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The Professor 4- New Friends

It all started when my history professor, who is the sexiest milf in the world, asked me to help her with her research. Since then, it has been an unbelievable fuck fest. Of course we had to keep our sex a secret. First, the university might not approve of such a thing going on while I was in her class. Also, we were both in relationships. I had a girlfriend, and she was married.

One day my professor’s car broke down. She had to call her husband to come to pick her up. My girlfriend had history before lunch. My professor’s husband thought it would be nice for the two of them to go out for lunch. He came into the classroom as the class was letting out. You would have thought that he had not seen a younger woman since his wife became a milf. I came to the classroom to pick up my girlfriend, and say hello to my professor for making the most famous guy on campus.

“Hey,” the professor’s husband said to my girlfriend, “Is that a Pink Floyd shirt you are wearing?”

“Yeah” my girlfriend said not knowing how to reply to an older man hitting on her.

I went over to my professor. “Did you see your husband hitting on my girlfriend?”

“Yeah, let’s help him.”

My professor walked over to her husband’s poor attempt to hook up with somebody half his age. “You know, I’ve always wanted to get to know some of my favorite students better. Why don’t you and your boyfriend come over to our place for dinner tonight?”

My girlfriend gave my professor a weird look. I stepped in to intervene. “Sure, we don’t have anything else tonight.”

As we walked away, my girlfriend looked at me. “Why should we go over to their place?” We looked back at my professor and her husband. They both smiled back at us.

“She’s a fun professor. I’m sure she has lots of fun things planned for us.”

That night we came over. My girlfriend made the mistake of wearing nice clothes. I knew that they were just going to get ripped off. We ate lightly. My girlfriend still didn’t fully understand. I knew it was because everybody was going to be doing plenty of eating later. After the meal, my professor took a seat right next to my girlfriend. My professor rubbed her hand in a sensual manner. She was a mistress of seduction. My professor made my girlfriend forget that there were two other men in the room. After a short time, my professor was touching my girlfriend’s breasts. She responded with a smile.

The touching soon turned to all out groping. My professor took off her top to show my girlfriend what she could have if she too took her clothes off. My girlfriend could not resist. She took off her own clothes to show my professor what she had gotten. The hand on her breast moved south under her dress up against her pussy. “I always knew your boyfriend was a hairy pussy man.” My professor stood up and took off her last remaining clothes. She then got on her knees as she went over to my girlfriend. She pulled down her dress to reveal her hairy pussy under her pantyhose. Instead of taking off the pantyhose, she simply ripped it and started her desert. I did not know that my girlfriend could be so hot.

She had been with many women, but never with an older woman. They both went down to the floor in front of us. Through her moans, she got my professor around so that both could give oral to the other. My girlfriend was getting buried by the hairy cunt of my professor. My professor was shoving her face into the cunt of my girlfriend. Both enjoying the others attention.

Her husband and I thought it would be nice to get involved in this lovefest. I got on the side of his wife, and he got on the side of my girlfriend. They licked the each others juices as the lubricated themselves for the fuck.

My professor got up to catch her breath. My girlfriend reached to the table to get a vibrator. As she took it doggy style from my professor’s husband, my girlfriend got on top of my professor and inserted the vibrator into her ass. My professor was now getting two wholes filled. She then balanced herself with one hand, and used the other to finger my girlfriends backdoor. Every few shakes, my girlfriend would take the vibrator out of my professor’s ass to swallow it. She would look up at me when she did it. It made me even harder. My professor’s moans got louder and louder as my rod got even bigger than I thought it could get.

As we got ready to blow our loads, my professor said “Give it all to this girl. She deserves it.” I think this is the first time that my girlfriend got a double shot. We both sprayed it all over her face. She started to lick it up. My professor joined in to help clean up the mess that was on her new girlfriends face.

“So, what do you think of the professors house?” I asked my girlfriend. She just smiled and gave my professor a small rub on her arm.

“Feel free to come over whenever you want” my professor said.

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