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Online Whore

I spent that whole day after haiving sucked off Latrell on a high,the Jinn
had been absolutely right,i was now completely addicted to drinking semen.I
was now actively trying to figure out where my next drink would come from.
This thought process seemed completely natural to me and when i stopped to
try to rationalise it all out it was no good.I just knew that i wanted
big,black cocks in my mouth and i that i wanted to drink the cum i could
suck out of them.Now looking like i did and with the money i now had it
should have been no problem to satisfy my new need,but still i was trying
to logically work out a plan so that every 24hrs i would get my hit of
black man juice.

I could allways just go out at night and frequent clubs and bars where i
could just pick up black guys,i'm sure that none of them would object to a
blowjob from me in either the toilets or their car.In fact i'm sure they
would love it!! But that seemed a little haphazard to me,oh sure i knew
that i would pursue this route.In fact the more i thought about it the more
turned on i became.I was imagining going in to a club or bar,all done up to
the nines, getting checked out by all the men.Then flirtting with them and
finnally picking one (or 2 or 3) to suck off.Whow...i had to calm myself
down...where were those thoughts coming from.Being taken by 2 or 3 black
guys at the same time? christ i am becoming a slut.No,actually i am a slut
allready, so i'd better get used to thinking this way.

The next day i spent relaxing by the pool and taking thing easy (and hoping
that Tony the pool guy would pop by). I had a good root around the house
and liked it more and know i could get used to this type of
Luxury. It turned out that part of what i had set up with Latrell was to
have a maid and chef service to look after me in the house. The maid and
the chef arrived at around noon and went about their chores. They were
nothing special,the maid was a dumpy hispanic woman and the chef a small
italian-american. They would both be in the house every monday to saturday
11-7 except saturday which was 11-2. The chef would look after ordering
all the food to stcok the kitchen and would prepare me a lunch and dinner
every monday to friday.Looks like i would not have to lift a finger around
the house...fine by me..i was never into housework. The chef was a great
cook and i really enjoyed the lunch and dinner he cooked me. Just as he
was leaving the chef mentioned that he had ordered a deliver for the house
that had been delayed and it would not arrive until after 8 tonight. He
apologised and said that he would cancel the delivery if i had made any
plans to go out. I told him to relax and said that i'd accept the order as
i had no plans to go out.

I was dressed in a pair of cut off jeans and a simple white strap top which
showed off my flat tummey and my excellent tits. I ammumsed my self by
checking myself out in a miiror,looking at my body from all angles. I
notuiced that my waist was really small, probably only about 18/19 inches
around. It flared into my shapely hips nicely and my ass looked great in
the tiny pair of cut off jeans i was wearing. The white top showed loads of
cleavage (how liked it as a man....i saw no reason to change that now that
i was a woman),and my nipples were very obvious under the thin materail of
the top. I was daydreaming thinking that i liked these belly tops so much
that i must get my belly button peirced when the intercom rang and snapped
me out of my daydreaming.

'Hello' i said into the intercom.

'Hi,this is Amal from Lambs supplies.I have an order for this address'

'OK,ill buzz you through,drive around to the back of the house'

I went to the kitchen and opened the door as the van pulled up. Out stepped
Amal, all muscular and very black.My stomach was full of butterflies as he
walked up and said 'Hi i have some stuff to deliver,can you show me where
to put it and can you sign for it as well,miss?

'Ercia' i squeaked, 'i'll show you where to put your stuff'

Amal started to unload the van and i directed him where to put the various
boxes and was a load of groceries and meat which chef had
ordered.It was a cool night but by the time he was finished Amal was
sweating heavily.The combination of Amal sweatting and the cool night air
had my nipples standing painfully erect.I saw that Amal could not take his
eyes off my tits while he was unloading and i liked that, i liked the fact
that this guy could not take his eyes off me.My body was reacting to his
presence in a big way,i felt hot and flushed and my breathing was becoming
shallow,my heart was fluttering and i could not think straight. Amals
presence was overwhelming me,i could not body wanted him,and it
had to have him. All i could think about was sucking him off and drinking
his hot cum,nothing else mattered, i was no longer in control of myself.

