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Swinging Milf Gets Double Cock

Tommy & Omar are two young swinging studs and last week they went to meet and fuck a married woman who they had met on a swinging website, Her name was Helen. Tommy approached the front door and gave it a knock, When Helen opened the door Tommy was surprised how sexy she had dressed for the occasion wearing a latex like corset, Oh Wow Helen Tommy cried, Omar followed in close behind him, I cant believe you came im so excited Helen sighed, Tommy who was holding the camera asked Helen just to explain to the camera what was happening and what was going to happen, The camera zoomed on the hot wife Helen, her tits nearly falling out her corset dress, Helen then began telling the camera, Well basically I wrote you a email asking you to come round because id seen a black guy in one of your previous sex movies, and when I watched it I thought wow I'd love to fuck him so that’s my fantasy a black guy and white guy fucking me, ok thank you replied Tommy, well are you ready Helen, lets get this fantasy started, Omar cracked open a bottle of champagne he brought with him and gave a glass to Helen before they started the show.

Helen stood up along with The black stud himself Omar as he began feeling Helen's tits, shall we have a look at those bobbies asked Tommy, Omar wasted no time in pulling down her corset with her tits falling out, oh my Jesus recalled Tommy, Omar began massaging Helen's white tits, before Tommy asked Helen to sit down so they could get a camera shot of her fine tits. You ready Omar Tommy asked, oh yes he sighed as he began unzipping his jeans, Helen helped by pulling down Omar trousers, this is what you’ve been waiting for Tommy asked, Oh my god its so big sighed Helen as Omar’s trousers fell to his ankles, Helen wasted no time wanking Omar's black cock, rubbing it slowly, would you like to suck it asked Omar to Helen, Oh yes please she laughed. Omar started to groan slightly as Helen sucked his black meat, That good Tommy asked her, she mumbled full of cock, um meaning yes, Tommy zoomed in on the camera of Helen sucking Omar's cock good. So is it as nice as you thought it was going to be asked Tommy, Oh even better replied Helen still sucking on his black dick with a naughty smile, Helen was slowly pleasuring her black meat cock slowly taking it in her mouth, Lets see a bit more of that fine married body Tommy asked as Omar started pulling down Helen's knickers, when they came off she again sat on the sofa and showed the camera her white pussy, Oh look at that sighed Tommy as Omar spread Helen's legs and began licking her pussy with his tongue, ohhh Helen groaned, her arms above her head, that nice asked Tommy, oh yes she replied, Omar was licking her clit real good also dropping his finger in and out now and again, Helen lay there eyes closed while her black bull licked her clit, Omar then started finger fucking the hot wife Tommy even got in on the act and placed a finger in there, Helen kept groaning, oh, oh,oh,oh. Tommy then asked Helen so Helen do you want to be fucked now looking deep into her blue eyes, Oh yes please she laughed. Omar got up Helen's legs stayed spread wide, don’t worry you’ll be fine Omar told Helen giggling as he placed his big black dick into her clit lips, I hope so Helen laughed. As Omar slid all his length in Helen groaned loud Oh yessss, Omar took it steady at first going slowly as Helen smiled up at him, Helen's pussy was soaked you could hear the sloppy sounds as his black cock drove in and out of her. Omar pulled fully out then drove straight back in making Helen take all his length in one go and then started to increase his speed he was fucking her, Helen was making groaning sounds each time Omar's cock drove home, Helen's tits bounced as Omar increased his pace even quicker, Tommy told Helen to spread her legs as wide as she could as Omar was going to fuck her hard now, and he did just that the sofa started making squeaking sounds because Omar was driving that big dick harder in her pussy, Helen was moaning like a slut, oh, ohhhh, yessss, ohhh, Tommy kept getting close ups of Omar's dick driving home in her white pussy. Helen started playing with her tits as she started enjoying his black dick even more. Tommy asked Helen if she wanted to sit on top of Omar's cock, oh yeah she sighed, how did I know you were going to say that Tommy laughed. Omar then sat on the sofa as Helen slowly lowered her pussy on to Omar's black dick, Yeah go on Helen. As Helen got his cock in her pussy she moaned again, Oohhhhhh Yeah as she began to bounce up and down, Oh baby cried Tommy, Then the phone rang, Forget the phone Tommy Sighed and laughed, Oh yes go on, go on Omar as Helen's tits bounced in time with Omar's driving, the sounds of Helen's sloppy pussy got louder and louder, Helen was doing white women proud taking black cock good. Oh Helen cried Tommy oh yeah lets see them fucking tits bounce he cried as Helen got into a different position. Omar Started Massaging Helen's tit's whilst his cock still drove up her white married pussy, She had a huge smile on her face, Give me your hand asked Tommy, do something for me please he asked Helen. Helen pulled out Tommy's cock and began giving him a blowjob while Omar still fucked her. Oh that’s it yeah baby, oh yeah look at the camera while your sucking my dick ordered Tommy. Helen then got into a position and began sucking both men’s cock in her mouth somehow, do you want to be fucked from behind asked Tommy, Helen grinned oh yeah said Tommy as they got into position. Tommy got a close up of Omar's cock doing Helen from behind, Helen's tits swayed, she moaned taking black dick from behind, the slapping of his balls to thighs got louder, Helen's groans became louder, Omar was fucking that married ass really good, Tommy then got in front of Helen's face and placed his cock in front of her allowing Helen to give Tommy another blowjob while Omar nailed her from behind, Yeah go on Omar fuck her cried Tommy as he got faster banging Helen's hot married pussy, OHHH FUCK im cumming cried out Helen in her funny accent, Oh yeah Said Tommy as Helen moaned loudly, Ohhhhh, ohhhh, Oh god I felt that cried Omar laughing, Sorry replied Helen, were going to cum all over you now all over your face and tits Tommy told Helen, Oh Yeah she sighed as she sat down on the sofa, The camera then showed Tommy wanking his cock whilst Helen waited to be cummed all over, within just a few mounts Tommy blew his load first not a lot of cum but enough to cover her lips, ohhh yeahhhhh cried Tommy as he erupted on her Helen's lips, Oh yeah rub some of it into your tits Tommy told Helen as she did as he asked, Omar then began wanking his black horse cock, it took Omar seconds before erupting a fucking lot of cum all over Helen's face and her tits, Oh yeah Tommy cried along with Omar, All 3 laughed, Im going to kill you Helen cried at Omar, Man there's tons of it, fuck sighed Tommy, Helen's face was covered in cum and her tits, even her sofa got cum on it from Omar's eruption, Helen then licked the top of each guys cock head cleaning there last bits of cum of there cocks, Oh look at that, Oh Helen, My god, fucking Omar were did all that come from Tommy asked Omar, Sorry laughed Omar, Sorry he replied again, lick it all up darling, lick it all up asked Tommy, look at that oh fuck, so have you had a good time today Helen asked Tommy, Its been brilliant replied the sexy wife Helen covered in there cum still, The video the ended of this cheating hot wife getting two cocks

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