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The Bowl

What first attracts me to all women is the vibrancy of life I see in their eyes. There is where a woman tells you so very much without ever saying one word, and for those men who are aware of the enormously varied ways women communicate, there is an abundance to be discovered from eye contact.

Usually I won't hold the gaze of most women. I see all I want in the slightest glance, and immediately know there is nothing worth pursuing. My predator nature instinctively tells me who is and who isn't devour able, and I have a developed taste for those who have more than just the average going for them. There is an aura about the woman I want, call it a hormonal influence or whatever, but I sense her, and am drawn into her immediately when I notice her presence. When that is present...that aura...I indulge myself, look into her soul, and make an impression that causes a catch to come to her throat...all in my eyes alone.

For many whom I notice, she is not thinking of submission at all, to me or to any other man

Her situation usually has her in some psuedo-dominating role in the workplace, at home or whatever. That in particular, is of no concern to me, for it's my choice, not her's, that she will immerse herself into my world as I choose to bring her to me. That seems odd, doesn't it, to most people...that I can do these things I propose? I admit, that it's not always productive, but from experience, I can take my time, much as a wolf would select his prey. I wait them out, feeding them morsels of curiosity and desire for sometimes months before I know they are pliable and ready to be taken. It was just such a woman that I want to tell you about now.

She was an aspiring executive on the junior level with her ambitions matching her presentation as a determined, sexy, intelligent strong woman capable of handling much more responsibility and power than she currently enjoyed. To her, the potential for the good life was only limited to her ambition to make the most of her opportunity, regardless of the personal cost to herself and others...a real corporate personality of the '90's. She used her sexuality as an asset, to propel her along the ranks of the others who didn't have as much to offer the fantasies of the older, more senior male executives. True to her nature, this was just another skill she'd developed along her path of broken hearts and misplaced affections which pointed her to the Goddess of Acquisitions and Mergers for her own personal glory. She had yet to be noticed by me.

I thoroughly enjoy the hunt, which is why, in a large degree, I write these stories of my experiences. Letting women, such as the ones I write about, know that I am very real, and very intent on finding "her," the one who'll embody all the characters I write about. I go about the actual pursuit in ways that seem, as I choose, non threatening and elusive, such as broadcasting stories to the world of online readers. Sometimes I choose to pursue my pleasures with my "Corporate America" power look, and at others I enjoy being the independent blue-collar worker who makes his living with his hands and wit. In any and all of these, I find those women who are lonely, deprived, neglected, in need of release, and able to be so much more sexually than they've ever allowed themselves to enjoy.

I approached this company as an Independent Informational Technology Recruiter, a position I had with Oracle a few years back, where I learned the world of both high tech and recruiting...totally boring, stifling, yet monetarily lucrative and with intelligent, sharp young women bursting to be noticed. Precisely dressed in my Hart, Schaffner, and Marx suit, a 1/4 inch of heavily starched white linen shirt showing below the navy pinstriped sleeves, with crew neck T-shirt underneath, one of the current prestige pens in my pocket, the outer first impression was resplendently and masculinity sexy. Most of all though, the attitude I exuded, an air of enthusiastic confidence, properly restrained, that said with my mere presence, I owned the place. I surveyed my territory. With one last weapon, a specific cologne immediately arouses the sensory desires of women, and has been on the shelves for years, working so much better than anything else since. I saw her underneath the drab office fluorescent lights, her head, luxuriously shampooed and prepared, just above the gray cubicle. Without averting my gaze a degree, I walked towards her as surely as a predator moves to his next meal.

