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The Club Slut Wife

The Club Slut Wife

by RLM

The club was extremely nice. There was a large lounge area with
couches, love seats, recliners, easy chairs, a spacious bar with intimate
tables off to the side, and a very large dance floor. It also featured two
game rooms with pool tables and video games. In the back there were a
number of private rooms. The cover charge was nominal; I paid it and Gail
and moved into the lounge area. I was still amazed to be here.

We were on vacation in Dallas. After three days, we were looking for
something new to do in the evening. Nothing I suggested seemed to interest
her. Finally, my wife, who had been searching the yellow pages, said,
"Eric, how would feel about us going to a swing club?" I was stunned. Gail
had never been very adventuresome sexually. She certainly wasn't a prude,
but this wasn't at all like her.

"Are you k**ding?", I asked. "Not at all", my wife replied. "We don't
have to actually have sex with anyone else. We can just go, dance, have a
few drinks, and watch. I think it would be fun. Are you game?" What could
I say? I would have felt like an idiot refusing. So I said, "Sure. Why
not? But where do we find a swing club?" She already had the answer from
the yellow pages. "There's one not far from here called the Jet Set.
Shall we?" I just nodded. "There's one condition. You can't run off and
fuck all the women. Agreed?" I again nodded in agreement.

That evening, we had an early, light supper at the hotel. After
returning to our room, Gail started getting ready. I showered, shaved, and
got dressed in about 15 minutes. It looked to me like my wife had hardly
started. As I was leaving, she told me to close the door to the dressing
room/bathroom to give her some privacy. I tried reading the newspaper
while I waited, but my mind was elsewhere.

It was nearly 8 PM before my wife came out and announced she was ready
to go. I looked up and got an erection. My wife's slender waist
emphasized her lush hips and huge 36D tits that bounced as she moved. The
upper third of both breasts were exposed and the large nipples made peaks
on the skin-tight, low-cut top of the black sheathe she was wearing. "My
god.. are you wearing a bra", I stammered. "Of course not", she replied.
"That would spoil everything. Do you like it?"

My mouth opened but no sound came out. My gaze wandered down to her ass
and legs. The tight sheathe molded every curve of her ass and thighs. It
fit her like a second skin. The hemline was more than halfway up her
thighs, just barely covering the full thrust of her ass. She saw where I
was looking and smiled. "I think you like my outfit." Looking further
down, I saw that she wore black platform spikes with five-inch heels that
had silver highlights and straps. She had on sheer hose. I wondered if
they were pantyhose or something else. The red lip gloss made her lips
sultry and full. She had done her nails and eyelashes. She even wore
matching blue eye shadow with silver flecks. Sparkling earrings dangled
from both earlobes. She had bracelets on both wrists and two rings on each
hand, in addition to her wedding ring.

"Where did you get that dress?"

"Judging from that big bulge in your pants, I think you do like it. I
bought every thing at Victoria's Secret this afternoon. I had a feeling
you would like my idea of the swing club". She smiled, cupped the twin
cannons on her chest, and said, "Think anyone will notice me?"

"You look fantastic," I blurted. "What have you got on underneath?"

"Just some black bikini panties. Is that ok?"

"Let me see", I demanded.

"Right here? Right now?"

"Yes NOW!"

Gail smiled at me. "Ok, Honey. I'm going to give you an advance
showing. But that's all you get for now. Understand?" I nodded. "You
promise to behave yourself if I show you?" Again I nodded. Gail reached
down and slowly pulled the sheathe up until the tops of her thigh-high hose
were exposed. Then the crotch of her black panties. Up and up until the
sheathe was bunched above her tits and she was showing me all of it. My
cock throbbed. I regretted my promise.


Gail and I located a vacant couch in the lounge. The club was crowded.
There were obviously more men than women, but nevertheless, there were a
lot of females present. In a moment, a good-looking woman in her twenties
approached us and asked for our drink orders. She was wearing a cocktail
waitresses' outfit that showed even more than my wife's. Her micromini
just barely covered her butt. The long legs on display were encased in
fishnet stockings atop 5 inch spike heels. When she wrote down our order,
I noticed a wedding ring on her left hand. I wondered if her husband was
somewhere in the club.

