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Hospital visit

when i was 22 years old i finally decided to join the marine corp. about a month and a half i started to have hip problems. i was sent to balboa medical facility for a bone scan i was told if there was nothing wrong with me i would be brought up on charges. the only thing i wanted was to become a marine.

when i got there i was treated by a very nice naval officer who after giving me a shot of the contrast told me to wait outside in the lobby. there i saw a very beautiful female lance crpl. i said hi she looked down at my shoes and said hi recruit. after my bone scan they were afraid that i had broken my left foot so i had to get an xray. after all the images were done i stood there as a doctor came up to me to tell me what was going on and at a desk he told me that the extent of damage done not only to my hip but my knees and ankles and foot that they had to send me home. since i pushed my body to its limit and then some. he walked away and i knew i had 2 hours before i had to get back to mcrd in san diego, the only thing i could think of was my dream is gone and any military service would be out of the question.

i heard a soft voice say to me "hey are you okay sweety" i turned around and it was the female lance crpl. i didnt have to tell her what the doctor said since she heard it. i told her how this is my dream and now it felt like everything i had been threw was for nothing. she grabbed me by the hand and said come with me. we walked down the hallway and up the stairs down another hallway until we were in a doctors room. i asked what are we doing here and arent we going to get caught being im not supposed to be there. she said that no one was coming and to strip she said she wanted my last medical eval to be a good one.

i took of my clothes standing there naked she said let me check your reflex skills she gently brushed her fingers down my penis as she did i could feel myself getting stiffer and harder. once i was fully hard she gripped my shaft with her soft hand. she said for the record she wanted to get a record of how long it was. she pulled out a flimsy ruler and said just a little over seven inches not bad recruit. she dropped down on her knees stroking my cock with one hand licking my tip with her tounge and massageing my balls with her other hand. then she started to suck on the tip of my shaft slowly putting it deeper and deeper down her mouth until i could feel myself going down her throat. as she was sucking me she took her hand and started to pinch her nipples and rub her beautiful breast then she started massaging her clit with her hand down her pants i could hear her try to moan with my cock deep in her mouth. she started to gage a little and stopped and told me to undress her.

as i did this she said faster recruit once i got her fully naked i looked at her beatiful latin body. she jumped up on the exam table and told me its time to take my oral exam. i spread her legs apart and started to lick her clit then slowly i put my fingers into her wet pussy. she put her hand on top of my head. moving her hips, and moving her legs pinching my head. i could feel her whole body shaking the she grabbed my head and arched her back as she let out a scream. she had cum runing down her. she pushed me away got off the table turned her back to me and said you better give it to me as good as you just did.

i walked up behind her with her legs spread out standing there bent over the exam table i slowly put my hard cock in her i could feel juices runing out of her when i went in all the way she bucked and said shit its been a long time since i had someone this big in me. i started to pound her pussy as hard as i could and she reached her hand down to rub her clit. this went on for about 15 minutes i said im cumming she pushed me back and slapped my cock with her hand it hurt like hell but also felt good as she said not yet. she told me to lay down on the table.

i got up there and she started to ride me she was grinding with her hips as i rubbed her huge breasts in my hands then i arched up and started sucking and licking her nipples. she moaned out im cumming she arched back and started to massage my balls as she was ridding me. then she let out another scream as she had cum hard she started to slow down and i arched my back and grabbed her hips i started to thrust into her as fast as i could with her still on top thrusting and thrusting she was screaming and bucking like i have never felt before she leaned forward looking into my eyes with her mouth wide open i could feel her cumming. i slowed down and she leaned down and started kissing me i could feel her breasts pushing down on my chest. she said to me " damn i wanted you to cum in my mouth but that was good too" i looked at her and said"we still can i havent cummed yet" her eyes were wide open as if in shock i told her to lay down on the exam table.

with her legs spread wide open i put my shaft into her. she started to moan and i grabbed her legs so that they were on each side of my neck. as i was thrusting into her she reached her hands back to grab the table, and i reached my hand down and started rubbing her clit with my thumb. i could feel the pressure building up inside of me she screamed out ohh shit im cumming again after she came i was ready to cum and i pulled out kneeled over her with my balls inbetween her breasts which she was pushing against my balls with and she started stroking my hard cock until i came all over her face and in her mouth. she started suck on the tip of my shaft and said well recruit do you feel better now. and i said yes lance crpl much better. she said get dressed you dont want to miss your transport back to mcrd. and i never saw her again.

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