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ST: I'm Straight (Part 3)

I'm Straight. (Interracial oral anal) Part 3

If you are u******e to read this, don't. Know your local laws, don't read
this if it is i*****l. This is a story - not real-life. Safe sex is not
used in this story, but you should use it in your life.

<>*<> This is how part 2 ended <>*<>

This all came to me as he continued on spasm after spasm of his cum
pumping into me, I freely, wantonly urged more and more out of him draining
him soaking and sopping him up.

And when Trey finally pulled out of my ass some 25 minutes later, I
squeezed my sphincter as tightly as it would, I wanted his sperm to swim in
me, I never wanted to release them, I wanted them to swim into my body and
lodge themselves. I wanted to retain Trey's essence within me, become apart
of him.

Wordlessly he laid on the couch recuperating. He found the remote,
watched the rest of the game and finally left a few hours later. We didn't
say anything to each other the whole time. And I didn't move from my
position face down on the floor in front of the couch the whole time.

I swear I could feel his cum swimming around in my ass, and I didn't
want to disturb them, but also, this really felt like my place, now... at
Trey's feet.

<>*<>*<>*<>*<>*<>*<>*<>*<> I'm Straight - Part 3

I saw Trey at the gym a few days later. We nodded to each other from
across the gym, and he looked away, he was talking and working out with
another friend, I knew the guy, I worked out with him too sometimes, but I
was a little too freaked out to approach them.

I did an extremely rigorous work-out routine. Had a lot of things on
my mind and needed to get physical.

A few minutes after I had entered the showers, I was feeling the hot
water course over me, I needed the warmth, I needed to be washed, to be
clean, and it felt so amazingly good. I glanced up and Trey had entered the
next stall over. He looked up and saw me. Our eyes locked for a moment, and
he casually walked over to me. He had a sincere smile on his handsome face.

"How ya doing?" He asked, the question was genuine, and it spoke
volumes, he was checking in to see if I was physically ok, how I was gonna
react. We had not spoken since he left my apartment that afternoon, my ass
full of his jizz, lying on the floor where he forcibly ****d me. "Ya doing

I looked at him for a moment. Man, he is beautiful, and yeah, the last
few days were a bit strange for me, in that... well, in that... I'm
straight, but this guy had taken me, fucked me up the ass, and I let him,
and I had wanted it, and... well, and all that running through my head, and
whatever resolutions I had made or thought I had made - here I am looking
at him and all I can think is "man, is he beautiful"

Trey is a little taller than I at 6'2" (I'm 6' even). He has a great
body, nicely cut trim physique, skin the color of dark rich chocolate ice
cream, piercing brown eyes... again, what is going through my head right
now? We compliment each other pretty nicely.

"Ya doing ok?" he repeats the question. I realize I have been staring,
now. Silent.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm doing ok." I stammer embarrassed, and then touched by
his concern, "I'm ok, Trey" our eyes locked again, and I am telling him
with my eyes that I am ok, and I am ok with what happened, and I am ok with
more, if that's the way things go.

His smile is tender. "Good." He says nodding, "That's good, man."

And now we are both aware that we are sharing a tender moment in the
men's locker room at the gym. He quickly turns and heads back to his shower

"Hey, I saw you working out today, you were doing great, hard work
out. I better watch out for you next time on the basketball court" he says

"I gotta try to find *some way* of showing my superiority." I joke
back - the inside joke doesn't escape him. He laughs an easy laugh.

"Well, all that working out is paying off. You are looking good" he
says in a way that still could be seen as just two regular guys talking in
the gym, paying a compliment.

Any chance of awkwardness with us being in public together has
disappeared, I turn back to my shower and while I'm soaping up, it starts
running through my mind how this very guy in the next stall over is the guy
that made me his bitch a few days ago, he had fucked me, then he had fucked
me again, he had his huge black cock up in my round white ass so far it
hurt, He had shot two loads of his sperm into me, and I am so much his
bitch that I had laid there and waited for it soak into me. So, of course I
start getting hard. And I glance over at him.

He is glancing back, and he is getting hard too, luckily the shower
stalls are semi private, and we are in the two end stalls. I see a hunger
in his eyes as he is looking at me and it is arousing. I do work out hard,
and I appreciate the way I look. I stay pretty trim; a gymnast's build I
have just over 5% body fat. Chestnut brown hair that I allow to get a
little shaggy at the gym & weekends, but well-combed at work. I'm
clean-shaven and have fairly little body hair, Green hazel eyes, size 13
and a half feet, and a firm round ass.

