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Nightclub Milf Slut

I was out with my friend and we were in one of the best nightclubs in town, its plays dirty rnb were girls get wild and crazy and do made stuff, my friend Neil is a bit of a stud and he always gets the girls but this time was different, We were dancing on the dance floor when a older women in late 30’s id say kept looking over at Neil and smiling she was obviously d***k as she was all over the place but she was mighty fine for a milf, in the end she came over and started dancing with Neil, she was really d***k but was very hot wearing her sexy short skirt and short low cut top, her tits looked amazing. As they danced more and more they got dirty dancing with each other, the milf kept rubbing her hand up and down Neil’s crotch trying to tease him, then they locked in another kiss but this time Neil pulled down the hot milf’s top and her tits fell out, wow was my first reaction, I thought she was going to go mad but instead she just laughed and smiled naughty at Neil, this was on hot slutty milf who wanted cock. Neil was tongue kissing this horny milf proper teasing her getting her all horny, she even rolled up her skirt and her thongs were in full view, She loved kissing Neil who was rubbing his hands all over her tits and nipples, it was something out of a sex video, they kept smiling at each other then kissing again, Neil kept pulling the hot milf in towards his crotch area making her feel his huge cock pressed against her. The milf then again started feeling Neil’s cock through his jeans and even unzipped them. Luckily the dance floor was packed or they would have been thrown out, not a lot of people noticed what was happening around them. The milf now had her fingers through his zipper and was feeling his cock that way rubbing her hand up and down his cock, they were still kissing and Neil feeling her juicy tits, Neil then grabbed her left titty and placed it in his mouth and began sucking on her nipple cupping her breast. Neil’s other hand moved around to the milf’s ass and he gave it a little jiggle then smiled at me. This married bitch was horny for some young cock, I realised she had a ring on her finger and I pointed to Neil that she was married which drove him more wild, he now wanted to fuck her. Neil moved towards her neck and looked like he was giving her a love bite to go home with hahaha. She realised after about 5 minutes and moved her neck laughing at him and looked like she said naughty. Neil just smiled. I had to go to the toilet and when I returned they were still locked in the kiss, but then I noticed the milf had Neil’s cock out of his jeans and was wanking him on the dance floor, what a slut I yelled out and high five Neil, the milf just laughed and winked at me. She then started pulling Neil towards an exit door by his cock which made me laugh, they finally got outside behind the back doors were the milf then sat on a metal step and began sucking Neil’s cock, you could tell she was a mature women as she sucked cock good, she wanted all of it and started undoing Neil’s jeans properly to which he pulled them down to his ankles, that brought a smile to the milf’s face, she started playing with his balls, whilst almost deepthroating his huge cock to which she managed to suck really good, she must have been cold as her tits were still out her top and her pussy half hanging out of her thongs, you could now tell she was a real slutty wife as she looked a bit older and id say she was 45 is. Neil didn’t mind he was getting a great blowjob and even smiled at me as I recorded it for him on my phone, Neil grabbed her hair and looked to f***e the milf down more on to his cock now she seemed to be deepthroating, I couldn’t believe how good she was at cocksucking, she then started really deepthroating and ended up gagging and turned away and was sick, it was a funny site she looked a real slut, dirtier than a prostitute, her pussy was hanging out, her tits hanging out, her hair was messed up and now she was throwing up after sucking to much dick. Neil laughed and said come on lets leave her for someone to finish the job, we both laughed and headed back into the club

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