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'Posion Ivy' written by Janet

Ivy, a 20 year old girl lives with her military father, and 2 b*****rs. Ivy is retarded; her IQ is 16, she act and thinks like a c***d. Her mothers were a prostitute, and, left her and her b*****rs with their sex offended father. Ivy developed fast as a young girl, she weighs 180 pounds, and she has a large big ass and, size 30 in bra. Her b*****rs Tommy 29, a r****t whom had been in juvenile most of his c***dhood. Rock the younger b*****r is 18; admire his father and b*****r as a role model. Ivy doesn’t know much about right from wrong. She thinks everything is good for her, even though, her father and b*****rs is fucking her. She think is a game they play, but, she enjoyed it! One day after dinner, her father want her to wash the dishes with no clothes on, except her slippers on her feet. Ivy was in the kitchen washing dishes naked. The boys also were naked and watching Ivy. Afterward, Ivy likes to dance to her favorite song 'My Milkshake', she starts to dance right front of her b*****rs and father. All three of their dicks became rock hard. Her father turn off the music, and start to chase Ivy around the house, Ivy likes to be catch. As she was running, everything on her was just shaking, and juggling. Her father caught up to her, in a military voice, he shout;’ lie down and stray your legs open’. So, Ivy did! Dad starts to smell, and, licks her pussy wet. Then he slides his dick into her moist wet pussy. Ivy just giggles away. As he slowly goes in and out on her, he starts to count like he in the army, 'hint 1234 ahhh, hint 1234 ahhh,(cont on)' while he going in and out, ivy’s pussy got more wet and moist, you can hear her pussy popping, farting. Tommy and Rock just look on with a hard on. After Dad finish, Tommy began to slide in of her, and start to pump fast like a Jack rabbit. POP, POP, FART, SLAP, PAT all the sound of ivy's pussy. When Tommy finish, Ivy got up and shout 'I WANT ROCK TO LAY DOWN TOO! So, Rock did that, she got on top on Rock and starts to bounce on his dick good! As she was bouncing, she just giggles, and asks dad and Tommy, ‘How I’m doing?’ both say, ‘GOOOOOD!’ Tommy say to dad,’ Dad look at Ivy’s ass just juggles like a jell-o. Rock wants Ivy to get on her knees, as Ivy did so, Rock stiff dick slide into Ivy’s big ass. POP, POP, POP, as Rock’s dick popping out of Ivy’s ass. OH SHIT! Tommy shouts! I want her to suck my dick. Ivy starts to suck Tommy’s dick like she was sucking on a lollipop. ‘I’M GOING TO CUM! Both have shouted out. After the guys and Ivy was done. All fall asl**p on the same bed, until the next morning, everybody is having fun again!

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