No word was spoken as I entered her personal space, closer than is politely allowed in western culture without an uncomfortable sense of impropriety. Her initial look told me to back away, but I ignored it and she realized I did, making myself doubly a nuisance. My handshake, offered first to command a reply, another impropriety when dealing with a "lady," was returned with a grasp meant to be firm, yet already yielding to a disturbance in "the f***e" she wielded as one of her weapons. Her handshake was cold, halfhearted and opposed to mine that was warm, firm and lasting longer than again is proper in a business situation. My smile, the tilting of my head, and open eyes went into her body as she felt an involuntary response meant to disrupt her balance of her space, unnerving her in my psychological domination that ignored her as an equal in any way whatsoever. With introductions fumbled on her part, I drove my point home further when I made sure she heard me inhale her essence, as if I were smelling the muskiness of her crotch mingled with the expensive perfume she'd dabbled between her satin-lined breasts. My eyes slowly and achingly went from her eyes, wide open and decidedly bothered to those orbs of pleasure within inches of my suit lapels, until I saw the responsive hardening of her nipples, despairing her completely. With a soft smile both on my lips and my eyes, I let her hand drop limply to her side and walked off as if she were nothing more than a momentary distraction from my otherwise far more important agenda of the day. I was imprinted in her soul.

The following days found us in some sort of contact with one another, and with each occurence I waited for her to make a flushed gaze in my direction before I even gave her the courtesy of noticing her presence. She now vacillated from emotions of anger, frustration, and tenseness to wonder, self-consciousness, and extreme uncomfortableness as if I were watching her from a position of vantage rather than how she was accustomed to from other males in this office. The difference was, they were drones, and I was the alpha male of the pack. She knew her situation was now different from before I arrived, and I so enjoyed the tension I created with her almost daily.

The time came for the holiday office parties, an excuse when there was a bit more alcohol consumed than is usually allowed during Happy Hour at the local watering hole. I used it for my benefit, even though I knew she'd be on her most defensive posture with me. With her second glass of champagne inside her now, I made my way from my totally boring group of bovines to her sharply attired body, ripe for my attentions, primed for the kill. Backed against a column, in the protection of knowing I couldn't come from behind, I again strode confidently over to her. Proceeding in a hushed tone, as if whispering sweet nothings in her ear, "There are those women who use their sexuality as a weapon, and those who use it as bait, and then even some who use it as a begging to be taken and used as the slut that they really are. You, my dear, are a slut, and I intend to show you that beginning tonight." With my fingers demanding her upper arm to follow me, my eyes and voice in no uncertain terms, I directed her into a side room, "Come with me for a moment. There is something I want to show you." Unable to protest such an overt assault, she opened her mouth for only the briefest moment and complied.

Quieter now, with only the buzzing noise of the outside to let us know we weren't completely alone, I told her, in the briefest terms, that I found her attractive and intended for her to serve me as my chosen submissive. Confusion covered her face as she wandered from shock to hilarity to awareness that I was dead serious, and it was only then that she began to understand what had been going on with my psychological complexities from the beginning. "Take off your blouse, I want to see those ripe breasts ready now for my attentions." She looked at me as if I were delusional, gasping at my assuredness that she would comply. I took the belt immediately from around my waist, hearing the popping sound as it slapped between loops. *Whack*, *whack* *whack*, I brought it around her hips to end with lashes on her firm, tight ass, backwards and forwards. She instinctively let out the beginnings of a cry until my hand covered her mouth and nose, pushing her back over a couch, pinning her under my weight. "Do not think to disobey me, again." She cowered now, exposing that vulnerability I knew was there all along, probably as a result of some sexual impropriety from years before when she was threatened if she ever told.

"Good, now I'm going to release my hand, precious girl, and I want you to know that you will not be harmed in any way if you obey me, and with no you understand?", as my eyes drilled into her brain a focus she'd never forget. A meek nodding followed, eyes full of tears and fear, with my removal of my hand and repositioning myself to kneel above her. Looking down in carnal admiration on the heaving perspiration between her breasts, along the bottom of her neck, I could see her resistance evaporate before me eyes. Her look to me showed that lost little girl who had been used sometime previously, somewhere before and had no where to turn, as again she was entrapped into a web of deception of what showed on the outside and what was true on the inside. She was mine, but it would take some discipline before she truly believed I was to her what I intended to be.

"Take your blouse off now," and she hesitated with another look to see if I truly meant to be so serious at this moment. My hands immediately reached again for my belt, and she even more quickly began to unbutton her blouse from the top down. The bra boosting her firm breasts into a most delicious bundle made my cock harden just as instinctively as her nipples did from this humiliation. "Squeeze those tits together for me, slut, as I want my cock sliding in and out, between them, dripping juices onto your talented tongue." She hesitated, and with my grip vying her brown luxurious hair between my entangled fingers, I pushed her again back down onto the couch, straddling her with one leg as the other came over to complete the process of pinning her under me. Unfolding my pocket knife to expose its razor sharpness, I lifted the juncture of this expensive bra and with one twist of the blade, split it open to expose those heaving delicious tits, now inches from my constrained cock.

