his sperm from his empty balls.

I cleaned his cock with my tongue and lips then kissed the head of it. I smiled up at Richard and said that is the first and last time I’ll do that for you. I love you with all my heart Richard but you can never put your penis in mommy’s vagina again, got it k**do. Richard smiled and said yes mom, you’re the best mom in the whole world.

I saw a look of concern cross his face and I asked what is it Richard? He hesitated and I said come on goober what are you thinking about?. He said well I can still sl**p with you right mom? Of course I said just watch where you point that thing. We hugged and laughed and ended up wrestling around on the bed…Until next time Mrs. X

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