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I banged a MILF

For everyone who has been following my stories, sorry to say but this is going to be my LAST story. For now at least. I have ran out of my previous sex experiences! Anyone who wants to volunteer and be in one of my stories send me a message!

This all happened when I was 18. My b*****r had a webpage which he was friends with this older white lady. She was 23. I sent her a friend request and we started talking. After a week she invited me over to her house. When i finally got to see her in person she was alright. Maybe a C size in bra and a nice little ass on her. When i first got out the car she was sitting there with a cup of vodka and orange juice. I can tell she was d***k when i got there. she asked me to take her up the street to her job so i did. Come to find out she worked at a porn shop. When i took her back to her house we went upstairs to her room. we started to watch a movie and she said "we're not going to have sex". she must have been crazy. i started to rub her ass and she just rolled over and started to rub on my dick through my pants. I pulled her panties down and pulled my dick out. she told me she was scared to give me head because i was too big. i didnt care i just wanted to fuck her. next thing i knew she pulls out this black ring and slid it onto my dick then it started vibrating. unfortunately it broke after like 2 secs because it was stretched out too far. then she pulled out handcuffs and gave them to me. i handcuffed her hands behind her back and bent her over. i started to fuck her. i pulled her hair and fucked her even harder. she started to scream and say everything in the book "fuck, shit, motherfucker, oh god" right as i had her bent over and fucking her brains out, her daughter walked in on us. my dick was still in her and she just casually said to her daughter "sweetie go play with your toys". when her daughter walked out i continued to fuck her. when i was getting ready to cum she told me to cum inside of her because she was on the pill. so i cummed inside of her and when i pulled out i saw the cum oozing out of her pussy. honestly i think i left her house with her still in the handcuffs.....

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