"Unbutton my fly, bitch...and take my cock in your hands." Pulling her arms now from underneath me, she awkwardly fumbled with my zipper as I gripped her hair again sadistically and hissed, "Now you sleazy piece of white trash, I want you to put that cock between your fucking tits and squeeze them together like your ass depends on it...cause *hahaha* does!!" She knew the routine now, and willingly did as I told, me looking down into those shimmering pools of her brown, luscious eyes with tears forming at the corners and running over her perfectly smooth face. Sliding my hips forward and back now, I commanded, grabbing her head with my grip and pulling her neck roughly to a 90 degree angle, "Get your fuckin' whore slut mouth up here, you slut machine, and get ready to suck the head of my cock as I ram it harder between these hot slick tits of yours." She was beginning to know her worth to me, and I was enjoying it even more, evidenced by the blue veins along my slickened shaft as it was warmed with her insulating, wet breasts. "Reach out and lick it; kiss it as it comes out from this tit meat, and get that juice down on your lips and taste me good, bitch fuck." I was really beginning to enjoy this sight of her humiliation, being degraded so intensely with so many of her coworkers so close by. "Yeah, that's it; you do know how to do this for me, don't you?"

When I was as hot as I wanted to get from such a talented tit fuck, I pushed further past her firm tits and lodged my cock into her open mouth, riding her as if she were a hot cunt open and ready for some rough fucking. My soft cock's head sliding past her lips, her teeth, then plunging deliberately and cruelly into her throat, causing her to buck underneath me as she gagged from this enormous and uncaring assault on her. She no longer could feel the head particularly, although she knew it was firmly restricting her breathing, as it pushed past her reflexes and the hardness of my shaft now replaced any guise of care she may have thought I'd have for her.

Leaving my cock deep now in her spasming throat, I said, "Until you stop fighting this, I'm going to have your breath cut off completely with this wonderfully happy cock of mine, bitch." She was beside herself now with panic, and it she lurched back and forth to disrupt this penetration of her airway, gargling some sounds of terror, as she got closer to her limits of endurance. I rode her like a bucking filly, enjoying everything about it. She was beyond control, and soon eased into a stupor of u*********sness, as I felt her rigid body calm then grow completely limp. I pulled out of her throat, not having once had her teeth graze me. I finished this moment by holding my glistening pole and sending tremors of delight up and down its length, until my balls formed their leathery sack and I felt that wonderful urging of my cum as it flowed through my thick shaft and spurt in jags of cum all over her face and hardened tits. With a sadistic twisting of her nipples, pulling them roughly up towards me and letting them snap back to their previous spot, I aroused her painfully to the point of gasping again and bringing that much needed lungful of air back into her spent body. Had her nipples not done the job of reviving her breathing, my belt slapping repeatedly across her clit would have.

When she groggily came up from the black emptiness of her vacuum, she awoke to a feeling of my stickiness covering her mouth, eyes, chin, neck and tits. She looked at me with a newfound fear, and awareness that I was deadly serious, but I also knew she had the resolve to bolt from me and even report this assault to any and everyone who could make my life miserable.

"I have noticed how you treat young Porter, the intern. He is not to be run like a dog because you have control over him, my pet. In fact, you are about to show him how much you appreciate him being a part of your team. When I leave here in a minute or two, I am going to have him come back in alone. You are to apologize to him for disrespecting him as a man, and show your sincerity by kneeling before him and sucking his cock till he comes in your whorish, tramp mouth. When I know the deed has been adequately performed, I am going to return here for more of what you need in order to become aware of your newly gained status in regard to me." Of course she looked at me again with wide-eyed denial, beginning to voice some verbal regrets, when she only gargled some barely audible words.