Amal had just finished with the last carton and walked up to me with his
clipboard in his hand. I was leaning against the breakfast bar in the
kitchen as my legs were unsteady because i was so horney. 'I'm finished
with my deliveries miss,will you sign for it?' Barely knowing what i was
doing i signed the clipboard and just as Amal was about to turn away i

"You've forgot one delivery Amal". He looked at me a bit shocked,was it my
tone of voice or did he think he had forgotten something? he looked down at
the list on the clipboard and said "nope i think everything is here". I
took the clipboard from his hand and put it on the counter behind me and
turning back to him said "You have forgotten a delivery of black man meat
for me,to be put in my mouth".

Amal's eyes widened in shock as i said this and he got an even bigger shock
as i sank to my knees in front of him. I reached out and rubbed his cock
through the fabric of his overalls,feeling it begining to swell. I unzipped
his fly and reached in and took out his dick. It was rapidly
hardening,indeed it semed to be pulsing,and with every pulse grow bigger
and harder. He was uncircumcised so his foreskin was pulling back from the
head of his cock as he hardened. Amal was about 9 inches long and 3 inches
thick with big balls swinging down from the root of his cock in their
wrinkely sack. I grasped his cock just behind the head and gently pulled
back the foreskin to reveal the head.Leaning forward i opened my mouth and
put the head in,closing my lips and letting out a contented
'MMMmmmm'. Swirlling my tounge over the head of Amals cock i started to bob
my head up and down the first couple of inches,sucking in hard to make sure
my lips kept in contact with the shaft at all times,to increse Amals
pleasure.I kept this up at a steady pace for a few minutes,taking his cock
out of my mouth every now and then to run my tounge along its length and to
suck on his balls. Now time for my party trick,i thought. I placed just the
head in my mouth and looking up into Amals face i slid my mouth along his
cock until my nose was being tickeled by the pubes at the base of his
cock."Damm,you are one fine cocksucker baby!" Amal exclaimed as i just
smiled,or smiled as best i could with a cock in my mouth and down my

I pulled back until just the first 3 inched were in my mouth and then i
pushed forward again to deepthroat him. I picked up my pace and bobbed my
head up and down,up and down on his cock,taking all of it in my mouth every
time i pushed forward.I used my hands to cup Amal's balls,fondling and
playing with them. He started moaning and grunting and put his hands on
either side of my face and began pulling my face towards his groin faster
and faster."Oh yeah baby,you like that don't you? you like it when i fuck
your face like that? Seeing as how my mouth and throat were stuffed with
his cock my only reply was
"Glummmphhh...Gulp..Gulp...Gurgle...Mmmmmmppphhhh! Amal took that as a yes
and continued pounding my face and throat.I loved this,down on my knees
infront of a powerfull black man,his hands grabbing my head and fucking my
face,,,yeah i loved it! It seemed so right that i should do
this,submitting to black cocks and worshiping them. My nipples were
tingling they were so erect and my pussey was sopping wet,with my clitoris
rubbing against the fabric of my panties.Amal took one of his hands from
the side of my face and placed it on top of my head,to hold my head still
and put his other hand on his cock.He pulled out until only his cock head
was in my mouth and jercking off his cock shouted, "Oh yeah bitch i'm
cumming now......Yeeeaaaaahhhh". Amals cock bucked and twitched and shot a
huge stream of cum into my mouth. My cheaks bulged trying to contain it put
even gulping as fast as i could i could not keep all of it in my mouth.
Streams of cum shot from the sides of my mouth and still Amals first blast
was was like he was pissing sprem into my mouth.His first wad
must have lasted at least 10 seconds and he just kept shooting massive wad
after wad into my mouth. I was doing my best to swallow all of it but it
was a losing battle,there was just too much cum. Every blast Amal shoot
would cause spurts of cum to jet from the sides of my mouth.After about 9
wads Amal stopped cumming. I had lost count of the number of orgasms i
had,in truth i was more concerned about not spilling too much of Amals hot
tasty sprem.

