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Hot Young Thing - Part Four

When I woke up, I looked around, trying to remember where I was. It was still light outside, but I could tell dinner was going to be late tonight. My pussy was still hot, and my ass was packed with that horse tail butt plug, burning my rectum like hot coals.

Uncle Clyde was busy with barn chores when he saw me sit up. My clothes were nowhere to be found. “Pony Girl” finally woke up, I heard him say. He walked over and told me it was time to get back to the house, but I wasn’t going to walk, I was going to prance back, just like the pony girl I was. He made me get down on all fours, and motioned for me to follow him out the barn door. As I crawled past him, he grabbed a riding crop off the wall as he was closing the door. As I made my way up the sandy path, my uncle watched me from behind, occasionally slapping my ass cheeks with the riding crop. It stung a little at first, but it wasn’t painful. He was in his glory, as he watched me prance, buck naked, my sweet young ass swaying back and forth, with the horse tail swinging in time with my movements.

He gave me a couple swats on my pussy, which caused me to jump a little bit. He scolded me for getting out of cadence, whatever that was. As I made my way farther up the path, he placed the riding crop against my clit, and held it there. My crawling motion caused my clit to rub up against the leather tip of the crop, and I could feel myself getting aroused again.

I must have gotten distracted, because I finally heard him berate me for veering off the path. He made me stop and raise my body up straight, and I sat back on my legs. He told me to clasp my hands behind my back, and keep them there. My firm tits jutted out proudly, and he stopped momentarily for a good look at them. It looked like he was drooling a little.

Then, without warning, he brought the riding crop around from behind his back, and started slapping my breasts with it. I reared back, but I kept my hands locked behind me. He slapped each side of one breast, then he turned to the other one. He stung the bottoms of them, then the tops, saving his best swings for my nipples. Now, my tits were on fire too. They got red in a hurry, and he finally stopped stinging them. My nipples stood up straight and true, and I was even more turned on. I could feel the juices trickling down my thighs. Off we went again, and I continued to feel the sting of leather on my ass cheeks and my pussy lips.

We reached the footbridge, which was about the halfway point, when my uncle demanded that I stop once again. He discovered that his riding crop was all wet from slapping my aroused pussy. This wouldn’t do, he told me, and we’d have to rectify the situation. He told me to put my head down on my folded arms, and to stick my ass high up in the air. Then, he reached into his pocket, and pulled out a handful of smooth rocks that he had collected earlier from the stream. One by one, he pushed the stones deep inside my pussy with his fingers….five, six, eight of them at least. He rubbed my clit with his thumb, making more of my girl juice come out. Then he picked up a handful of sand from the path, held it under my pussy, and started packing it into my pussy with his other hand. I was feeling itchy right away, but the sensation of having my pussy packed with sand was overwhelming. He repeated this until he had five handfuls of sand packed tightly in my pussy. The wetness seemed to have stopped, at least for now.

Taking advantage of my position, he grabbed my horse tail, and slowly pulled the butt plug out of my ass, and dropped it in the sand. He rolled it around so the sand would cover it evenly. He pulled the rest of his river rocks out of his pocket, and pushed them, one by one, up my rectum. Six times he plunged his finger up my ass, pushing stones in each time. Then he picked up the sand-covered butt plug, and shoved it back into my ass. Now, I was itching and feeling bloated, and I had a difficult time “prancing” up the pathway.

We finally got to the house, and he made me prance into the living room and sit up on my folded legs. I waited while he went to his desk and pulled a pair of handcuffs from his drawer. He put a wooden chair in front of me and sat down. As he fiddled with the cuffs, he wondered out loud that, seeing as I obviously enjoyed tasting horse cum, maybe I’d like to compare it to a man’s cum. I got a rush, knowing immediately where he was going with his inquiry. I smiled shyly, and had a hard time curbing my enthusiasm. Uncle Clyde explained that truly good cocksuckers only use their mouths. They don’t cheat by using their hands, as well. For training purposes, he would handcuff my hands behind my back, so I wouldn’t be tempted to cheat. I tingled with anticipation, and sure enough, the sand dam in my pussy broke, and my girl juices flowed out onto my legs underneath me.

Uncle Clyde stood up and pulled off his shorts, and sat back down. Holy crap, I couldn’t believe how much bigger his cock was now, compared to how it looked after his shower this morning. He held it out with both hands, and moved the chair closer to me. He told me just what to do. I started gently licking around the head, then down his muscular shaft, up and down and all around. He lifted his cock meat up and showed me the little line right under his head. As ordered, I began licking the little line with my hot tongue. I worked my tongue around and around his cockhead, then back underneath to his hot spot. Then he told me to just keep my mouth open, and to stick out my tongue and leave it out.
He pulled my head a little closer, and placed the head of his cock ever so gently on my tongue. He started moving his body up and back, slowly running his cock over my tongue. His eyes seemed to glaze over somewhat, and I couldn’t believe my luck: Two different cocks in my mouth in one day.

Now Uncle Clyde told me to wrap my hot teen lips around the head of his cock. I thought he was going to go out of his mind right then and there. He took my head in his hands, and motioned for me to start moving it up and back, sliding my lips along his cock shaft. I began to get a rhythm going, and he sat back in the chair with his eyes closed. Soon, I was taking a good deal of his shaft in my mouth, and I could feel his cock head hitting the back of my throat. I moved my head faster, and he let out a low moan. I could already taste some of his cock juice on my tongue. I could tell he was getting antsy sitting in his chair, and suddenly, he stood up and grabbed two fistfuls of my long blonde hair, and pulled me even closer. He held my head still and tight, and he started to slam my mouth deep and furious, with his hot cock. He pounded my mouth hard for what seemed like forever, and I was so turned on, I thought I’d die. He quickened his pace even more until, finally he yelled for me to start swallowing. As he erupted into my eager mouth, I gulped and gulped as he pumped wave after wave of man jizz down my throat.

He finally let go of my head, and he slumped back into his chair, eyes closed, and breathing heavily. I leaned forward, and managed to work my tongue under his slippery cock head, and slip it back into my mouth. I sucked him tenderly, then I bathed his entire sticky cock with my tongue.

He was nice and clean, but I left a mess of wet sticky sand on the living room floor. It was good in a way, because it reminded him that he packed my holes but good, and I would need his help to clear them. He took off the handcuffs, and then he led me outside onto the front lawn. He told me to stand up and face away from him, then to bend over and put my hands flat on the grass, with my legs spread apart. He slipped two fingers up inside my pussy, and began pulling out gobs of sand, while he reached around inside for the stones. Eventually he found all eight of the stones he’d packed into my pussy, but not before he brought me to orgasm once again. He seemed pleased with himself, watching me cum all down my legs.

Mercifully, he eased the pony plug slowly out of my ass next. He dug around in my asshole with one finger, twirling it around looking for more stones. He pulled out a bunch of sand before he could coax the six stones out, but he finally got them all. I’m pretty sure he ended up cleaning the stones and saving them as keepsakes.

When I stood up, he told me to go take a shower while he fixed us dinner. He also instructed me to come to the table wearing my sheer red nightie with the matching panties, and to bring down my three new toys. On second thought, he told me, forget the matching panties.

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