"If I discover that you have fallen short of this order, then I have no choice but to accelerate your discipline to the point whereby you'll never again deny me anything, anytime, anywhere." Deferring to my dominance over her at this moment, she could do little but nod her head in agreement, get on your knees on the couch, and wait for Porter. "Take those clothes completely off too; I don't want you to look like you've just been f***ed into doing anything."

"When I mentioned to Porter that she wanted to speak to him in the side room, he gave me a quizzical look and proceeded to go into the room. Finding our newly christened slutslave in her gorgeous finery, he about left without a second look, except I was right there when he did turn around to leave. "Go in, she's been needing to apologize to you for a very long time." With a sweeping awareness illuminating his face, the door closed behind him. I could barely make out the sounds coming from within, but it did seem appropriately short enough that I didn't have to figure she was recruiting Porter to be a one-man task f***e sent to rescue her from anything perverse or desirable on my part. When it grew quieter, I was able to imagine how she greedily went about her mission, knowing that the faster she got him off, the sooner this nightmare might end. Like with me and her gorgeously talented mouth, Porter soon came with a groaning eruption of semen that I had to cover up with a resounding cough, so that others wouldn't be able to hear our intern getting his Christmas Bonus so intimately from his boss.

As he exited, and our eyes met, Porter smiled a most welcomed expression to me, face flushed, and I likewise indicated to him that he well deserved it. Entering again to the room where our gorgeous slutslave waited, I told her to get her clothes back on and come with me. Those long, supple legs that reached so very far into her 4 inch heels, was framed with a garter belt, and panties to match. "Let me have those panties,'re not going to need to have anything to deny me for some time to come, this evening." She was a most incredible specimen of a "handsome" female. She did exude her ability to manage, but it also created for her a crust that she found hard to leave behind when she went home from work. "Forget the bra; you can stuff it into this trash bag. I want you to be ready to leave this little passion pit in one minute, with hair fixed, cum off, and a smile that is going to turn every man's pole into the most uncomfortable tight squeeze their pants have ever given them."

With the party becoming more comfortable now anyway, no one but Porter noticed us leaving, and as soon as I got her outside of the door, she turned to me, "Why are you doing this to me?", she whined. "Because I want to; now shut up and do exactly as I say, or you'll really regret how nice I've been to you so far." She sniffled back more tears, wiping her eyes and nose, and became my "date," my companion, as we seemed like any two other coworkers just going somewhere for some fresh air, or drink.

As we headed to my car, leaving the building behind and entering a more private zone, I quickened the pace. Finding the SUV in a remote corner of the garage, out of camera surveillance, I brought her around to the driver's side and pushed her with an elbow over the front hood, taking her hands behind her with one hand clasping, and the other hand winding in her shimmering tresses. Pushing her face down on the metal, I snarled, "Take my cock out of my pants, bitch, I want you to make sure it's nice and warm on this chilly evening." She cried now, "Please, please don't hurt me...please." Hissing, "I told you to shut up," and with that I pulled her head back till she groaned in misery, I released her arms, and pulled her skirt up over her hips myself, loosening my fly to let my bulging rod of pleasure free from it's bondage. "You just don't figure it out, do you?", and with no warning held my cock to burst inside her pussy, already wet and swollen from her episode of the last hour. Plunging it in with a single ramming, I caused her to grunt, and arch, giving me ample opportunity to reach around and rip her blouse off, exposing her firm, taut breasts to the chill night air, not that the cold was needed to make her nipples as hard as sweet pebbles of pleasure. Pushing her back down onto the cold metal once again, I pulled my cock out, held it with my hand, and found her tight ass completely shut off to me. With one more maniacal plunge, violating her ass with disgusting and cruel brute f***e, I smiled in sadistic splendor as my entire cock was, in the blink of an eye, surrounded by her shuddering pain-racked ass. "I will give you one more chance, you fucking piece of whore do exactly what I say, and you do it immediately, with no hesitation, nor regard for anything but that you do it to the best of your ability for my pleasure...YOU GOT THAT???", as I pulled away maybe an inch or two and rammed it to the hilt once again for good measure, grinning in perverse joy as she writhed painfully underneath me, giving my cock the pleasure it deserved. "Now get inside this vehicle, and lick my cock completely clean, and before we stop, you better have swallowed your third dose of creamy cum for the evening." Taking her torn blouse off completely as she raised up, I held my hand out, looking into eyes that admitted defeat, and she also proceeded to give me her skirt, leaving her with only her garter, hose and heels on in a very worthy slut outfit for my evening's pleasure. "Good can understand me so much more now from a perspective as my chosen sexslave, than you ever could before," as I smiled and locked her and her loose attire in the back of my SUV.

