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Hot Young Thing - Part Two

I awoke feeling great, although it was already stifling outside. I slipped on my flimsy pink miniskirt and a skimpy white halter top that wrapped around and tied in the front above my belly. I had heard the shower shut off in the bathroom, and I caught a glimpse of something white through Uncle Clyde’s “secret” heat vent. He was toweling off in front of the mirror. I suspected he was giving me a show, so I bent over to take a closer look. At first, I could see that his man area was clean shaven. Then I gasped when I noticed his thing: it was huge. It dangled halfway to his knees, and it wasn’t even hard. I got a rush just thinking about how big it must get when it was fully erect. But I had to go down to the barn to tend to the a****ls right now, so I put the thought on the back burner for now.

After yelling goodbye through the bathroom door, I skipped out the back door. Walking along the soft, sandy path was heaven. Feeling the sand between my toes, the warm breeze caressing my bare pussy, and my titties jiggling firmly in their halter “nest” made me feel free and content. Knowing I was the only person within miles was wildly liberating.

It wasn’t much of a ranch anymore. Uncle Clyde sold off most of his a****ls after his accident, so all I had to do was feed a few goats and sheep, throw some corn down for the chickens, and feed and brush Romeo, my uncle’s pet pony. When I entered the barn, the first thing I noticed was the huge tropical fish tank in the middle of the barn floor. It was mesmerizing to watch all the colorful fish swimming around. There must have been hundreds of them. Uncle Clyde claimed the fish tank helped to keep the barn a****ls calm, and I could see why.

After I fed all the critters, I began brushing the pony. Romeo was gentle and playful. When I was brushing his side, he pinned me to his stall wall, and seemed to laugh about it. As I moved to his head, he would lick at my boobs, nibbling a little. I kept pushing his nose away, but it was actually turning me on. Since no one was about to show up at the barn, I untied my top, and let it fall to the ground. Romeo bobbed his head up and down in approval. He licked my nipples until they were standing erect, and I found myself touching my wet pussy.

By now, I was breathing heavy, and I needed a break. I knelt down by the pony and brushed his belly. I couldn’t help looking at Romeo’s cock, and I was surprised how big it was, considering he was just a pony.

Always curious, I reached out and touched it gently with my fingertips. His shaft was silky smooth, and soon I was wrapping my whole hand around his meat, stroking it slowly up and down, adding pressure as I went. Romeo whinnied in approval, and it emboldened me even more. Some warm liquid started seeping out of his hole, and I wondered what it must taste like. Since I was in complete privacy, I reached my head under his belly, and licked the top of his cock while I kept pumping it with my hand. It didn’t taste bad, so I started licking all around his slick cockhead. I was so excited, and so was Romeo. I opened my mouth and put my lips around his juicy head, and could barely fit it into my mouth. I stretched and strained my mouth until I could take 4 or 5 inches of him, and I bobbed my head furiously. The pony began to jerk and twitch, and my mouth started to fill up with his jizz. I was determined to swallow his whole load, and I kept sucking and gulping down load after load of hot horse cum. I couldn’t believe how much he had. I couldn’t keep up with him, and I gagged. A flood of juice poured out my nose and the sides of my mouth, but I kept sucking him until his spasms subsided. Romeo was so grateful, I thought I heard him purring. I licked his cock clean, and crawled out from underneath him.

When I bent over to pick up my shirt, Romeo ran his tongue right up my exposed ass crack. Startled, I didn’t move. He did it again, and I realized how horny I was, even though I was exhausted from sucking him off. I reached back, flung my pink skirt back, and spread my ass cheeks for him. He licked my asshole fast and furious. I was on fire. I bent over and put my hands on the dirt floor, exposing my dripping pussy to him. Romeo started licking my juices, lapping at my clit, and I was in ecstasy. I knew I had to find something to fuck in a hurry. As I scurried around the barn looking for a suitable plaything, I noticed another smaller fish tank in the corner. It was filled with dark green water, unlike the beautiful crystal clear water in the tropical fish tank. You couldn’t even see what was in that dark water. It was kind of creepy.

But, I was on a mission, and I moved on, finally finding a brand new shovel with a smooth, shiny handle. I took the shovel and pushed the blade into the ground, and tilted the handle towards the pony. I faced away from him, and slowly worked the handle into my well-lubricated pussy, a little at a time.

As I began riding it, I could feel Romeo’s tongue licking at my ass crack again. I reached back and spread my ass wide, and he proceeded to dig into my ass hole with his hot tongue. I rode that shovel handle faster and faster, bouncing up and down, like a jockey racing a horse. My pussy seemed like it spewed out as much cum as Romeo did. Waves of electric spasms rushed through my body as I kept pumping my eager pussy, and Romeo kept licking my ass hole.

After I climbed down from the shovel handle, I collapsed on the barn floor for several minutes, exhausted, but peaceful. My curiousness sure paid off this time, and I vowed to keep this new discovery a secret until the day I died. I cleaned up the shovel and put it back, watched the fish for a few minutes, put my shirt back on, and headed back to the house. It was time to make breakfast for Uncle Clyde.

As I ran up to my room to change, I heard my uncle say he had something to show me after breakfast. As I popped on my black super-mini and a baby blue belly shirt, I noticed something on my pillow: three spanking new toys for my erotic pleasure. It wasn’t difficult to figure out who put them there.

One dildo was pink and rather thin, but it was every bit of two feet long. I didn’t quite understand why. The second one was bigger and very lifelike, and it had a suction cup on one end. This one had possibilities. The third toy was super big, black and stiff. It had a built-in hand grip at one end. I couldn’t imagine being able to do anything with it. I guess my uncle was talking about the toys when he said he had something to show me.

Things were even quieter than usual at breakfast, although I felt like Uncle Clyde was studying me intently, with a knowing twinkle in his eyes. After I cleaned up the dishes, I thanked my uncle for his gifts, and he just smiled. I asked him if that was what he wanted to show me after breakfast. He shook his head and walked towards the living room, motioning for me to follow him. He already had another chair sitting next to his computer chair, and I sat down next to him. He explained to me that he had a video he wanted me to watch, and I was to stay and see the whole thing.

When the video started, I knew immediately what I was seeing. Clear as day, an image of a young girl appeared, brushing a pony…Romeo. It was all there on film, me throwing my shirt off, getting my nipples licked, playing with the pony’s cock, sucking him, and of course, the buckets of horse cum that exploded out of my mouth and nose. I squirmed around in my seat, but neither one of us took our eyes off the screen. The “climax”, if you will, was watching myself humping that shovel handle while I held my ass cheeks apart for Romeo’s tongue.

After it was over, I was more fascinated than embarrassed. After all, my uncle had already seen me naked, fucking myself. I was a young girl, learning about the things of the world, and I didn’t feel guilty about it. Uncle Clyde finally spoke up.

He explained that he had installed security cameras in the barn years ago, so he could look in on the a****ls without going all the way out to the barn. Oh well, this was just another secret between me and my uncle, and I actually felt closer to him, like you would with a close confidante. He chuckled, and mumbled something about me being a wild pony myself, and maybe I needed to be tamed a little. I laughed because he was laughing, but I wondered what he meant by “tamed”.

Up to this point, Uncle Clyde sure seemed interested in my awakening sexuality. It was obvious he derived pleasure from watching me, but he made no attempt to talk me into anything, nor had he touched me at all.
I was relieved that my uncle took my barn video so calmly. And I felt even better when he invited me to go down to the barn and help feed his tropical fish. I really loved his fish, and I couldn’t wait to help him.

Part Three coming up.

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