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Lodger Becomes Her Lover

Bazza had been kicked out of his girlfriends home after shagging another woman in her bed and she found out about it, He was now homeless and had no were to go until he bumped into a friend down the town, her name was Helen, a sexy hot wife well in her 40's but still a cougar. He told Helen about him becoming homeless and Helen was shocked and didn’t want this to happen so she suggested Bazza come to her home for a while and she would speak to her husband about Bazza staying, he was over the moon, Deep down Helen always had a soft spot for Bazza since meeting him at a early age, she always wanted his cock deep in her pussy. When her husband returned home he was a bit shocked seeing his old friend sitting in his home and was only to welcome in agreeing with his wife that Bazza could stay, Steve took Bazza up to the spare room as Helen gave him bed sheets. That night they all sat down stairs having a drink and catching up on things. The next day Bazza woke up and headed downstairs only in a tight pair of boxer shorts, his bulge was showing pretty much, Bazza has always had a good cock size and was only to proud to show it. When he got downstairs Helen was in the kitchen washing up, Bazza brushed beside her his cock touching Helen's ass, she quickly turned round dropping a plate as she looked down towards Bazza's cock. OH MY GOD! She sighed, Bazza laughed morning how are you today, Helen struggled to speak, erm, erm good thanks, very good now. That day Steve wasn’t home leaving Bazza and Helen alone all day, They became really close laughing, joking, really it was just Helen wanted to suck his big cock, the good housewife was turning into a cock slut.

Later that day Steve returned with some bad news or so he fought, he was having to spend a weekend away in London leaving Helen and Bazza alone, Helen acted angry but she knew it could be a good thing, Bazza to wasn’t to concerned by Steve's weekend away. Soon it was that day and he left kissing Helen on the door step, he looked at Bazza now you keep her good company he laughed, Bazza grinned, oh yes I will friend, oh yes I will.

When Steve had left Bazza asked Helen if she fancied hitting the town for a few drinks, which she was only to happy to as she hadn’t been out in ages, Bazza was overwhelmed and started getting ready, as usual the women were last but it was worth the wait, Helen was looking might hot and fine, a cougar reborn. She was wearing a very tight and short black dress, her tits and ass looked amazing for a 43 year old. Bazza replied one word, Stunning. Soon they were in the club and dancing away hitting the shots and necking bottles, Bazza couldn’t notice the other men eyeing up Helen, so he grabbed her waist pulling her in closer to him, Helen looked at him with a slutty look as if to say im ready to go home and ride your big dick baby, Bazza new the look and they jumped in a taxi heading back home.

They couldn’t get through the door before both were locked in a very hot kiss; this naughty wife was cheating just 12 hours after her husband left the house. Bazza lifted Helen up almost carrying her up the stairs then into her master bedroom before gently putting her down on the bed; they kissed passionately while fondling each other's body. Bazza made the major move and started undressing slut wife Helen, pulling down her dress zipper as he slid it off with ease, Helen lay just in her pink bra and thongs, whilst Bazza pulled off his top and the wife unzipped his jeans, before to long the hot mom Helen was naked along with her lover Bazza. Bazza was kissing Helen's neck and ear lobes, which was giving her goose bumps all over her sexy body; Bazza then kissed his way down Helen's chin, then her neck. Cupping her firm breasts in his hands, taking a nipple between his lips. Bazza's tongue teasing it as he drawed it into his warm mouth before moving to the other, kissing and licking the underside of the slut wife's soft breasts. Bazza runs his tongue down her tummy, stopping to toy with her belly button.
Arriving between Helen's legs, kissing, licking and biting her inner thighs.
Bazza watched on as her sweet butterfly swell and dampen with desire, Bazza’s finger's soon entered Helen's hot wet pussy feeling the wetness inside her, he was kissing the outside resisting the urge to devour her.

Bazza couldn’t wait much long, he then grabbed hold of his big cock and placed it slowly into Helen's pussy lips, her face was a picture it wasn’t even in yet and this cock starved slut was enjoying it all ready, she bit her bottom lip as Bazza eased more of his dick deep in her tight pink pussy, Ohhh yyeeesss baby, I like that, your cock is so fucking big, Helen groaned slowly making Bazza smile as he began slowly fucking her married pussy now all his dick was stuffed in her. Bazza's hands were holding the top of Helen’s thighs as he was driving his dick deep in her cunt, Helen moaning, ohhhh, ohhhh, yyeeesss, fuccckkk, her right hand was playing with her clit whilst he r lover cock ploughed her, Ohhhhhhh cried out Helen as Bazza placed his knuckles on the bed sheets and started fucking her faster, his ass was beating like a drum, The slut wife was getting what she had been missing, Helen lay there and took it like a cheating slut would, making sexual noises whilst her lover fucked her good. The bed was creaking loud, as it was old and maybe rusty, Helen's tits wobbled due to the f***e Bazza fucked her, he was giving it Helen good, the hot mom's face was in sheer delight, with a devilish smile coming from her when looking into Bazza's eyes, His cock was driving deeper as the bed springs started making more noise and Helen panted, Ohhh, Ohhhh, Yesss, Ohhhhh, She grabbed hold of Bazza's ass cheeks almost pulling him into her, she wanted that cock even deeper and harder, Bazza was working that pussy like it never had been before, oohhhhhh yeahhhhh, ohhhh she panted hard, Bazza then pulled his cock free, Helen was sweating, she looked fucked, as he slowly climbed into a doggy position were Bazza quickly got behind the d***ken slut and wasted no time pushing his cock back deep in her clit. Her tits bounced forward backwards, looking so tasty as she began moaning again, ohhhh, ummmmm, yeessss, Bazza was now playing with her clit and was driving that big cock deeper in her cheating pussy, yeessss baby, yesss Bazza was crying out, ohhh, ohhhh fuck yes, Helen panted, with a huge smile on her face she was clearly happy with her lovers performance, Bazza threw her face into the bed sheets as he launched a huge cock fucking on her pussy, he held her ass cheeks and pumped his cock so fast and deep into her pussy it made the bed rock even more harder against the wall, ohhh gooddd, yessss, ummmmm, Bazza's balls slapped hard against Helen's cheeks, clap,clap,clap,clap,clap really quickly before Bazza suddenly erupted pumping a very big amount of cum deep in Helen's married pussy, Ohhhhhhh fuck he cried out as it unloaded deep in this hot moms pussy. Helen collapsed exhausted on the bed, her body with the shakes, her ass had red marks on were Bazza's hands had squeezed so hard, He got up and lit a cigarette sitting beside Helen his new slut lover, she also had a puff on it, her face was red she was sweating heavily, the bed had cum marks on as Bazza's cum dribbled down her leg. She kissed her lover on the cheeks before heading into the shower to clean up.
During the weekend Bazza had fucked cheating wife Helen an amazing 11 times pumping his cum deep in her pussy each time, When her husband returned home she had some very bad news for him................................................................ To Be Continued

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