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Nancy's teasing panties

It was late Friday night and my boyfriend Bobby was driving me home. I'd had such a wonderful time that night. We'd gone to our High School's football game and then Bobby took me to Bob's big boy for food afterwards. While we were at Bob's, I went to the ladies room, and, on a whim, I took off my little white panties. When I got back to the table I wondered what Bobby would think if he knew that my pussy was bare beneath my skirt.

We rode along in Bobby's dad's Impala and I was snuggled up next to him. He was such a hunk! He had the wavy blonde hair like robert Redford and blue eyes too. My pussy began to get excited at the prospect of our front door kiss! Bobby always kissed me goodnight at the door and sometimes, he pushed his groin out at me so I could feel his big hard cock beneath his slacks. Tonight there wouldn't be any panties to get in his way if he tried to feel me up...which he hadn't done so far.

Bobby pulled the Impala into the driveway of my house and left the radio on so we could listen to the end of the song that was playing...Elusive Butterfly of love. Such a romantic song. Then he reached for me and I just melted into his arms. His kisses fired me and then he stuck his tongue right into my mouth! I liked that right away and i eagerly kissed him back, wiggling my tongue all over his.

Then Bobby reached for my girlish tits and, Oh, I just really didn't want to end the evening on a sour note so I let him touch my titties all her wanted. I could feel my nipples hardening beneath my sweater and then Bobby got his hands underneath there too! My goodness! What had come over him?

Bobby rubbed my little pink nipples until they were all turned on and stiff, and he moaned in my ear: Oh Nancy! I love you honey!" He was so sincere when he said it I just went into a swoon and told him I loved him too. Then i felt Bobby's hand sliding down towards my legs. I shifted my position a bit and then his hand was on my knee.

"Oh Bobby we can't!" I told him in frustration. "Please don't touch me down there, I haven't got any panties on!"

Now Bobby looked surprised. "No panties Nancy?" He asked. "What happened to your panties?"

"Oh, I took them off at the restaurant!" I blurted out in shame. "I...I wanted to be feeling all sexy when you kissed me good night!" Bobby smiled as he studied my face.

"Well, do you feel sexy Nancy?" He asked. I realized how silly I must have seemed to him. Knowing it was foolish to try and tease him any further, I just reached for the hem of my little skirt and slowly lifted it up, exposing my bare pussy. "Yeah Bobby." I admitted, "I feel real sexy without any panties!"

Bobby didn't answer but the long lingering look he gave my never before touched young pussy spoke volumes! He began to undo his slacks and then his rock hard cock was right there before me. I knew we could get in trouble now and I had to trust my boyfriend not to harm me. I knew if he loved me, as he's just said he did, I had nothing to fear.

Bobby wanted me to touch his cock but I was reluctant to do so with my bare hands so I reached into my purse and retrieved my recently removed panties. I then used my panties to feel Bobby's hard penis. I slid them up and down his considerable length as he gasped and moaned there in the front seat.

"Let me see your pussy Nancy, please?" Bobby begged. I just couldn't open my legs like a little whore for him so I had to say no to his request. "Well, could you describe your pussy to me while you jerk me off with your panties honey?"

Now THAT was embarrassing but, after all, I wasn't going to let him look so, timidly, I began. "It's really soft...and pink Bob. I haven't got much hair yet but what I have is curly and red. lips are tightly closed so it looks like a little pink line between my legs Bobby."

"Aw geez Nancy!" Bobby gasped at hearing my lewd description. "Tell me more honey, and slide your panties a little faster on my cock!"

"It's soft and smooth and...and it's tight inside Bobby. I tried to stick my little finger in there last night and it would hardly go in. I'm...I'm getting wet now Bobby. My little bare pussy is getting all excited and wet. Some of my girl juice is leaking down...down onto my little asshole!"

"Oh, for God's sake Nancy!" He cried, fumbling to remove his pants completely. "Oh honey let's fuck right here on the front seat!" Bobby pushed me up against the passenger door and threw one of my legs up onto the seat while pulling the other down on the floorboards of the car. my naked pussy was now wide open for his viewing pleasure!

"Oh Bobby NO!" I whispered loudly. "Please don't fuck me! Don't fuck your big hard cock into my little pussy! I know it was wrong to take my panties off and tease you but...but..."

He never let me finish. Bobby just took his overstimulated penis in his hand and brought it to the slippery little pink line of flesh I'd described earlier and placed the head at the trembling entrance of my pussy. He began to push as I continued to beg him to spare me.

"No Bobby No!" I gasped, "Please...please don't fuck my cunt! It's too small for your big thick penis!" I felt my bare pussy beginning to reluctantly admit my aggressive boyfriend's demanding cock even though I continued to beg for mercy.

"Oh, no more Bobby! Please, no more! I'll...I'll use my panties to jerk you off until you come! I'll...I'll let you come on my asshole Bobby...won't that be sexy?" Suddenly, Bobby stopped his assault.

"I...I can come on your asshole?" He said quietly.

"Um hmmm" I nodded my head yes, as I said it.

"And, and you'll use your panties"

"That's right Bobby, I'll use my panties to jerk you off until you come on my asshole! And don't ever tell anyone!"

Bobby didn't speak but allowed me to get up. I let him remove my skirt and then I leaned over the back seat giving him total access to my gorgeous little rear end. I then took my panties in my hand and reached for Bobby's cock. It kind of jerked when I covered his cock with my white panties and began to slowly slide my hand up and down it's entire length.

For at least a couple of minutes I quietly masturbated Bobby's cock there in the front seat and then he whispered, "Nan, lean up against the window, so I'm right behind you. That's it...just like that, here, let me have your panties and i'll finish myself off while I look at your sexy pussy and asshole."

That, it turned out was my big mistake. Pointing my virgin pussy and asshole at my boyfriend's overstimulated cock was just a dumb thing to do. I had no panties to protect me and, after only a few moments, I felt bobby's cock touching my asshole.

"Oh Bobby No!" I moaned, "You can' just can't do it there!"

But now it was too late and Bobby's big hard penis was beginning to penetrate my little asshole! I continued to complain but there was to be no mercy. Bobby fucked his cock directly into my virgin asshole until he'd made me take the entire thing. His halls quietly slapped into my pussy lips as he achieved complete and utter penetration of my helpless little asshole.

It was useless to complain now so I just knelt there and took it, listening to Bobby's moans of joy as he sodomized me right there in the front seat of his Dad's car. Over and over he fucked all of his man sized cock right to the core of me while I just knelt there and took it. Then, he was handing me my panties and I knew what he wanted me to do: Softly caress his balls with my panties while he came in my asshole!

So I did it. I wanted to please Bobby, I really did, in spite of what had happened. So I used my panties to tickle his balls and cooed back at him..."That's it Bobby! Now come in my little asshole. Is it tight for you Bob? Does it feel good in there? Here...I'll rub your balls with my panties and then you can either come in my panties or my asshole...whichever you want."

Bobby wanted my asshole. He gave me several ball jarring strokes and then, with my hardworking fingers teasing his balls with my warm little panties, he began to spew his sperm right into my asshole! All of his hot sticky jism poured into my little asshole while I knelt there and moaned the whole time. He'd taken a very special part of me and he knew it. I hope it was good for him...I was never more ashamed in my life.

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