"Goddammit baby,that was the best blowjob i ever got" Amal grunted as i
licked his cock clean of his cum. "Baby you're covered in my cum,here let
me help you". I looked down and my tits were splattered with cum, i could
feel ropes of cum on my face and tummey aswell. Amal opened a drawer and
took out a spoon. He began scooping up his cum off me and feeding it too
me. I did'nt care,in fact i enjoyed it.

"I hope you enjoyed your delivery of man meat slut"

"oh yes...mmmmm,that was lovely" i purrred.

"Gotta go baby,i'll see you next time i have a delivery"

"Count on it big boy"

After Amal left i thew my clothes into the laundry basket and treated
myself to a long shower. Despite having just taken a load of black sperm i
was still horney as hell. I could'nt understand it..the Jinn had said that
after each load my craving and desires would subside for at least 24
hours. But now i was so horney i knew i would have to have black cock again
soon or i'd go out of my mind with lust. Now that fucker of a Jinn had
forgot to tell me several important things about my 'condition',just to
spite me i'm sure. One was that though i could not get pregnant,i still had
a monthly 'cycle'. Now my 'baseline' desire level was set at the time in a
womans cycle just before she is about to ovulate (when she is at her most
horney). But my desire levels would follow a normal womans and would peak
at ovulation. Now i did not ovulate but once a month for about 3 days my
levels of desire would litterally expolode through the roof...i would go
into 'heat'. For those 3 days i'd be an uncontrolable slut....i would not
be able to get enough black cock...i'd be insatiable. I did not know this
at the time and only conformimed this when the same thing happened next
month (but thats another story).

I threw on a short skirt and a plain white shirt and decided to try and
relive some of my tension by having a good 'surf' fo the net. I went to the
PC room and logged on-line.I went surfing through all the interracial sites
that were bookmarked.This was making me even more horney,all those pictures
of black cocks was really turning me on...maybe this was'nt such a good
idea after all. Then i had an idea while i was in '', use
the chat room provided by the site to get myself some black man meat to
suck on.Good girl,i thought,use modern technology to solve your thirst. I
browsed the chat room for a while to get the 'feel' of the place.Then i
decided to post under my user name of 'Blonde_suck_slut' (go figure..all
the usernames for the sites i was a member of where along the same ilk).My
post went something like this..."Young beautifull blonde requires big black
cocks to suck on and swallow cum in the LA area.If interested will swap time wasters please..only +8 inches or over need apply".That
should generate some interest i thought.I exited '' and had
a look at ''.

Now for those of you that don't know blacksonblondes is the no.1
interracial site on the net,loads of nasty interracial action...and just up
my (new) street.With my high speed internet connection i was able to
download loads of mpeg's from the site plus several whole 'Dogfart' vid
captures.All these images of hung black men having sex with white women was
pushing me over the edge so i decided to retire to my bedroom with my
trusty dildo and releive some of the sexual frustration i was
feeling...looking at interracial porn was not good for got me going
too easily! Just before i shut down the computer i noticed that my e-mail
icon was blinking, 'i wonder who that could be?' i thought as i opened the

Well,well,well,that was qiuck,someone had replied to my post on
''.It was from '' and it said
'Blonde_suck_slut,i have attached a picture of my cock which you will soon
be sucking.Send me a pic of yourself and lets meet up.I'm LA based so i can
meet you soon.'I opened the attachment and there was a picture of a naked
black guy. The picture was cropped so you could not see his face,but boy
could you see his cock. It was massive, absolutely massive...he was hard
and it was standing to attention and it reached up nearly to his chest,with
a pendulous set of balls hanging down between his legs. The shaft
incredibly thick,at least 4 inches thick and covered in bulging veins with
the large vein which ran up the underside being very prominant. 'This guy
could suck him self off no problem' i mused, 'does'nt need little ole me to
do that'! But that said lookind at the picture he had sent me was getting
me all horney,i was thinking about wrapping my lips around his shaft and
deepthroating him so that his balls would slap against my chin.'I bet no
woman has ever deepthroated him before', and i set myself the challenge to
be the first.

