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Young and Willing - Part One

My new friend pulled into the supermarket parking lot right on time. As we drove to his apartment, he told me his name was Harry, and asked me how I was feeling about coming to his party. I just told him I was fine, but inside I was trembling with anticipation. Harry went on to tell me that he spoke with all three of his friends, and they all agreed they wanted me to relax and have a good time. He assured me that no one would hurt me.

As we entered Harry’s living room, he looked at his watch, and told me his friends would be there soon, so, we should get ready. He started taking off his clothes, and suggested I do the same. I guess it didn’t surprise me that we both had stiff hard-ons already. Harry led the way to his studio and I followed him in. My eyes grew as big as saucers when I looked around the room. He had transformed the studio into an elaborate party room.

In the center of the room hung some sort of contraption with chains and various leather straps, all attached to a thick metal ring in the ceiling. Around it was placed four folding chairs and four tray tables, with the chairs forming a square. It looked like it was set up for a poker game, only without the table in the middle. On each tray table were several dildos, of all sizes and colors. There were long feathers, and thin bamboo sticks. There was a big tub of beer on ice in one corner, and a long table filled with all kinds of different stuff, from a crock pot full of hot dogs, to a bunch of things I’d never seen before. There were two huge syringes that must have been twelve inches long and three inches around. Another gadget looked like some type of medical tool. It was bright chrome, and looked like a duck’s bill with an adjusting wheel.

Harry snapped me out of my amazement by showing me his “swing”, as he called it. He motioned for me to come over, and told me to kneel down on the first wide leather strap. Then he leaned me over until my chest rested on the other thick strap. I wiggled around until I got comfortable. Then Harry told me to put my hands behind me, and he slipped on a pair of soft cuffs clipped together. After that, he stood in front of me and wrapped another thinner strap around my head, and attached it to the main chain. So, here I was suspended off the ground, sitting on my folded legs with my hands bound behind my back, and a head restraint that kept my face pointing straight out. Talk about feeling vulnerable.

Harry reassured me, as he walked around the swing, running his fingers and hands over my back and down my bare ass. He reminded me that I would be wearing a blindfold mask when his friends got there to preserve my identity. But now, he wanted to warm me up a little.

He reached under me and gently fondled my engorged cock, and gave my hairless balls a little squeeze. Actually, my whole body was still hairless, unless you count the fine blonde hair on my legs. Harry walked behind me and rubbed my ass with both hands, squeezing my ass cheeks firmly, and spreading them open and closed. Then he leaned over and ran his hot tongue up and down my crack. I thought I was going to blow my load right there, but I held back and tried to relax.

Harry slipped his tongue into my quivering hole, and darted it in and out until I couldn’t take it anymore. My ass was jumping around in the swing. He raised his head up, and began circling my ass ring with his finger, finally sliding it into my slick ass hole. He wiggled it around in there, then he fucked me with it for a few minutes. It felt so good, but I didn’t want him to know how much I was enjoying all this attention.

He walked around in front of me, and I saw that his thick cock was twitching. He lifted it up to my mouth and told me to lick the head. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, and he laid his cock easily onto my tongue. I could see his body shudder, as I worked my tongue all around his cock head, making it wet and shiny. He groaned, and started feeding more and more of his shaft into my eager mouth. I took all I could, and he held my head in both hands and increased his speed, stroking my mouth with vigor. It didn’t take long, and as he tightened his grip on my head, I could feel his cock jerking and bucking, and Harry told me to start swallowing, which I did. He pumped his cum into my mouth for a full minute, and I proudly swallowed every drop. When he was done, he pulled his cock out and rubbed it all over my face.

There were voices coming from the living room now, and Harry declared that I was warmed up and ready for the party to start. He slipped the blindfold mask over my eyes, and I could no longer see a thing.

Harry left the room, and returned in a short time with his three friends. As they filed in, I could hear some low whispers and gasps. Harry’s friends were very polite. They thanked me for joining them at the party, and reassured me that they would take care of me, and I wouldn’t be hurt. They walked around my young, naked body, touching and caressing me as they inspected their “party boytoy”. Behind me, they took turns spreading my ass, teasing my hole with their fingers, and slipping me their tongues. In front of me, they each presented their hard cocks to me. When they touched my lips with their cocks, I knew it was my cue to introduce my tongue to them. I would lightly lick their cock heads, and flutter the tip of my tongue on the line under their cocks. They held still as I wrapped my tender lips around their cock shafts, and sucked easily. I don’t know where Harry got these friends of his, but they all must have graduated from the College of the Well-Endowed. I figured I had my work cut out for me.

