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The Cuming Of Mary Part 1

Mary, our local estate agent, good looking lady aged around 40 I guess with blue eyes, and medium-length raven coloured hair.

Anyway, I work at the local paper-shop where she would always call in on Fridays mornings to buy 5 large "Mars" bars; these as you well know are around 8 inches long and have a 2 inch girth. She would always look at me in a suggestive manner when she placed the chocolate bars into my hand. Quite innocent of course, but, she lived next door to me and I didn't see too much of her because of her job, but always on a Friday evening in the summer she'd sit in her garden sunbathing, and quite often naked! Which was a delight for me peeping through the fence at her!

On this this particular Friday evening I was peering through the garden fence at her and her saw the freshly unwrapped chocolate bar disappear between her legs! I watched her hand push and pull the chocolate bar in and out of pussy. To my amazement she got up and turned the sunbed towards me, laid back on it opened her legs and began pushing the chocolate bar in and out of her cunt. I see quite clearly her cunt now covered in chocolate, what a sight!!.

She then called out "Hello James, come on, I know your looking at me wanking with the 'Mars' bar, come and lick the chocolate off my cunt!". I hurried through the adjoining garden-gate and approached her. "Come on lick my pussy before my girlfriend arrives, you can have suck on my chocolate cunt!". I went down her raven-haired pussy and began licking and sucking on her pussy, it tasted superb, her juices and the melting chocolate. "Right, fuck me with the other bar of chocolate, go on, shove it right up my cunt!". I obliged, and thrust the bar deep into pussy, she moaned and sighed; "Right stick two bars up there, go on, now!", again I obeyed. Suddenly I felt the breeze from a movement behind me. "Shit", I said. "It's ok, it's only Fiona, she'll join in!".

She did indeed, Fiona began licking Mary's slippery wet cunt and sucked hard on her clit. Fiona took off her clothes and insisted I did the same; I was happy to agree. "You can wank whilst watching us, James!", said Mary. This I did, as the two now on the grass writhing in a lesbian 69 position; this was great watching these two women; my hands began to rub harder up and down my shaft as I watched them tongue-fuck each other. Fiona spoke to Mary "Don't cum yet I want to squirt all over your cunt and tits", this she did, showering Mary with warm piss. Fiona stopped and carried on sucking Mary's saturated cunt.

Mary said to me "Come on over and join in" I want to suck your cock, then I want you to fuck my cousin Fiona!". "Shit, your cousin, not your girlfriend?", "Yes, we both enjoy chocolate-fucking and sucking each other’s cunt, dirty bitches are we not!" This made my cock even harder as I approached Fiona's hot pussy. Mary began moan as I pushed my cock into Fiona's pussy she licked and sucked both my balls and pushed her long-tongue into Fiona's ass!". I shouted out "You are dirty little whores, take my fucking cum!"

"Not fucking yet!", Mary said, I want you to shove the chocolate bar into Fiona's ass, like fucking now!", "Lets both suck her off!" ... "OK!" I said ... her I come ...

To be Continued ...

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