Now that i deceied that this was where i was going to go next for my
'fix',i'd need to send this guy a JPEG of make sure he was
interested. There was a web cam attached to my PC so i took a few photos of
myself and sent him the one i liked best. I resumed my surfing and a few
minutes later my inbox 'pinged' with a incoming e-mail. It was mr
King_Kock again this is what his e-mail said:

'Blonde_suck_slut, you look like one hottie babe. I can't wait for your
sweet lips to be suckin' on my meat.'

'P.S you sure you can handle my cock?'

I repilied

Dear King_Kock,

I'm sure i can handle youe cock and i can't wait to get my sweet lips onto
your meat.

P.S ever been deepthroated before? because i gaurantee i can deepthroat
you,in fact i gaurantee i can take all your cock into my throat.

Lets make a date.

That should get his attention...and sure enough it did,2 minutes later i
got a reply

'Blonde_suck_slut, i'm going to hold you to your gaurantee. Come over to my
place as soon as you can to prove it'.

His address was at the bottom of the e-mail and was about a 1 hour 30
minute drive from my place. Well why not i thought, i was so horney i'd
kill for a black cock right now,so i e-mailed back:

'See you in 2hrs King_Kock!'

I went back to my closet and changed into a black mini-skirt,black tong
panites and a pink lycra top which was cropped and showed off my tits and
flat stomach. I was really getting into showing off my body. I picked out a
pair of stilletto sandals and spent 25 minutes doing my make-up. I chose a
lipstick which matched the color of my top and appilied a light coat of
eye-liner of the same pink to be co-ordinated you know!! Down
in the garage i picked the Merc coupe and set off to meet mr King_Kock.My
desire was affecting me badly and my driving was erratic to say the least
and it was a miracle that i was not pulled over by the cops.I eventually
arrived at the address King_Kock had given me and it was a block of new
condos.I parked and went up to the door and pressed the buzzer for the
appartment number i'd been given.


"Hello mr King_Kock,its Blonde_suck_slut here to suck your cock"

"Well i'll buzz you in so as not to keep you waiting,my appartment is on
the fourth floor, sixth door down on your right when you exit the

"i'll see you in a few minutes"

I followed his instructions and arrived outside his appartment door a few
minutes later.I was very nervous as this was the first time i was doing
thsi outside my own home..somehow i felt safer doing it in my own home.I
nearly turned back then and there but my desire seemed to take charge of my
body,welling up and overwhelming any rational thought. My body was on fire
with desire,aching for black nippled were sticking out,clearly
visable through my top and my pussy was dripping wet.I felt my hand reach
up and knock on the door,like it was not my own hand,like somebody else was
moving it.The door opened and there stood mr King_Kock.

"Well now baby you look better in the flesh than your picture....come in
and lets get it on"

I followed him into the appartment and it was a furnished in a modern
style,all off white walls and sofas..looked nich though...not tatty....if
this was mr King_Kock's place he obviously had some money.Not that that
mattered to me..i was only interested in sucking him off,but it did show
how my new female brain was working.

"lets try and get this off on a basis of trust" i said,"my name is
Erica,whats yours?"

"I'm Jack,would you like something to drink Erica?"

"Wine if you have any"

"Wine it is"

Jack returned with 2 large glasses of red wine and we sat down on the sofa
opposite each other.I used this time to look at Jack closely (i'd gotten a
picture from him and i was really hoping that it was of him and not either
a fake or of somebody else...i wanted his huge cock badly).While we drank
the wine we chatted about this and that...nothing important or leading as i
evaluated Jack.Remembering the jpeg he had sent me i casually looked around
the room,yes over there was where that jpeg was taken. I returned my gaze
to Jack and studied him closely. He was a good looking man,with high almost
asiatic features and light brown eyes.He was wearing just a robe...he msut
have been expecting action soon, i thought.Well he was right because i was
having difficulty concentarting on what he was saying,my mind was filled
with visions of his huge cock.Jack noticed that i was staring at him and he

"What is it Erica?"