Getting into the front, I lowered the passenger seat to horizontal, and told her to make her way up to where she could properly fuck my cock with her talented face. I really fantasized about seeing her beautiful brown hair bobbing up and down on my cock, here in the vehicle, as I heard her slurping my juices and moaning in pleasure. Slapping a nice hand on a tight ass cheek, I told her to get started as I headed out of the place, toward my home, far from where she could know. She was really beginning to accept this moment, from all appearances, but what she didn't know was that I planned on making this a very long standing long as I wanted, no matter if I worked alongside her or not. And what I was going to make sure of, was that this experience so far was less than a wisp of vapor of a drop in the proverbial bucket.

Within a few miles of stop and go traffic, her being visible to those who had vehicles of similar height, I began to really enjoy her techniques of oral sex. Lolling around the neck of my cock's head with a swirling tongue that sucked me loudly, she would make sure the shaft stayed wet and warm by every now and then plunging her head to where I felt the back of her throat. She would stay there every time, until I tapped her head, whereby she could again raise up and breathe into her nostrils. I liked her intelligence, as a good lil cocksucking bitch and I told her that with a nice slap on her smooth ass every now and then, just to get a grunt out of her.

I held her off from drinking my cum, as I pulled her head up, to signal her to stop. She knew not to protest anything by now, and continued to wait until I again let her lower her mouth onto my quivering shaft. I had her hands massaging my balls, with one of her little fingers twirling inside my ass, when I knew it was not going to be too long before I again spewed up in her. As the moment drew closer, and she knew I was beginning to stiffen, I once more pulled her head up by her hair, then began to plunge it up and down on my swollen rod by my tempo, injecting pain for her with pleasure for me, a very nice combination of erotic sexuality. When I knew I was cumming, I held her halfway down so that my spunk could squirt into her mouth and she could easily swallow it, and as I rammed my cock up into her warm mouth, I growled as an a****l as she snorted and bucked when she felt the bitter sweetness splash against the back of her throat. Nice cocksucking bitch, as she devoured every last morsel of my seed and juices.

Arriving at my home, I directed her to stay in the vehicle as I turned off the lights and closed the garage door behind me. Within less than two hours, she was compliant. Placing a leather hood over her head, I fastened her arms behind her with leather padded cuffs, and again directed her into the home, then down to my dungeon. I meant to mold her in a way that would make her totally serve me, and that meant to break her will as it was, giving her back what I interpreted to be desirable in terms of how she and I related, and that was...she was my slave, I was her Master.

As she descended the cold, cavernous steps of the basement dungeon, I said nothing, guiding her again with my hand on her upper arm. As we entered a smaller room, I ordered, "Kneel," which she did with no hesitation. I removed her hood, although the room remained totally blackened. I twisted small yellow ear plugs between my fingers so that they would expand inside her outer ears, depriving her of her sense of hearing. I placed a dog's choke chain over her neck and attached the free end to a nearby hook on the wall, about waist high for me. There was a sanitary sort of antiseptic smell to the entire dungeon, because I used that sort of room deodorizer to prevent any mustiness from pervading the pleasantries I enjoyed there. I chose not to deny her that sense, this time.

I gave her my instructions, "You will remain here until I have decided you are properly conditioned to knowing that I am all that matters to you." With nothing more, I kissed her forehead, warmly squeezed her right breast, nipple hard as usual, and turned on the light.

In front of her was a halogen work light, much like those used at construction sites for brilliant illumination...blindingly so. She had just been in darkness for nearly thirty minutes, so her eyes were completely dialeted and when the shock of the light hit her, she recoiled in pain, finding one very important thing out. She could not stand up nor lay down with the positioning of the choke chain. She had to kneel, and even if she turned her eyes down, closed them, or otherwise avoided the onslaught of this intense brilliance, it mattered very little in robbing her of her peace and solitude and comfort.

