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A hottt 21 yr worked my Cougar pussy over well

Since i joined this site and view some fantastic porno,,, it made me think of some young cock i fucked about 3 year's ago ..He was 21 black african male, and i at the time was 50..I fucked him at a motel with my hubby filming and taking pic's.. It was so erotic,,at first he was shy so my hubby began playing with me and wasen't long his cloth's came off and he layed beside me and went at me with very intense passion mmmm.
He had a fantastic cock and used it so well, i really enjoyed sucking it and made him blow his load in my mouth he tasted so fine. Being young with lot's of energy he began pounding my pussy hard with big, hard and so young piece of meat mmmmmmmm,,, He came so hard his sperm flowed from my pussy,,Within a couple minutes he again became hard and once again he pounded my Cougar Pussy mmmmm. What a night never seen him again, but i often think of my hotttt very young stud..
over the year's i have enjoyed black cock doing 4 now,,, and wow many white cock's ,I really get turned on my young cock and much older cock. Any well i also never say no to pussy eithier, So joined this site to see if i can even pick up more action. Thank's and i sure hope to hear from you !!!.

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