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Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 2

Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 2

Continued from Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 1

Uncle Charlie starts to remove his clothes, his pj's then his tee.. only in his boxers he was standing..
"So what shall we do? ;)" he thinks.. getting on to his knees.. as i was sitting on the couch.. he come closer and spreads my legs wide open.. "Someone is getting wet" he winks..

Coming closer to my pussy, he says.. "You smell so wonderful, just like the desert i was expecting, I'm sure you taste as good as you smell" he slowly slides his tongue into my hole.. a rush ran down my spine.. thinking to my self 'this is wrong, but fuck it feels so good' i let out a slight moan... "Ohhhhh Yeah!"
At first was gental, slowly licking and playing with my pussy with his tongue.. then after few mins, woah he became wild, He was eating my pussy, bitting licking it.. hard and rough...
i could feel his teeth biting me hard and harder... "Oucchhh" i let out a scream.. He looked up at my, "You like that, dont you my fucktoy slut.. the pain, me eating you? dont you?" i looked down.. "Yes.. i doo, your going to make me cum!" i moaned

"Not so fast k**do, you cum when i say you cum, if u do before that, you will have to pay" he giggled and got back to eating me... It was wonderful.. he got my pussy all numb and sore by just biting and eating it.. after around half an hour, he announced "Your ready for me.." i looked confused about what was he saying... then he got up and slid off his boxers he was rock hard he must be about 9 inches+, Shaved and clean.. He took my hand and made my stand, my boobs bounced, he liked it when my boobs bounced, i could see it in his eyes,

He pulled me closer and took my nipples in his mouth, and began to suck it, wilder than the pizza boy, he was bitting my nipples, sucking and sucking.. he then took my left boob in his mouth, bitting harder sucking it... it felt nice.. but painful.. My nipples were swollen by the time he was done sucking and eating my boobs.. i had tiny bites on my both my boobs and my pussy...

"Its the First night your hear and i'm loving it, 14 such nights.. We Are Going To Fuck All Day and Night.. ;)" He said, hearing that i was actually thinking how fun it would be, being someone slut fucktoy.. "Let Ride" i replied with a grin.. but the couch isnt that comfy, how about some other place.." i said looking around, "Lets just use this floor for today" he replied.. and pulled me into the kitchen and place me on the counter "Spread your legs hun" i nodded and did just what he said, my legs were spread, my pussy, wet and numb.. Placing his hands on the bite marks, He said.. "i love the art work i've created on the pussy down here.." and slowly slides 2 fingers inside and says "Oh yeah, your warm and wet, and God your tight ;) i like it" and he starts to finger fuck me fast and deep, slowly the 2 fingers become 3 and the 3 fingers become 4... "Woah baby! i'm loving this.. " he says and continues finger fucking me faster and harder.... he enjoyed it rough and wild...
"Ohhh Yeahhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh" i moaned as i was enjoying the f***e but was still in pain.. "Yeah Uncle Charlie, Ohhhh yeahhh ahh haaa ahhhhhhhhhhhh" i moaned louder as i enjoyed it all..

As he finger fucked me, his mouth found my boobs and began to eat then, he was hunger for me... Biting me sucking me and we wilding f***ed his 4 fingers in and out of my hold.. making me want to come, hurting me.. "OH yeahhhhhh Uncle, AHhhhhhh" i screamed... "Can i please cum, ahhh? please.. i want to cum, ahh yeahhh" i enjoyed but i needed to cum, i could feel it building, it was like multiple orgasms waiting to explode..

He bit my nipples harder as i asked his if i could cum.. he look and and said a simple "NO"
and went back to eat me... He was even harder, I could feel his cork fully raised up...
His 4 fingers came out of my pussy and he licked him.. "Yummie"

"Get on your knees you slut" i said and slamed his cork on my boobs as i got down to my knees "Ever given a blowjob? or is your mouth a virgin like your ass?" he knew i'd never ass fucked? howw? i thought, how much research had me done on me, it was creepy... I looked up and answered "Yes, My mouth is a virgin, but looks like you will be stealing it" i winked and open my mouth... and he rammed his cork into my mouth.. i could feel his huge thick cork in my throat, deep inside.. and he slowing starting to mouth fuck me.. deeper and deeper, it then got faster wilder and deeper... his cork was moving in and out in and out... i was chocking and gagging... i was turing red as his 9 inches corks was fucking my mouth, he still continued harder deeper... and then he said. "Woah, your pretty mouth is going to make me cum so quick " and the next thing i knew he was shooting loads of cum down my mouth into my throat.. "Swallow it babe, this is your dessert" my mouth was filled with hot cum dripping out of my mouth falling onto my boobs, i swallowed.. yumm, it did taste nice, warm and nice... He finished cuming in my mouth, it was messy.. Cum all over my face and boobs.. he mouth fucked me a little bit more and this time, before cuming he removed his cork from my mouth and he let his cum out on my face my boobs and all over me... he rubbed it nicely all over my skin.. "There you go, dont you just love being my fucktoy, and you look wonderful with cum all over you.." he said and moved towards the bar, pouring himself a Large Whiskey and a Large Vodka for me, Neat.

Part 3
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