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Bookworm woman encounter (part1)

I had only met her earlier that evening at the book club at the library, an evening discussing literature followed by a drink in a pub would now turn into a highly charged sexual encounter.

There was an awkward silence as she put the key in the lock and opened the door, we went inside, the silence quickly blown away by us kissing passionately and the sound of her dropping her bags on the floor. A momentary pause as she apologised for the mess, I couldn't care less.

We slowly moved to the sofa, still kissing and holding each other, by now my hands were all over her, I felt her bum which was quite quite round, held in by the skirt she was wearing, my hands sliding down and feeling the top of her thong, my fingers feeling her shapely behind. Now moving my hands upwards feeling her back, my hands moving over her warm skin up to her shoulder blades meeting her bra strap.

I now felt her breasts, I knew they were big, I had seen the shape of them earlier that evening, the way her blouse was tight at the bust and when she had her coat on you could still see that she had large breasts. I took off her coat and now her blouse, she hurriedly undid the buttons. She took her blouse off, her white lacey bra now exposed, I could see her large nipples through the lace, she undid her bra and her breasts spilled out. They were very large, they drooped down, I now started kissing her breasts, tonguing her nipples, they felt stiff and large on my tongue. She gasped as I did so and was now touching my jeans at the front, my cock was now semi erect and as I felt her hands just glance my cock it began to get fully erect.

She started undoing my belt and slid down my jeans and she now bent down, she pulled down my boxers and my cock now sprung out, the helmet only partially visible, foreskin wet and with pre cum dribbling out from the japs eye. She now held her breasts around my cock, they felt cold at first, and she now moved up and down wanking my cock using her breasts.

End of part1

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