There were a number of couples on the dance floor. All the women had
their bodies pressed tightly against their partners. Male hands held
female buttocks and pulled them against what I was certain were hard cocks.
I saw that Gail was also watching the dancers. "Isn't it sexy", she
whispered. "Look how they're dancing! The women are almost all being dry
fucked." "Wanna try it", I asked? "Later. Let's just watch for awhile."

Our drinks arrived. The waitress bent over from the waist to set them
in front of us. Her completely exposed breasts almost fell out of her
dress. The hard nipples were on display. She smiled at me and held the
position longer than necessary to let me enjoy the view. Then she turned
toward my wife and repeated her show. Gail seemed as interested and turned
on as I was. As the waitress walked away, her hips undulating, Gail said,
"Isn't this just incredibly sensuous! Did she get you hard?" When I didn't
answer,she reached over and felt me. "You are hard.. really hard." "I
couldn't help it. All of her tits were showing." "I know. Don't worry.
I'm not mad." "Are you wet", I asked. "Ohh yes... I can feel my wetness
on my thighs."

Looking down, I saw that my wife's dress was riding high on her crossed
legs exposing a lot of thigh. I couldn't see her panties, but wondered if
the two men on the couch across from us could. They were both looking Gail
over, and they had a better vantage point to see up her dress. I guessed
that they might be looking at my wife's panties. The thought got me even

"I'm going to the men's room. Do you want another drink?" "No. I'm
fine." I walked off, leaving my wife alone. On the way to the men's room,
I passed the game room. A game of pool was in progress. One couple sat on
a couch watching. The woman was seated on the man's lap. They were
kissing, his hand covering her breast. I wondered if he had it in her.
After I relieved myself, I again looked into the game room on my way back.
The pool game was still going on and the couple were still on the couch.
But her skirt was now up to her waist and she was grinding her crotch
against him. As I watched, the man began to thrust his hips up and down
against her bottom. He could have been just dry fucking her. I couldn't
tell. I wanted to continue to watch them, but felt like I had left my wife
alone too long already so I headed back in the direction of our couch.

My wife was still sitting on the couch with her legs crossed, but her
dress was up higher. The two men opposite her were now leaning forward,
making no attempt to conceal the fact that they were staring. Gail was
obviously putting on a show for their benefit. Clearly, my wife was
wearing thigh-high hose, not pantyhose. If I could see that much, I knew
the two guys staring at her could probably see even more. My wife held her
position, smiling and letting them stare. Then, I noticed that her dress
was inching higher and higher until it was almost up to her hips. The bare
thigh flesh above her hose and the edge of her panties was exposed. The
men eyed her exposed charms, making no attempt to hid that the fact that
they were staring.

Some other men and two couples noticed the show and were now watching.
It didn't seem to bother my wife. She uncrossed her legs letting her knees
drift apart, spreading ever so slowly. From my position, her dress shaded
the space between her thighs preventing me from seeing much. But I knew
that it wasn't shading anything from the men on the opposite couch. For
them, the full expanse of her pantie-covered cunt was on display. My cock

"Quite the slut, isn't she", said a female voice beside me. I turned to
see a hot blonde pressed against my side with her hand on her other hip.
"That your wife", she asked? I nodded. "Thought so from the way you were
staring. It turns you on to see her showing off like that doesn't it?"

"No. I'm surprised. Somewhat shocked. She's never done anything like
this before."

Her hand circled my bulge and squeezed. "I would say you are hot as
hell watching your whorish wife." She didn't' take her hand away from my
cock...just kept gently squeezing it..and then moving her hand slowly up
and down the rigid shaft. "Your hot wife is going to get her ass fucked
off tonight, Honey", she laughed and jerked me harder.

