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Smoking hot TV

TRUE STORY. I had got a hand written note through my door saying I looked great in my PVC mac. Shit! Id been rumbled, but how? I had never ventured out whilst all tarted up, so someone had spied me thru my window, and only my kitchen had net curtains, so it must be my male neighbour!! I decided to test my theory next time I dressed. I had my short red PVC chinese dress on, with fishnets, white patent thigh boots (5" heels), my curly blonde wig, and my over the top makeup made me feel so wanton! I tried to see if he was watching thru his window, but couldnt see him, so I put the kitchen light on and tottered thru to the toilet. From my slightly open toilet window, I could now see a silhouette in his unlit window, and knew he was there. Watching. Butterflies flittered in my stomach, as my cock immediately stiffened! I needed to calm down, and walked back thru to get myself a cigarette, at the same time trying to see if he was still watching in the dark. The ciggie felt reassuring. I only smoke when Im dressed, cos I think it looks sexy. Something phallic about the fag being sucked, and it added to my tarty image. I got my PVC mac out, and rustled it on, gleaming in the living room light, like a hooker under a street light! My heart was pounding in my chest, and my mouth dry, I was so nervous, and so horny, too! But what could I do next? Id never done this before, and it was so exciting! Someone turned on by Honor. The smoke soothed me, as I turned my kitchen light off, and gently clicked my boots to the side of the window to catch a glimse of him, without him seeing me. His upstairs flat looked directly into my lower flat, and I could see he now had his light on, and both his hands were pumping away below the window! MY GOD! What to do now? I went back into the living room, and pondered while I redid my lippy. Thick Diva red between the overdrawn black lipliner, tons of shiny gloss, smoothed over with more Diva. The stain on the orange filter of the 120mm cig, was like shiny glue! What AM I gonna do? To be continued..........

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