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Milf Gives Guy A Handjob

Hi All my names Helen im a swinging slut, im married 42 years old, a bit of a cougar some might say, the other week I met a guy at the swingers bar who wanted me to film me giving him a hand job, that’s all he wanted so I agreed to it and he came to my home when my husband was at work...

I was wearing a pink v-neck dress, why it showed of my tits perfectly and also it gave the guy who’s name was Bruce, the chance to easily grab a feel while I wanked him. Bruce came in and took all his clothes off leaving just his pants on; he then lay down on my sofa whilst I set up the recorder. Once we were set and read I hit record and walked over to him. I got on my knees and started rubbing his left thigh its nice to see you again I sighed smiling at Bruce, great to see you to baby Bruce replied, You’ve got to get out of these pants I told Bruce pulling of his pants, his cock was quite small, I was glad I wasn’t getting it in my pussy because I couldn’t see how it would satisfy me. I Started rubbing and playing with Bruce's cock to get him hard as he was very soft, I opened my legs allowing Bruce to get a view of my shaven married pussy, to which he started rubbing my leg, I then told him I hadn’t let my husband fuck me in two weeks as I wanted to make him suffer, still my hand was working Bruce's cock trying to get him hard. I started wanking him a little faster; his cock finally began growing hard, I then started to lick him, up and down his shaft with my tongue teasing Bruce. I got a little comfier and sat on Bruce’s leg knowing my naked pussy was touching his leg, I then began licking and sucking his now fully erect dick, I then told Bruce I wanted to give my husband a treat and pulled out a condom, I slowly placed it down on his shaft, I want to take this home and show my husband what he’s missed and maybe if your lucky ill taste it I told Bruce which made him smile. I started wanking him a little faster now, as Bruce started playing with my tit which made me moan a little, ummmmm I would cry, my hand was working Bruce's cock really fast and good, Bruce shocked me a little when he slid his hand under my skirt and started playing with my pussy as well as grabbing a feel of my big titty still, ummmmm yes, ummmmm im going to make you cum so bad I sighed, I pulled my pussy away from Bruce's hand he wasn’t really that good after a while and he wasn’t to good looking so I didn’t give him the right to finger fuck me any longer, he was lucky to be getting a hand job from me. I wrapped both hands around his tool and started wanking him double handed, you like that baby, oh yeah do you I asked him. I wanted to tease him some more and moved closer allowing him to grab a feel of my tit, I pulled my skirt up flashing him my pussy as I wanked him faster and faster suddenly he cried out oh yeah, fuck, fuck yeah, ummmmm, he sighed, Bruce blew his load in the condom I had put on, I pulled free the condom and there wasn’t much cum in there, I showed it to the camera, umm yeah tasty ill make sure I taste this one as I placed a knot in it.

This isn’t the best story but I felt like sharing it with you all as many men often like other married women doing this kind of stuff

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