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The Christmas Present (part 2)

I felt the tingling of orgasm course through my body, causing me to speed up, the sensation this time even greater than the last. She hugged me closer, her legs squeezing my hips as hard as she could, her feet locked tight over my tailbone. I pulled my tongue from her lips and moaned in her ear, cock spasming as it shot a heavy load of sperm into my mom's vagina, my hips shaking, my whole body feeling weak and sensationally tingly. I breathed heavily on her neck, feeling safe and sound in her warm embrace, her hands tenderly rubbing my back as I gradually grew limp inside her.

We laid together for several minutes, her legs hugging me tight, her hand on the back of my head, my face buried in her neck. She gave me a kiss on my temple and released me from the full-body hug, guiding me to lay down with her hands.

She straddled my stomach, her knees pressed to my sides, and leaned over, offering me a breast. I latched on and began feeding from her bosom, feeling her hips while she rhythmically squeezed her tit to help the flow, her other hand on the armrest to hold her up. I moved to her other teat and suckled merrily, drinking to my heart's desire. My penis was hard again by the time I'd had my fill, eager for the endearing gates of my mother.

She turned around, her legs still straddling my hips but her head facing the other end of the couch, and slowly lowered herself down onto my blushing stick. Her feet were at my sides, so I grabbed them and bent her legs towards each other, her feet resting on my ribs. She pressed her hips down firmly on my crotch, my penis hidden by her gorgeous round ass, and slowly moved her hips back and forth, her back arched. I held and massaged her feet on my chest, pressing her arches and squeezing her sexy little toes while she picked up speed.

She raised her butt and brought it down slowly, swifter with each thrust, her ass cheeks beginning to shake, drawing my attention away from her feet, which I still held affectionately. I felt the need to pleasure my mommy, not just have her pleasure me, which she seemed to always do for me and my s****r. I moved her feet back to my sides and placed my hands on her butt, signaling for her to stop.

She raised her hips up and off of my rod, letting me get up from under her and kneel behind her. I put her forearms up on the armrest, putting her legs together between mine in doggystyle position. I held her beautiful love-handles, squeezing them lightly as I once again entered the gates of heaven, slowly thrusting my staff of pleasure deep inside. Her soft moans made me want to hear her scream in delight, pushing me to go faster, squeezing her hips as her butt started to jiggle, her voice rising to my enjoyment. I clutched her shoulders and rammed her as fast as I could, her plump ass jiggling with each slap of my pubic bone, her jugs flailing.

Her heavenly squeals told me she was about to cum, which fueled me to go even faster, the slapping noise of her ass and her joyful screams producing a beautiful melancholy of pleasure. I felt her walls closing on my thrusting dick but I kept going, the pleasure unbelievable, her cries the most wonderful music I had ever heard. I slowed to a crawl as her orgasm reached climax, her puckered pussy squirting juices on my engorged member, her screaming replaced by heavy breathing. I bent over and put some of my weight on her back, placing my forearms on the armrest outside of hers, holding her hands and kissing her neck as I came to a stop deep inside her shuddering pussy.

I kissed her cheek and shoulder while she recovered, squeezing my hands just as her vag squeezed my cock. I sucked softly on her earlobe, tasting the gold of her subtle diamond earrings more than her skin. My tongue flicked in and around her petit ear, then retreated as I kissed her lovingly on the cheek. I let go of her hands and instead held her breasts, groping her supple tits. I laid on my side and pulled her with me, my back on the back of the couch, spooning my lovely mom.

We rested our heads on the armrest, her hands holding mine on her voluptuous breasts. I buried my face in her lush auburn hair, which was slightly damp with her sweat, and slowly moved my hips, my penis deep inside her wet pussy, her knees slightly bent with her feet on my shins.

She lifted her right leg up in the air, letting go of my right hand and moving on a bit of an angle toward me, her right shoulder closer than her left. I held up her thigh and her fingers locked between mine, her foot coming down to rest on the side of my knee. I still held her left breast as I moved my hips again, a bit faster than before. I covered her neck and cheek in kisses, noticing the time on the wall clock read almost four o'clock. I was astounded at how long we had been at it, but at the same time I never wanted it to stop. I continued to hump her tight vag, tasting her now salty skin as I licked her cheek and neck.

She took my hands off of her and turned into me, her eyes meeting mine, adoration in both of our gazes. She lifted her left leg up for me to take, which I lifted up above my shoulder, her knee straight with the top of her calf resting on my neck, her heel on the edge of the couch. She was surprisingly flexible, moving her head closer to me, her knee right beside her face as we kissed, the top of her thigh squishing her left bosom.

I entered her loving vagina and she wrapped her left arm around her thigh and held my side, my hand falling upon her elbow. I hugged her close with my left arm under her armpit, her right hand placed affectionately on the armrest under my cheek. The tips of our noses touched and stayed together as I gently thrust my shaft into her, her warm breath and oddly soothing moans washing over my mouth. I picked up speed, my low grunts drowned out by her loud moaning. I tried to fend off orgasm as best I could, as we were both approaching climax and I had to make sure I didn't finish before she had been fulfilled.

She raised her head and aimed her mouth straight up, not wanting to scream in my face, although I wouldn't have minded, her hand finding the back of my head and pulling me to her chest. I felt her pussy tighten and I let go, my hips still mindlessly humping while our genitals spasmed and tightened in and on each other. I moaned heavily into her chest, muffled by her cleavage as I exploded inside of her, my penis jerking back and forth as waves of semen clashed with her rushing vaginal fluids, screaming at the top of her lungs. It was the longest orgasm I ever had, twice as long as either of the two I had experienced earlier, an incredible load pouring into my own mom's vagina. Both of our bodies shook together, both of us struggling to breathe, still moaning.

She lowered her head and rested her chin on my forehead, her mouth wide open and washing my hair in hot breath. My penis wilted, her vagina slowly loosening its grip until it was back to normal. We caught our breath, still clinging to each other.

I grabbed her leg and lowered it to my hip, letting her groin relax. I pulled my head from her chest and looked into her caring eyes, both of us infinitely satisfied. I brushed the hair from her beautiful face, my cheek resting happily in her palm. I pulled my hips out just far enough that my penis dislodged from her dripping vagina, then put my right leg between hers, her pussy wet on my thigh. I grabbed a blanket from the top of the couch and sprawled it over us, trapping our body heat. I drew her closer, her breasts pressed against my chest, holding her hip and rubbing her back while she stroked my cheek tenderly.

We kissed goodnight deeply, then put our foreheads together, closed our eyes and drifted to sl**p, exhausted and fulfilled. We held each other close, knowing our relationship was forever changed, but for the better.

It was the best Christmas present I could ever have asked for.

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