Then they each took a position around me and stood in front their respective chairs. I felt warm oil being poured over my back and ass, and soon I had eight hands rubbing the oil all over, from my neck down. It really felt wonderful, and they didn’t miss an inch of my skin. They oiled up my stomach and nipples, my hanging down cock and balls, and of course my ass. They even oiled up my armpits. I felt them put some kind of thick, elastic band around my balls, which made them stand out proudly. Soon, I was a well-oiled fucking machine.

I heard some commotion behind me. I felt my ass cheeks being stretched open, and a round cylinder being pushed into my hole. Once they worked it into my rectum, my ass started filling up slowly with warm, thick oil. The cylinder was eased out, and a few drops of oil seeped out. Someone scooped it up and rubbed it over my balls. Next, I was startled to feel the four men snapping my oiled ass cheeks with their bamboo sticks. It stung a little at first, but it didn’t make me jump in pain. After they finished, my ass just felt really warm.

Harry declared that it was time for the games to begin. Everyone took their places in front of their chairs, and I could hear beer bottles twisting open as Harry explained the first party game to everyone: The first game was called “Twenty Strokes”. The goal was to be the last one to cum. To begin, one man would penetrate my ass, while the player opposite him would fuck my mouth simultaneously. The two players at my sides could do whatever they wanted with me while they waited their turn. The intruders would stroke my two holes twenty times, then pull out. The swing would be turned one-quarter turn, then the next two players would fuck my ass and mouth for twenty strokes, and so on. The final rule was, each player had to come in my mouth, so when someone was ready, he would yell “CUM!”, and everyone would pull out, and the swing would be spun around until my face was in front of his rumbling balls, and he would jam his cum-shooting cock into my waiting mouth.

And so it began. While the first two guys counted their strokes up to twenty, the two side players playfully stung my cock and balls with their bamboo sticks. My cock twitched wildly with each smack. The first two men reached twenty strokes and pulled out of my holes. I felt the swing turn, and soon I was taking on two new cocks, while the uninvolved men reached under me and fondled my screaming cock and boiling balls. I was going crazy, but I had my hands full at the moment. In fact, my hands were the only things that weren’t full at the moment.

The four men were twenty-stroking me methodically by now, each one trying to hold out longer than the next guy. I could taste the hot ass oil on their cocks as they continued to take their turns, until I heard someone yell “CUM”, and I was quickly spun around to face his spasming cock. He shoved it deep into my mouth, and fucked my face feverishly, then pulled it out, and told me to stick out my tongue. He laid the head on my soft waiting tongue, and his cum started filling my mouth in quick spurts. I started swallowing his load, and finally he grabbed my head tightly, and began slamming his rod deep into the back of my throat, moaning and pumping his hot jizz into my waiting mouth.

Finally empty, the first player sat down at his chair and opened another bottle of beer. Play resumed, and before long, the second player lost control, and jerked his supply of cum down my throat as well. The last two players standing went at it. They increased the stroke count to thirty, and then they swung me halfway around, and swapped holes, giving me thirty more hard, deliberate, pounding strokes.

My mouth was getting sore from all that sucking, and my ass hole was on fire from the constant cock-jamming. Finally, the third player yelled “CUM!”, and I finished off his load from his wildly spastic cock. The fourth player was declared the winner, and he was given permission to just keeping pounding my ass to orgasm. As he continued to slam my ass without mercy, Harry knelt under my body and took my raging cock in his mouth. He sucked me deeply and deliberately, and I exploded into his mouth at the same time the winner was finally shooting his steaming cum stream into my almost-virgin ass hole. Harry declared that, since it was his party, he was the only one who was allowed to have my cum.

I heard Harry suggest we all take a break. The men unstrapped me and helped get me down off the swing. I could hear more beer bottles popping open, as Harry led me out of the room and into his bedroom. He finally took my blindfold off. My legs were wobbly from being bent for so long, and I slumped over on his bed. I must have passed out for awhile, because when I opened my eyes, there was a soda and a hotdog on the end table. As I was eating, Harry stepped in and told me I could freshen up and take a shower in his private bathroom. And that’s what I did.

Part Two Coming soon.

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