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ST: I'm Straight (Part 2)

Title:I'm Straight. (Interracial
oral anal)

If you are u******e to read this, don't. Know your local laws, don't read
this if it is i*****l. This is a story - not real-life. Safe sex is not
used in this story, but you should use it in your life.

<>*<> This is how part one ended <>*<>

As he drove his cock into me again and again and again... hammering my
ass with all the physical power he possessed, grunting with effort, his
face contorted with erotic exertion panting and driving and jamming into me
cumming great heaving jolts. Hot white jettisoning man juice fills me, I
feel it, again and again and again, injecting me, his massive cock
unloading it's precious nectar in me as a warmth fills me from my core
outward. He is howling and shuddering and he keeps going on and on and

And finally with a few mighty gasps he collapses on me his face next
to mine, his sweat drowning me in pheromonic heat, His breath hot and moist
in my ear, I shiver, and convulse in pleasure, like an orgasm in my ass as
I squeeze him. I feel his amazing manhood throbbing lightly in me
dribbling last bits of sperm pump in me, never losing it's power over me,
never losing it's turgidity in me.

I am so fulfilled right now, this is so right, I am exactly perfect,
whole, and satisfied. Right now, nothing else exists in the world; but the
power that was exerted over me, the essence that was injected into me and
the pleasure that was taken out on me.

A strange sadness fills me as I realize that when Trey takes his cock
out of me I will no longer feel the fullness of being I feel now. I begin
to gently, massagingly squeeze my sphincter around his wondrous man-prong
in time to his slowly fading cum cadence.

I know he has just released his seed in me, but, I want him to fuck me
again, without pulling his cock out of me.

Trey was quickly catching his breath; I am quickly catching my
breath. I am massaging his cock with my ass muscles and each time I do I
hear a low soft moan escape Treys lips. And soon, I am feeling his cock
regaining strength, filling back up with bl**d, and filling my ass just as
fully as before. His sweaty, wet weight on my sweaty wet back - with me
stomach to mattress.

I feel as though I am winning some kind of wonderful prize as Trey
begins to slowly fuck me again, his movements now are really very
deliberate, unhurried, savory. He is swiveling his hips a little now side
to side, slow, slow, slow. I am impossibly wet with sweat and overflowing
ass-cum churned up by Trey's huge cock deep in my bowels.

I am incredibly sore - anally ****d by a dick ridiculously large. And
yet... "I want this"... at first more like a question, but then, very
quickly it is the answer. "I want this!"

And then Trey, reading my mind, asks "You want this?" his more like a

"Yes." I croak, more like a whisper than a word.

"I didn't hear you", immediately, then a second later
"Do... You... Want... This?" He says louder, insistently while punctuating
each of the words with a slightly harder fuck stab of his cock up my ass.

"Yes," I say loudly, and then louder "oh God, Yes I do"

Treys hands are again wrapping my sweaty torso in a grasp more like a
wrestlers hold, as he gains a handhold that will allow for greater leverage
as he hunches forward deeper and deeper into me, but still with an amazing
slow insistent deliberation.

"beg me, Bitch" he says, a low growl. "Beg me to fuck you."

"Oh, god, Trey, please, please, please, fuck me Trey. Your cock feels
so good in me, make me your bitch, Trey, I want you to fuck me like I'm
your bitch."

"You want me to make you my Bitch?" There is low-grade growl to his
voice now.

Trey, reaches one arm around my waist, and somehow pulls me up onto my
knees effortlessly, I am like a ragdoll to him - a slab of meat that is
there for his fulfillment and he simply positions it however he wants -
whatever feels best to him, my needs and concerns, even my pain, doesn't
seem to touch him. And now there is some pain - a new pain as his oversized
cock digs up into me deeper in this position, he is hitting something in
me, some back wall in my ass.

Still, with the same slow yet deliberate fuck thrusts he hits my
backwall and I am reacting with quick in rushes of air and intermittent
groaned, barely vocalized "ows" as I try to take the pain.