"I was just wondering about that jpeg you sent me"

"Oh yes?"

"Yeah i was wondering if your cock i really that big"

"You think i faked that picture,or got somebody else's cock?"

"Well i've been here 30 minutes and i have'nt seen any evidence"

"Well Erica,you show me yours and then i'll show you mine"

"You want me to strip off and then you'll show me your cock?"

"I'll do better than that,you strip off nice and slow and come over and
kneel in front of me and i'll let you suck my cock," Jack said as he stood

I stood up and slowley removed my top,letting my breasts swing free.I
grabbed them and rubbed them and squeezing then together purring "You like
my tits King_Kock?"

"Yeah i love your big tits Blonde_suck_slut"

I unziped my skirt and pulled it down over my hips,letting it fall to the
floor. Running my hands along my sides i hooked my thumbs into the sides
of the tong i was wearing and slid it down my legs,revealing my msist
pussey.With one hand i began to play with my pussey rubbing it and sliding
a finger into my wet cunt."Ohhhhhhh" i moaned as i dropped to my knees "Now
will you show me your cock?"

Jack took one step forward until he was right in front of me and opened his
robe.His cock sprung free and struck me on my chin.It was huge and
erect,hard like it was carved from ebony.The picture did not do it
justice,it was incredible.The shaft had to at least 18 inches long if not
more and nearly 4 inches thick and his balls...whow,they were gigantic at
least the size of apples hanging down in a heavy sack.I was in awe of this
cock,it humbled me and i realised there was no way i was going to be able
to suck this cock.I remembered my boast about deepthroating him and
panicked,he was going to f***e that massive black cock down my
throat,christ i'd choke to death on it!Eventhough i was kneeling in front
of a black cock and my body was screaming at me to take the cock in my
mouth i could not..i was in shock.I barely noticed the rest of his
body,lean and muscular with every muscle in perfect definition but not
bulked out,so fixated was i by his massive meat.

"Ever seen a cock this big?" jack smugly asked,knowing by the look on my
face that i was in awe of his cock.

I shook my head from side to side to say no,never taking my eyes off his
cock,frigthened to do so in case anything happened.Jack grabbed his shaft
and waved his cock under my face, unknowingly giving me a good sniff of his
pheromones "Well come on now,you boasted that you could handle my cock...."
as he grabbed my head with his other hand a shoved the head of his cock
into my mouth.

"Umpttthhh....glurppp....mmmhhhhhh" was all i could say as he shoved his
cock into my mouth.My mouth and jaws felt stretched to the limit by just
the head of his cock but instinct soon took over.I started licking the head
and sucking in hard with my lips to get good friction against the side of
his head."Yeah baby thats it,suck my black cock" I needed no more
encouragement and set about draining those mighty balls of his. I reached
up and with one hand cupped his balls and fondeled them and with the other
grasped the shaft and in time with my head bobbing up and down on the first
few inches,jercked off the rest of the shaft.My fingers did not meet when
gripping the shaft,there was a good inch or so between my thumb and
forefinger,so thick was his cock.I was getting into my stride now bobbing
my head up and down,licking the head,jercking the shaft and fondeling the
balls.I began to go a little deeper and twisted my head from side to side
as i did it. Jacks response was a few grunts of pleasure.He had taken his
hand off his shaft and both of his hands rested on the top of my head and
everytime i bobbed my head down he tried to push my head deeper.I let him
do this until i could fit about 6 inches into my mouth. That does not
sound like much but he was so thick that this ammount had my mouth bulging
obscenely and drooling spittle out of my lips.

"Now are you going to deepthroat me or do i have to f***e you?" Jack asked

I looked up at him and in response closed my eyes and f***ed my head
forwards.His cock head was so massive that it nearly did'nt fit into my
throat.I kept on pushing forward, inch by inch his member sliding down my
spasaming throat until i felt my nose tip against his pubic hair and his
balls gently bump up against the underside of my face.

"Aaaahhhhhhh....that's it baby.....whhooooo,you DO know how to deepthroat".