I just said, I have a firm round ass how gay is that? But then again,
I work it out and often focus a lot of time at the gym working my glutes,
so I guess I am proud of my firm round ass.

Trey is watching me now. He starts soaping and stroking his cock real
slow-like while staring at me. I watch, my mouth is watering and I am now
fully hard, I soap up and start stroking as well, we have set up the same
pace, he mouths the words "turn around" to me. He wants to look at my ass.

There is another guy in the showers 5 or six alcove stalls away. It is
pretty steamy and very unlikely he would be able to see us from his
distance. So, I lean over pushing my ass out subtly, moving it around and I
see it is working, he is getting really worked up now. I am facing the tile
wall, my arms against the wall. I am looking back over my shoulder at
him. He gestures and mouths the words "Stick a finger in". I look around it
is still pretty clear (or steamy, I guess) - extremely risky, but clear for

I stick a soapy finger up my ass, and start finger fucking myself.
Trey is working his massive cock faster and faster. He holds up two fingers
now. I shove a second finger in my ass and start ramming it in and out, it
hurts a little. My asshole had pretty well recovered from the weekend, so I
was able to accommodate. It helped that I was jacking off as well, and that
I was watching Trey.

Trey now holds up three fingers. I look around again, and the third
makes it up into me, in and out in and out, I am finger fucking myself now,
so turned on that I am giving Trey such a great show, and it is such a turn
on to be playing this risky, It is all conspiring toward getting us both
off really quickly. Jerking off in the shower, I again admire this guys
sexual creativity. I admire his control over me.

So once again, I am in awe of Trey, his beauty, his creativity, his
ability to get into my head and control me and of course, I admire his
massive cock. Just as it becomes clear that we are both about to spray the
walls with cum, Trey darts across from his stall into mine, pulls my hand
and fingers out of my ass and shoves his cumming cock up my ass. His
initial thrust so hard that I am lifted off the ground.

Holy FUCK! I gasp in air and hold it. Trey has his massive black hand
over my mouth so I don't make a sound - His other arm is wrapped around my
torso pulling me back onto him. I cannot breath right now; I don't dare
try. Trey shoves deep in me, fast and furious, and shoots five, six, more
quick massive loads up in my ass. I am in shock, my mouth hanging open. I
am spasming around his cock as he is driving my own cum with his perfect
fuck thrusts.

It all happened so quick. One second I am watching from afar, happy to
jack off with him from 10 feet away. Next second he has his tremendous
mammoth cock jammed up in me, no warning, nor other body contact, spraying
his cum deep in my ass. And it is in that second that I see, I understand,
I comprehend what this is for him. Trey is an extremely sexual a****l. I am
truly his bitch. And I am more than happy to be his bitch. I have to be
prepared for that at all times. He has just showed me this. I am happy with
my new role but I am still a bit in shock mentally and physically.

So, just as quickly, he pulls out and darts back to his own stall. My
body revolts and I am still convulsing in the same spot, my every muscle
locked - my hands against the back shower wall I am jerking with
involuntary muscle spasms as my sphincter is recovering from the sudden
trauma. When I feel his cum dripping out of my open quivering ass, I
struggle to regain control; I want to keep his hot load in me. I clamp my
sphincter as much as my shock will let it. But this is gonna take me a
little recovery time.

I hear Trey leave in silence.

I am in there for another 5 minutes trying to get my body back into
working order - out of shock. I'm finally able to hobble my way back to the
locker room, and get changed. I am walking a little slow, I can feel my
asshole is a little damp I am cinching tightly trying to hold as much of
Trey's precious seed in me, for as long as can.

As I am crossing the parking lot I see Trey is sitting in his car he
waves me over. He is smiling a devious, k**-in-a-candy-store
smile. Wordlessly I approach. He is cavalier.

"Shelia ain't around anymore..." he says emotionlessly referring to
the girlfriend that left him because in his words, she couldn't suck his
cock the way he liked her too. "So, I need a replacement." He is looking me
in the eyes. He is spelling out in no uncertain terms what that means for

"Stop by my place after work for a beer." He turns the key, starts his
car, and drives away.

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