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Gentle lesson in a sauna

I decided to take a detour after a long day's meetings and head to a quiet naturist spa. I'd not been there solo before. It was quiet, but the steam was good and there were 3-4 men there relaxing. After un-chilling myself from the winter weather I enjoyed watching a trio of men, who clearly knew each other, eat and stroke each other to a warmer temperature for them, and me. I left them as they headed to the sauna and, from my vantage point inn the steam room, could hear their friendship reaching a very satisfying conclusion.

I settled back, relaxed, slightly excited by the voyeurin me, but not part of their activity. And then I was joined by one of them. Relaxed from his activity and happy to talk. I expressed my shyness and sense of newness to the situation. He left the steam room and moved to the shower.

I thought I'd see what happened when I joined him. Cooled down we both then headed to the sauna. We were alone and I thought - what the heck - and settled beside him and placed my hand on his soft and attractive cock. He in turn took my nipples in his fingers and gave me a new sensation.

Now I'm new to this. Its been a long time since I let my bi interest out. I thought it was time to see what my tongue could do, what his sack would feel like, what happened when I sucked a ball deep into my mouth and used my tongue to tenderly touch the root of his cock. His and my hand worked together to give him a gentle warming feeling. Nothing vigorous, just exploratory.

It was gentle, and gave me a hint of things to come, and how to give pleasure. I look forward to learning more as I meet more people. I want to learn from masters (and mistresses) of the art of male pleasure.

After a while we naturally moved on, took a shower, and he headed into the night. I was pleased to have given some gentle pleasure after his more hectic activity with a friend.

I'll return. I'm not wanting a crash course, but gentle exploration is fun. I hope to do that with my partner. She will have much to teach me about the art of tongue and hand, finger and stroke. She's fantastic at it. Maybe in time we can do it together and give one or two people immense satisfaction. Let's hope so.

One day at a time
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