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Broken skies, reminds us of what we have lost

Like heart’s broken glass, crashed to the floor

Heartaches regret, that flowers and words, just can not mend

Sunshine’s warmth never sends, it warm light out to you again

No time for regret, or time to recall, how your love meet its fall

Love too sweet, to recall, dry you eyes, memories that can never truly be gone

And hurt when brought back to mind, and then again are gone in time, with the dawn.

Say goodbye, knowing that this is the end, and you can never do a thing

Thinking hard, to see some sort of chance, to keep the romance alive and not death

Trying hard to pretend you can mend, the love that you never longed too end

And the diction’s you could of made, or the place that seems so far away

Distant nights, long lonely and cold, are they ever to end

Your troubled mind, just can not let go, there’s only despair you can lend

Fearing the final end, never to restore, that love in your heart that you can’t ignore

Not knowing if you will ever mend, the love that you tried you life to give

Tender dreams in your heart, shadows fall from the past, eyes covered fast

All day long trying to remake your heart, thinking that we still may have a chance

But in the end all it seems, like a cold frozen dream, that the world in it’s hast, did not give us that chance to retake, the life that we made, even if hard it remains, but lost all the same.

Tender dreams we keep dear, memories that other’s can not see

Love too sweet, to recall, memories that to you are so dear, and ever so clear

But lost is to strong, when in our heart we done the one we loved wrong

It’s painful and needless fall, to the ground where it lays.

Letting go of there heart, like tearing yourself apart

Is this the end of romance, or the start of the lonely dance

So don’t close your eyes, don’t you hide from the feelings inside

Or your face that’s so near and the cold lonely tear, that runs down your face

Will never dry or disappear.

Dry your eyes face the dawn, Open the door. carry on, try not to regress, or distress, in what you could did not change for the best, weighed down by regret, or your big mistake, and the trust you neglect or the life you once had, but can not forget, is sometimes lost in the void of regret, and to live with the time you had, and not make you sad, and remember the time that you laugh played, and planed.

Broken hearts find there way, in this world of hard times, and darkened ways

Just you make it through, just this day, and your make it all the way, some day

Don’t face the world on your own, only hope can for sure, can give love in your life the power to restore, hope in yourself, and faith in your heart, and don’t keep them apart. Maybe someday again, I’ll hold you too, in my dreams me and you, but if never again, am I to hold you so dear, it’s a wish in the end, and hope never ends all our fear.

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