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In The f****y Part 1

Hiya here's a raunchy i****t tale ...

Well, I remember once coming home late one night, and I could hear some some deep-moaning and groaning, I peeped round the lounge door, only find my then ex-wife, on all-fours hungrily sucking on her b*****rs cock on the sofa, I watched her head bobbing up and down, sucking hard on his well-endowed cock; this was erotic, then, to my suprise I then noticed yet another man, an older looking guy, naked and dark skinned; I recognised him - it was her her half-b*****r!!

He walked towards her ass, and he knelt down and licked and plunged his long tongue deep into her ass; he then switched to her pussy and began to suck hard on her cunt, I could see her clit covered in his saliva; he spat at her cunt then he massaged his gleaming cock and aimed towards her pussy - she eagerly spread her legs farther apart and he slipped his cock into her, slowly at first then he plunged deep into her cunt - I could her the sensual noise of wet and slobbering skin; by this time I pulled my prick out and started to masturbate; the sight of my wife being penetrated both in her cunt and her mouth was a scene to behold. My wife released the yound man's cock and asked if the two would swap round, this they did, she wantingly and sluttly, took her b*****rs into her willing cunt and mouth; they both thrust their cock's into her ans I wanked franticly and the erotic scene in front of me; I called out and approached the threesome, my prick hard and drippoing with love-juice; my wife asked me to join the dark-skinned man on the sofa; she then grabbed our cock's and she slipped them both into her mouth; her head bobbed up and down as she gave us some 'head'; her younger b*****r who was fucking her hard, began to squirm and he shouted "I'm cumming!", she said "Not yet, wait!"

She raised her head off my cock and the guy, and said "I want all three of you to cum over my fucking face!". We obliged as she turned over and layed on her back as the three of us began wanking harder and harder; the young man cum first he showered her tits with spurts of creamy liquid, she fucking loved it; both myself and the half-b*****r continued masturbating ... I couldn't wait any longer and cried out "Fuck it, I'm cumming!" ... I nudged my cock towards her open mouth and I shot my load over her face and lips ... she sucked on it too, draining the last drop out of my cock; her half-b*****r grunted "I'm gonna shot my fucking load, watch out!" ... he then proceded to spurt what seemed oceans of cum all over her neck and throat; I to was showered by his cum, which seemed quite a turn-on, he shoved his cock into his s****r's cum-splattered mouth and she sucked on it like a wanton whore ...

She spoke "Fuck your s****r's cunt you i****tuous bastard!" ... he then shoved his cock into her slippery cunt and he fucked her hard and deep, he then cried out "I'm gonna cum again", she replied "Fill my cunt with your cum".

He must have done this as his body squirmed, he then took out his cock from her pussy and wanked the last few drops all over her tummy and tits; she licked the cum off her body, she asked if wished to do it too; we obliged and began licking the cum off her body, in return she sucked our cock's in an affectionate way, and said "What a fucking great time, boys!", she smiled at me and asked if I liked what had happened, I said "Fucking right; you acting a like a shag-happy slut"; she replied "Well give me a good hard fuck right now, I want to feel your cock inside my cum-filled pussy", I replied "Only if your b*****rs will watch!", she said "To fucking right they'll watch, I'm gonna ask my uncle and cousin Roy to join in and they can cum all over us a well!", "Sounds like agood idea" I said


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