I looked up at him and said "MMMMmmmhhhhhhh".

Jack placed his two hands on the back of my head and pulled me off his cock
until only his head was in my mouth,then suddenly thrust forward all the
way down my throat, mashing his hips into my
face. "UUHHH....AAaaaccchhhkkk....Glluummmppphhh" i cried out as he began
to vigouresy fuck my face.In and out he thrust,pounding my mouth and throat
with his cock,his heavy balls slapping againt my chin every time he hilted
his cock in my throat.I could not keep up with the swift thrusts and
stopped using my tounge,i just clamped my lips as tightly as i could to his
pistoning shaft.I was nearing orgasm and it overtook me in a wave of
pleasure from which i nearly fainted.While i was cumming i had not noticed
that Jack's cock had started to swell ominously in my mouth and that his
breathing had gotten ragged.The first thing i knew about his orgasm was
when he pulled his cock from my mouth and jercked it off into my face.I
opened my eyes in shock at the sudden removal of his meat from my mouth
just in time to see his pee slit widen and spit out his first
wad."Ohhhhhhhh shit....i'm cumming" Jack roared as his cock erupted.

His first blast utterly destroyed my face,covering my
mouth,checks,eyes,hair and chin with a coating of cum.I lunged forward so
as not to miss the next blast but was just a fraction too late with a good
half of the wad hitting the side of my face.Even with my lips clamped
around the tip of his cock it was no good,he was cumming too much.Sperm was
leaking out between my lips with every spurt.Each wad filled my mouth to
overflowing despite the fact that i was swallowing as fast as i could.After
about 5 blasts,Jack grabbed my head again and shoved his cock into the
depths of my throat,slapping his balls against my chin as he hilted himself
in my mouth.I could feel each spurt of his cock and feel the wad travell
down his cock to shoot into my belly.I struggled a bit,trying to get off
his cock,so that i could taste his juice,but his strong hands held me in
place until he finished cumming.He pulled his cock out of my mouth and
rubbed it into my face,smearing it with cum he had shot onto my face and
pushed it back into my mouth saying,"just making sure you don't miss a
drop,babe".He did this several times to mop up his sperm and then walked
off to wipe off his cock in the bathroom.I followed him in and when he was
finished wiped off the remaining cum.

"Want to take a shower together?" he asked.

"Why not" i replied.

We stepped into the cublicle together and as the hot water cascaded over
our bodies we cleaned each other.His hands on my body made me horney but
his cock was drained and hung limp between his legs.We cleaned each other
off and stepped out of the shower and dried each other down with towels.

"If you want Erica you can stay the night,i'm sure i'll be up for more
action in the morning."

I thought about it and said "Yeah i'd like that."

We went into the bedroom and got into bed.Jack fell asl**p pretty quickly
but it took me a long while to fall asl**p.I was still very
seemed to me that Jack's sperm had no effect on me,i was still aching for
cock.I fingered myself while Jack slept beside me,cumming several times but
to no avail,i was still so turned on it hurt.Eventually i drifted off to
sl**p and had a very erotic dream where i was on my knees with a line of
black cocks infront of me to suck.Now what i did not realise then was that
my spending the night with Jack was going to affect both of us
physically.As we slept my pheromones sent his balls into overdrive and
within a few hours his balls were full of sprem again and Jack's pheromones
accellerated the wearing off of the effects his cum-shot had on me.

I woke up to the most amazing sensation running through my body,i looked
down and Jack was between my legs,eating my pussy! I moaned and bucked my
hips as his tounge flicked across my clitoris.He licked and sucked at my
clit sending waves of pleasure radiating out from my pusssy to every part
of my body.He put a finger up inside my cunt as he continued to flick his
tounge at my clit...and it was too much and i came,