"Oh, baby, does that hurt?" sarcastically, overly saccharine concern
in his voice, yet he has not stopped the thrusts, in fact now he is shoving
in a little harder and trying to get a little deeper now, "You want to be
my bitch you better be able to take my FUCK!" in a voice that is filled
with venom and anger.

"Oh, God, Yes Sir, Yes, Whatever you say Sir, I want to be your Bitch
and am willing to do whatever it takes Sir, Whatever you need me to do Sir,
just fuck me, just fuck me." I am practically screaming now.

Holding on to my hips, pulling me back to meet his fierce, powerful
deep-dicking thrusts. He was able to gain a great deal of momentum and
f***e to his already vigorous fuck cadence. His dick was going too far into
me and knew that he was rearranging my insides so that I would forever be
his fucktoy; him form-fitting my bowels to perfectly accommodate his cock -
only and always. I had one of the stiffest erections of my life now. I was
aroused by my submission and by this man's sexual ability and dominance. He
was an alpha Male, and I was his compliant receptacle.

Pretty soon the only thing I could feel was his huge black cock
jabbing in and out of my no-longer virgin ass, I imagined I could feel
every vein along the length of it as it rode in and out. As he pulled
almost all the way out I could feel the thick head of his penis as it
passed my muscular ring. I wanted to feel more sensation and to give my
r****t more pleasure so I clamped down on my ass, tightening my sphincter
ring around Trey's mighty reaming fuck tool. The sensation was
overwhelming, as I tightened my ass-lips I could feel the stretched extra
skin at my asshole being dragged along his pistoning cock. I felt the
painful ripping of my skin as I tightened up, but I was here not for my
pain, I was there for my r****t's pleasure.

Trey was building toward release, the added friction of my tightening
ass-lips drove him faster and faster toward orgasm. He drove and drove into
me, harder than I could imagine, the pain in my bowels had become almost
unbearable; the burning pain of his powerful huge cock ripping me was
excruciating. But I did little more than whimper. I just wanted his
pleasure to be complete and I knew that he would be cumming in me soon and
that I would get a great deal of satisfaction from his seed in me. I wanted
to give him pleasure, I wanted to feel his jism fill me, I wanted him to
impregnate me, I wanted to be his sperm receptacle.

Suddenly he pulled all the way out of me, and with all his might
punched his amazing cock, f***efully back into me deeper than ever before,
I was screaming now, telling him to fuck me harder, telling him I was his
bitch, his fuck-hole his whore his slut, as he continued to punch-fuck me
like this. He was building toward release, the air was charged with the
electricity of it.

And now He grabbed a handful of my short hair - his right hand balled
like a fist filled with my hair, his other hand around my throat,
restricting my breathing. And as he fucked himself harder and harder and
harder and deeper into me, the edge of my vision started to go a little
dark. I was aware of Trey Howling in release and felt his cock spasming up
deep inside my bowels, and I felt the heat of him, liquid man-magma
erupting, inseminating, injecting thrusting into me.

I felt his sperm fill me. I felt his deeply masculine essence, his
a****l energy saturate me to the core, nothing would ever be the same as he
had marked me as his territory, his property, his fuck-slave. I realized
the first fuck he threw me was more about putting me in my place, and this
fuck was about showing me where exactly that place was. That place was at
the end of his cock, below him, and being a hole for him.

This all came to me as he continued on spasm after spasm of his cum
pumping into me, I freely, wantonly urged more and more out of him draining
him soaking and sopping him up.

And when Trey finally pulled out of my ass some 25 minutes later, I
squeezed my sphincter as tightly as it would, I wanted his sperm to swim in
me, I never wanted to release them, I wanted them to swim into my body and
lodge themselves. I wanted to retain Trey's essence within me, become apart
of him.

Wordlessly he laid on the couch recuperating. He found the remote,
watched the rest of the game and finally left a few hours later. We didn't
say anything to each other the whole time. And I didn't move from my
position face down on the floor in front of the couch the whole time.

I swear I could feel his cum swimming around in my ass, and I didn't
want to disturb them, but also, this really felt like my place, now... at
Trey's feet.

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