She quickly lost all sense of time, and from being on her knees, she began to hurt from my passive discipline like she'd never known before. Pulling down she choked herself, her knees were aflame from bending for so long. She could only bend over if she did manage to get to her knees, and as she grew more weary, her balance became so unsteady she threatened to severely choke herself if she did happen to sway at all. Her need to relieve herself became an issue, and the blinding light began to really give her delusions and a sense of numbness to reality. Within two hours she was crying, and within four hours she was broken.

Having seen all of this from my remote camera, the illumination was positively superb. She behaved as I thought she would, no longer than others who have endured similar attention. I reentered the room, to find her as passive and meek as a newborn fawn. Lifting her up by her chin, she opened her eyes, worthless in seeing me from the blinding, and found as her first sort of attention, a soft brushing of her parched lips with my finger and another kiss on her forehead. "My sweet, I am here to give you what you need; are you wanting some water and a chance to relieve your bladder?" She nodded 'yes', and I smiled at this change of attitude from the robowoman of this earlier evening. I then unchained her neck from the wall and allowed her to roll over off of her knees to recline on her side, which she did with painful appreciation in a moment of immense relief. She lay there for several minutes, breathing, her breasts calming in time to show the stress that this night had demanded of her, for now it was early morning of the next day, some hours before dawn.

Finally, legs stretched, knees somewhat satisfied, I asked again..."Should you like to relieve yourself, first, or have some cool water for your parched throat?" "Please...may I pee?" "Why, of course you can, my sweet pet, there is a coffee can over in the corner, and it should fit your needs splendidly." By this time, only a small sense of revulsion or shocked dismay spread over her. She knew she was mine to do with, and she hesitated no longer at anything. Within seconds she had crawled over to the can, squatted over it, and splashed into the sides of it, filling it up in a warm swirl of amber liquid. "Very good, my sweet girl, now come over here and let me give you some water." With the least amount of suspicion darkening her eyes, now adjusted to the dimmed lights of the room, she crawled over again, and with goblet in hand I proceeded to turn the purest, clearest, coolest water up into her upturned mouth so that she got her first taste of sustenance from me, as I chose. As the first sip emptied into her stomach, I then reached for a silver bowl, and filled that with the remaining water I had with me, about a quart in amount. Placing it on the floor in front of me, I directed, "Now this is how you begin, knowing that you are mine, to enjoy as I please, and that everything you are and will be is determined by me. I desire you as my slave, but tonight has been a severe test of you and who you really are. I will not condemn you nor fault you to walk away from here, and prosecute me to the fullest extent of the law. But I do not think you want to do that, and I am willing to now take that chance. If you choose to remain with me, you will be my slave, my submissive. To the outside world you may subtly change, but to me there is only one Master and one slave, and when you are with me, anytime or anywhere, you will serve me as my slave in any and all things. I will proceed with your training until you have earned the right to wear my collar, signifying my absolute ownership of you. In time you will be elevated from sl**ping nude in a cage, to finally sl**ping in my bed when I choose. You will understand the world of discipline, in all of the pleasures I desire, and from tonight you may understand that I thrive on passive discipline, such as what you've endured, the wooden pony, and other devices I have invented for the specific purpose of sexual torture. In this I commit to you that there will be no other slave to compete for my attentions, and from you, I expect to hone your spirit, and your heart until you are completely mine, in all that you are and do. That bowl of water in front of you signifies the bond you accept to become my slave, as I have laid out in these past few minutes. Accept this offer by lapping up the water without the use of your hands, using only your mouth and tongue. Deny this offer and I will e****t you back to your vehicle, with a freshly purchased outfit similar to what you wore earlier this evening. You have my word of honor. It is yours now to decide."

Eyes now focused on me, full and wide, boring into me with a look I'll never forget...ever...she slowly bent forward, eyes looking at mine the entire time...hesitated, breasts hovering, ass tipped upwards...then lapped the water with her tongue, giving small ripples to bounce off the far end of the bowl.

The End

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