"Aaahhhhhh...i'm cummmmmiiinnngggggg...." i screamed as my orgasm crashed
through my body. The pleasure was so intense that i saw stars and my head
felt like it was spinning.As i slowly came back down to earth i felt
something big at the entrance of my cunt.I looked down and Jack had the tip
of his cock resting against the lips of my pussy! Oh my god he was going
to fuck me with his huge cock...noooooo,there was no way he'd fit inside
me..he'd tear my insides to bits with his black tool!!!I tried to squirm
away but he garbbed my hips and pulled me back down until the head of his
cock rested against my clit.That was too much and i stopped struggling and
moaned "ooohh yeah...put that black cock of yours into my pussy....ahhhh i
want you inside of me...oohhhh." He looked up at me and slowly pushed the
head of his cock into my pussy.I gasped at the feeling of my first cock in
my pussy...he felt huge,sooooo thick,like someone was fisting me.My pussy
was stretching out to accomodate him as he pushed back and forwards with
just his head to get me used to his size.

"Ahh...Aahhh.....Aaahhhh.....AAAahhhhh," i gasped at each slow thrust as he
slowly pushed more and more of his cock into me.He paused at six inches to
allow me to catch my breath and get used to him.Sweat was pouring off my
body and despite the fact that Jack had only a few inches in me i felt
stuffed.....filled full.I could feel every ridge and vein on Jack's cock as
he held it in me,and then after holding still inside me for a few moments
he slowly pushed forward again.At about eight inches a sharp pain shot up
through me as the head of his cock entered my womb, "Aaaayyaahhhhh," i
gasped and tried to pull myself up off his cock to stop the pain.Jack's
reaction has to lean over me and hold my shoulders while he pushed his cock
all the way to the hilt inside me.I felt his pendulous balls bump against
my ass and despite the pain this triggered a massive orgasm.

"Ooohhhhhh,I'm cummimnnngggg......Oh God,oh god...oh

My orgasm crashed over me in wave after wave of felt so good
to have a big black cock burried up to its hilt inside me.While i was still
cumming Jack started to pump in and out of me in long,slow thrusts.As he
did this i discovered something new which the Jinn had not told me...i was
multi-orgasmic...once i orgasmed with a cock in my pussy i would continue
to orgasm so long as i was being fucked.As Jack thrust in and out of me i
had one orgasm after another continuously....i was lost in a haze of my own
pleasure. Jack's cock was filling every inch of my pussy,my pussy was
clamping and spasming around his thick meat with a life of its own,like it
was trying to milk his cock for his cum.

By now Jack was pounding into me with his cock and grunting with every
thrust,i wrapped my legs around his lower back and grabbing his thrusting
ass with my hands shouting "Fuck me, fuck me with your big black cock.Fill
my pussy with your cock and cum in my pussy"

"Here it cums bitch," grunted Jack as his sperm erupted into my pussy.

I could actually feel his cock pulsing and twitching as his shaft pumped
out sperm as he burried his cock up to the hilt in me.Wads of sperm pulsed
out of his meat to strike deep in me triggering an absolutely huge orgasm.I
nearly passed out with the pleasure as Jack's member continued to pump cum
into my belly.Every nerve in my body was tingling as i came,as my pussy
clamped down on Jack's spurting cock.Each splash of semen from his cock i
could feel striking the back and sides of my womb.

"Oaaayhhhh..god damm it baby,thats the best fuck i've ever're
something else you know" Jack gasped as he leaned forward and kissed me.I
opened my mouth and our tounges chased each other around my mouth for a few
moments.I have to say it felt a bit strange at first to be kissing a man
but as i'd allready sucked off and few and just been fucked for the first
time i got used to it!Jack lay down on me until the entire length of our
bodies were touching and we continued kissing.I ran my hands all over his
back and shoulders while his hands stroked my sides.We stayed like that for
awhile until Jack got up off me and said "Erica,i've got to go trainig in
an hour so i'm going to get ready and head off."

I knew i was being thrown out so i got up and asked could i have a quick
shower.Jack said yes and after a quick shower i got dressed and left the
appartment.I drove home with an empty feeling inside me,i wanted more black
cock inside me.....i wanted to be filled full again with man meat.When i
arrived home i jumped into bed and fell asl**p dreaming of big black cocks.

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