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Cumuth The Hour, Cumuth The Man and Woman Part 1

For some time now, I suspected my girlfriend, Julie, was having sex with someone else, but there were small but tell-tale signs.

Whilst I was asl**p the other night, I was woke from a deep sl**p with delightful sucking sensation on my cock, my girlfriend was busy giving my some exceptional "head", licking, kissing and even the odd nibble at my scrotum, it felt great! She began to frantically masturbate my hard cock with her hands and within a couple of minutes I cried out "I'm cumming, Julie!", "Not yet!" she replied sexily, "I have something to tell you!", I was now almost ready to explode, but she then said, "I'm have sex with another person and he fucks me so hard and deep that I cum quite quickly and I squirt piss all over his cock and balls as I climax!", I replied "You dirty bitch, you fucking whore!", although deep down I was very excited!

My girlfriend then said, "Are turned on?", "Yes", I replied, "In fact I wanna fuck you now from behind like the dog-bitch you are!", she complied and shoved her ass toward my face, I could smell a distinct odour coming from her pussy, I assumed it was from her fucking earlier in the night; this smell tunred me on for sure, I licked her pussy and plunged my tongue into her moist cunt; I could taste both her cum and her lovers too, I sucked hungrily as the sweet taste of her cunt was intoxicating; she spoke "Can you taste my lovers cum in my cunt, darling, tell me you love it!"; I replied "Fucking right, a wanna shag the ass of you right now, bitch!".

I eased my cock into her pussy and began to fuck her slowly but deliberately, my cock was almost bursting to shoot into her cum-saturated pussy; she shouted out "Fill my pussy you fucker, then I wanna suck you dry like I do my lover, then I want us to kiss and exchange cum with you!" she'd never spoke like this before and it turned me on. I explode inside her cunt and pumped her pussy full of my cum; she then told me to put my cock into her mouth.

This I did, she sucked so hard that I cum again, she moaned and sighed, then she said "Kiss me, you fucker!", as my lips neared her's a dribble of cum oozed from her the corner of her mouth, I kissed her and the french-kiss we did was sensational! The flow of my cum between us was superb, I sucked on her mouth and tongue as we exchanged cum.

"Right", she said, I'm gonna squirt all over you, she then stood up and began playing with her pussy and slipped her fingers into her cunt, she slapped her clit and she moaned "I'm gonna squirt you, you dirty fucker!, piss shot from her pussy and I was showered with her juices!

This lasted for a few minutes, then she said, "Next time I goona fuck my lover in front of you, would you like that; would you join in?" I replied "Yes", "Good" she said "Because I want you suck each others cock!", this was a shock, but it turned me on, she also uttered "Maybe I'll invite his girlfriend along too, and we'll all suck and fuck each other!" ...

I replied .... (To Be Continued)

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