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The Tower of Midnight

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Visualise a room
Room description

The tower is seriously weird. At whatever time you arrived here from the outside world it is always night here. It is lit by a red light which has no visible source. The ground is littered with objects, which you cannot see clearly.

Object Description

In the dim light you can see the outlines of objects, at least two of which are boxes.,
In the room there is:

Examine Shareth

Shareth the heartstealer has been logged on to Realms of Darkness for 20 minutes. Total login 12 days 16 hours 45 minutes

Shareth looked out over the Forest of Midnight. Soon an entire legion of her doomguard would sweep the forest to kill off the remnants of Luxor's army hiding among the trees.

Every one of the high command of the Doomguard - her father's army - was now sexually enslaved to Shareth the Heartstealer. They were all incapable of getting an erection without her icon before them..and her icon was as close as most of them would ever get!

Shareth smiled as she remembered that her guards had a prisoner waiting for her. He was chained naked in the torture chamber below and prepared for her visit. Prepared properly this time or the guards would suffer the same fate as the hapless helpless prisoner. Shareth smiled.

You cannot go right


You cannot go east


Shareth descends to the dungeon

The dungeon is walled with rough stone and is lit by a blazing fire. Two guards stand by the door In the room you can see


Examine Luxor

Luxor is naked and chained to the wall. A wire attaches his manhood to the floor such that an erection will cause pain, more pain, followed by a-pain-ectomy, followed by death.

Luxor is wearing a collar

Examine collar

The collar is made of copper but lined with leather. It can be tightened by magic to garrotte the wearer. It cannot be removed.

Shareth put her hands to the clasp of her robe. She noted with satisfaction that the two doomguards lowered their eyes respectfully.

"Look at me!"she commanded and the eyes of the guards openly watched as the robe fell to the floor. Shareth was naked and smiling. These guards would join the ranks of those in her thrall. "And make sure the prisoner looks too."

The guards stood on either side of Luxor and held his eyelids open. The Moonprince had never seen any woman so beautiful nor had he ever been so sexually aroused by nakedness. Shareth's blonde hair fell behind her, not a wisp of it covered her full naked breasts which were revealed in the firelight. It was the expression on her face - a promise of sex and a mocking contempt for his lack of an erection which affected his senses most powerfully. An excruciating pain and a few drops of bl**d already dripping down his leg reminded him that he needed his mind on other things.

Shareth noted with satisfaction that Luxor's eyes were wide open of their own accord and probably nothing could make him close them now. She watched as his nipples darkened slightly. This game of arousal and pain and more arousal could go on for hours and hours and she loved it.

She moved closer to the prisoner. She stroked the palm of her hand upwards over her right breast. No power in the realm could have taken Luxor's eyes from her hand at this point. Her fingers lightly stroked the nipple.

She noted with satisfaction a slight tightening of the wire as Luxor's penis swelled and tried to stiffen, there was a darkening red mark.

She stood inches from Luxor as her hands caressed and stroked. Then suddenly her hands tightened on her breasts, the fingernails sinking into her naked flesh.

"Oh yes prince you can imagine doing this with your hands."

She looked at Luxor. He was a handsome almost seemed a pity...she smiled at the thought, pity was something she had read about in books but found nowhere inher native IceMark or here in Midnight.

The guards released the prisoner's eyelids. They knew nothing could close his eyes save death now. Luxor noticed every slight red mark on Shareth's naked body as he reached her hands to his nipples and teased them gently. She stroked Luxor's nipples with her long sharp nails.

The closeness of her naked body, her warmth, her perfume were irresistible as the growing pain in his nipples worked its inevitable magic on his cock and the wire tightened a little more.

Well pleased, the Heartstealer watched Luxor as his eyes devoured her nakedness. She stroked her body and he imagined doing the same. Her palms stroked her naked thighs and she looked into the Moonprince's eyes as she fingered her damp clitoris. Her damp fingers went where Luxor's stiffening cock was straining to go.

At her command one of the guards enthusiastically removed his uniform. Kneeling, Shareth smothered the guard's stiff hard cock with saliva, all the time glancing at Luxor's growing agony.

Shareth watched his pain and stroked the guard's cock with her tongue. She was allowing Luxor to imagine that tongue warmly covering his cock with saliva and flicking the tip of her tongue teasingly over the head of his cock. She looked in triumph at the Moonprince and .... the impossible happened.

Nobody. No lord. No doomguard. No commoner had ever resisted the enchantment of Shareth naked for even a split second. Yet here wwas the Moonprince, his cock becoming flaccid and his eyelids beginning to try to droop.

Shareth smiled as she brought her hands to her breasts to arouse the Moonprince's sagging interest. One command from her and...there were other ways to make a man's cock stiff and hard.

Her hand encountered the Moon ring and without thinking overmuch she slipped it on her damp index finger.

The world changed. Suddenly Shareth was looking at the room from a different angle. The gag prevented her from crying out as she suddenly realised she was staring out of the Moonprince's eyes and the seductive female form which she was looking at was her own.

Pain happened to her. Agonising excruciating pain.

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