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My first Gang Bang part 1

Ok so I know a lot of people want me to post about my experience Fri night, I am not a goo writer, so don't expect this to be really good, it will be in 2 parts,this is part one,anyways here it goes...

My boyfriend DJ and I have been wanting to do a gang bang for a while, so he called up some friends that he had another gang bang with a while ago, and asked if they wanted to. Needless to say, they gladly agreed and we met up at my house, to have some fun. There were two white guys( Guys A and B) then my boyfriend DJ, and Guy C. Guy A was about 8 in, Guy B about 6. Dj is a over 9 and guy C was around 7.5 and probably the best at fingering a cunt.

I was really nervous, and almost back down, but at the same time I was really horny and ready. I wore a sexy little santa outfit(, with no underwear of course.

I started off giving them each a lil lap dance and then did a lil strip tease,at some point guy A got impatient, and came up and started rubbin his hands all over me, followed by all the other guys. I had eight sets of hands fingering me, rubbing my clit, squeezing my breast and ass, and it felt so good. DJ and I started making out and before I knew it, I was on the bed with guy B lickin my clit like it was a lollipop and I was suckin on DJ's cock like my life depended on it, and jerkin off guys A and C, this went on for the next 15 mins or so, with the guys alternating positions. I had so many tongues licking all over me I came twice, and could barely even remember my name. My senses were already overloaded and I was starting to get tired, but they weren't done with me yet.

More to come soon.. let me know if you like it!

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