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My first 3some

Steve & Jean lived in Wales and wanted a third to join their
activities and they wanted that someone to be me. We met on a late
Friday afternoon, I was supposed to be away on business, the initial
contact was very shaky but Jean soon put me at ease, after a couple of
drinks we decided to head for a hotel room close by where they were
staying. Now the nerves really kicked in, I was excited and scared,
wondering what I was install for me or would I be safe.

Steve soon put my fears to rest; there was a bottle of Bacardi and
some beers ready for us, we sat chatting with Jean in between us two
guys, a few minutes passed and Jean started to rub both mine and Steve’
s crotch, I was starting to get excited, Steve then told me this was
Jeans wish to have 2 or more cocks in her at the same time and that he
would be taking photos if that was okay, it was so long as there were
no facial shots, Jean made a joke that she was hoping for a full facial
shot from both of us, this seemed to be a cue, Jean started to kiss me
while trying to undress me, when I came up for air Steve was naked and
stood before Jean with a massive hard on, she went straight to it and
nearly choked, she gestured for me to strip I did and as soon as my
cock was free it was my turn to get a feel of her mouth, then Steve was
clicking away with his camera.

Now two guys naked with hard on’s and Jean looking at us with a wicked
smile, when she says “ Steve is Bi sexual, does this bother you” At
first I was shocked and then let it go as they both reassured me there
was nothing going to happen that any of us did not want to happen, with
that Jean started to strip off, she left her Bra, thong and stockings
on, wow she was a great sight. She grabbed both our hands and pulled us
on to the bed, she started kissing me while Steve pulled off her bra
and sucked on her nipples, I had my hand between her legs feeling her
shaven wet pussy for the first time, as I slipped my fingers in her she
stopped kissing me and told steve to watch, again the camera came out,
and so did my fingers, straight into mine and jeans mouth, she tasted
great, she suggested I go down on her while she sucks my cock, I was
hoping for Jean on top, but when she slid under me and had my cock
dangling over her face, I just buried my face in her pussy and licked
madly at her clit, she was doing things to my ball sack that I never
imagined, then she licked my arse, fuck that’s soooo nice. Now it was
Steve’s turn for some fun, he moved up behind me and Carole was able
to pull up enough to get his cock in her mouth, as I tried to get off
they reminded me of their earlier promise, I just got carried away in
Jean’s pussy, then every one off, she wanted a drink, so we sat and
chatted about sex for about 10 minutes, both Jean and Steve commenting
on my cock and arse, A little uneasy but sexy at the same time. We took
loads of pics over the next ½ hour of me with my cock in Jeans pussy,
and Steves in the position, some with Jean playing with toys and a
couple with both our cocks in her mouth.

Now she said come on boys and fuck me, I sat on the armchair while she
straddled my cock and as she eased it in she started to cum, Steve was
behind her and I could feel his fingers in her arse and that was
fucking amazing. Jean stopped moaning and stayed still, I could feel
Steves cock near mine and he started to slowly push it in, then I could
feel his balls slapping on mine and Jean screamed in ecstasy, She
squirted to well that we were both soaked, this was so great, now Jean
demanded a cock in her arse, as Steve was there he gave it to her,
Slowly he slid his cock all the way in her tight arse until she was
ready to ride the pair of us,

A few heavenly minutes passed and Jean called another halt, this time
she just wanted to swap, now it was my turn in her arse, she really was
into anal sex as this was the cleanest arse fuck I have ever had, she
loved every minute of it, The fuck session had lasted for nearly 2
hours and we were all ready to cum, Jean could tell we were nearly
there and she pulled both our cocks out of her two lovely holes and
told us to masturbate over her face till we cum, we did and she
received 2 big portions of cum and she sucked every last drop out of
both cocks, we rested for about an hour before we started some more fun

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