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How i changed a 30 gay into a 30 yr bi

Awhile back my hubby had met a 30 yr white gay male on line. He had told hubby he had never been with a woman before, but had a interest's in getting with one to experiment to see if he would like being with a woman or not.

We talked it over he really seemed to be a nice young man speaking to him on line as we had never met him in person, so we decided to invite him to our house to actually meet him in person. As one line he was in person, a mature acting well mannered young man, so after talking to him for a hour or so, i could really tell he was interested in me, i was wearing black leather baby doll's, and was revealing myself to him as we had been speaking, his eye's followed every move i made.
We knew he was interested so hubby asked him if he liked what he seen he replied oh yes very much so.

Hubby then asked him he be interested in coming to our bedroom he said oh yes i would, we then took him to our bedroom where i layed on the bed as hubby got the camera, and turned on the video camera. I was very excited as i watched him get undressed. He was a good looking young man and had a very nice body. I couldn't wait to see him take his undies off and wow i was not disappointed not only was he long but he was thick as well and even had a cock ring on mmm.

He got on the bed and layed beside me, i could tell he was nervous so i took charge and began to kiss him, and run my hands up and down his smooth body mmm. He was excited i could tell, he began sucking on my breast's and really enjoyed them,and worked them over very well. I began working my way down to his fantastic cock and put it in my mouth and took him deep mmm.As i was doing this hubby was taking the pic's and video both and getting some real good closeup shot's.

As i sucked the young cock i could tell hubby was excited as well as hubby to was very hard, as was stroking his cock, mmm this to got me so excited i nibbled on the tip of head and along the side's of the young man's shaft. The young male by this time very hard and moaning so load, as i sucked him deep. It got so much for him shot his load into my mouth,, so sweet tasting was he mmm.

He then put me on my back and drove his long hott tongue deep into my wetttt pussy, for someone who had never been with a woman he could sure lick pussy mmmmm, and i enjoyed every stroke it took, he worked me up so bad i to began moaning hard and shot a load as well, his tongue went so wild at this point he licked my up no time flat.

By now he was really worked up and kept saying i want you,, i want you bad,,and got on me and drove that young, large piece of meat to me and took me deep mmmm. He felt so good and he pounded me hard, and fast and we both were moaning hard, i looked over at hubby and by now he was stroaking his cock hard and was having a hard time filming the video. The young man was so worked up after about 20 minutes he blew his huge load of cum into my pussy, in which hubby took pic's and video of.

But it seemed like a few minutes the young man was hard again and began fucking me again, it went on like this for about 2 hour's he blow his load and be hard again going at it, he had a cock that wouldn't quit.I think we fucked in about every possition you can imagine. For someone who had never had a woman he sure knew how to please one. After we had finished he looked at us and said i'm no longer a gay, i want to be called bi, and went on to say i fell reborn and never knew all these year's what i was missing.

We went on to see him once more a week later where it to was a fantastic night of sex and once again my hott young stud, looked after my much older pussy very well. It really felt good to be his first woman, not often can you take a 30yr's old virginity these day's,, make's me wettt to this day thinking about that. We never seen him again after that second night but we did hear he got himself a 28 yr old woman now and fuck'e her silly lol.. Wish my young stud all the best ,,, kisses.....

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