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During this summer I went out for a walk in the local park to chill-out after a long weeks work.

As neared the old Amenities building I heard a groaning and moaning sound, I assumed it could be someone in distress, so hurried closer, the sound came from behind the building so I followed the groans and sighs ...

As I turned the corner I saw a somewhat orgy of young male and female bodies writhing on several mattresses strewn across the ground ... each person was either being fucked or being sucked by either a male or female ... very erotic ... and my cock began to twitch ...

I recognized two of the girls who where entwined together in a lesbian clinch, (they were a friends two young daughters, who I'd often eyed-at in the garden), anyway, they were both kissing and sucking on each other’s tongue as two youths were ramming their cocks into the s****r's hairy cunts.

They spotted me, and called me over, I hesitated, but relented, and approached the writhing mass or bodies; Jessica, one of the s****rs spoke "Hiya Terry, how are you?, do you like what you see?" ... I replied "Yes, but you and your s****r shouldn't be having a lesbian relationship, it’s i****tuous", Jessica replied "Fuck that, Anne-Marie and I have always shared each other’s bodies, we even lick each other out after having sex with the boys!; it's fucking erotic!"; I must agree that the remark turned me on.

"Come, on Terry, join in!", I edge closer to Jessica and Anne-Marie, they eagerly unzipped my flies and they both grabbed my prick; they began licking and sucking it, then licking my balls one by one, then one at a time they gave me a blow job; it was out of this world! "Don't cum yet, Terry we want you to fuck us, now!; I replied, "Who are these other k**s?", Anne-Marie replied "There our school-mates, there cool, ignore them, Terry!"

Jessica tuned on all-fours and spread her legs, I inched into her pussy, but she thrust back onto my cock and she took it right up to the hilt, with my balls slapping against her clit; Jessica turned onto her back and Anne-Marie then told her "Come close, s****r, I want to lick your hairy cunt!". She obliged and Jessica began to suck on her s****r’s pussy!

I was about to cum when the s****rs asked if they could swap over, this they did; so I began fucking Anne-Marie, whilst she went down on Jessica. This quite an erotic sight, even more so when one the young men began wanking over her face. but she took all the young man's cum into her mouth, this made me fuck Anne-Marie even more, several other guys came and wanked all over Jessica, what a vision of ecstasy!!!

Jessica cried out "Terry, cum all over us, please, we want to swallow your cum together!" I obliged by disengaging from Jessica and edged closer to the s****rs gaping mouths ... "I'm Cumming you dirty bitches .... ahhhhh" ... I shot my load all over their face and neck, and they began to lick my cum of each other; several other girls joined in and began licking my cum and my dick!

Suddenly a felt a strong suck on my cock, to my surprise it was one of the young guys, he was giving me head!! I shouted "Got off my cock you dirty bastard", he ignored my demand, if anything he sucked harder, so hard that I began to cum again; he took my load and sucked me dry ... he then went over to the two s****rs and he spat out my cum all over them, this sent them crazy they sucked and fingered each other like no tomorrow!

... To Be Continued

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