"I don't think so", I protested. She made me promise not to screw any
of the women here before she agreed to come."

"So what? You promised. She didn't. Look at her. She's practically
begging for it."

"She won't do it", I flatly stated. "Not here in public like this."

"Wanna bet? Those two guys staring at her are Carl and Luke. Carl has
a 9 inch dick that's probably been in most of the women here. And Luke's
black snake is even bigger and thicker. She's as good as fucked."

Just as she said it, I saw Carl approaching my wife. Gail didn't close
her legs. He sat down beside her and whispered something in her ear. My
wife shook her head. Carl moved closer. His hand moved to my wife's thigh
and began to stroke her in slow circular motions. He again whispered in my
wife's ear. She closed her eyes. Her tongue slid out and began flicking
against her top lip. The hand moved higher on her thigh as Carl continued
to whisper in my wife's ear. She again shook her head and now put her hand
against Carl's to stop its upward motion. The hand stopped its upward
motion but continued to caress her inner thigh flesh. Gail's hips squirmed
on the couch as her legs were pulled wider.

"Still think she's not going to be fucked, Honey", the female voice
beside me said.

"She's certainly acting like a slut, but I doubt that she will do it.
What makes you so certain that she will?"

"Because every man here wants to fuck your wife and every woman here
wants to see her taking all of them."

Again I shook my head. "I understand why the men all want to fuck her,
but why would the women care?"

The blonde shrugged. "Most of the women here have spread for a lot of
the cocks here tonight. Your wife hasn't. They want that changed." Now, I
wasn't so sure, but I again I said that I doubted that she would do it.
"Why do you think your wife closed her eyes? What do you think made her
tongue begin to flick against her upper lip. When a woman does that, she's
getting very hot, Honey."

"What do you think he saying to her?", I asked.

"He's telling your wife how hot and beautiful she is and how he's going
to lick her clit, make her cum, and then fuck her."

My cock throbbed in her hand. She felt it and smiled at me, still
slowly stroking me. I was going to reply, but at the moment, I saw Carl
pull my wife to her feet and lead her toward the dance floor. "Now watch
this, Eric. Let's get closer so you have a really good view."

"They're just going to dance. I know he will cope a few feels."

"You have no idea, Honey. Come on." She pulled me to a seat near the
dance floor but in the shadows where Gail would not see us.

The music was slow, sensuous. Carl pulled my wife tightly against his
body as they began to move. Gloria was still sliding her hand up and down
my erect cock. "You can feel me too if you like, Eric." I smiled but
didn't touch her. Carl's hands were on Gail's ass. She didn't seem to
mind. She had her tits mashed against his chest, her head on his shoulder,
allowing her body to be moved about the floor. I watched the male hands
moving in slow circles about my wife's full, lush ass. As they moved, Carl
was slowly inching her dress higher and higher until finally her buttocks
came into view. Gail seemed unaware that she was being exposed in front of
everyone. Carl moved his body slightly away for moment to allow him to
pull the front of my wife's dress up. There was no way she could still be
unaware of what he was doing, but she made no protest as her dress was
lifted all the way up to her belly. When it was up, Gail moved her body
back against him. I now had a raging erection.

"Oh look at that. Isn't this just incredibly hot", Gloria breathed in
my ear.

It was! Carl's hands were now back on my wife's ass. He quickly worked
the back of her dress up to her waist where it joined the front of the
dress. The sheer black bikini panties, her thigh-high hose, and the
five-inch heels were all she had on below the waist, and they didn't
conceal much of her legs, thighs, and ass. I looked around the tables
surrounding the dance floor and realized that everyone was watching Carl
working on my wife. I also realized that Gloria was right; the men all
wanted to fuck Gail and the woman all wanted to see it happen.

Carl's hands rotated my wife's ass and pulled it back and forth against
what I knew must be a very rigid 9 inch erection. Like a whore, my wife
was helping him, grinding her hips against the big shaft poking into her
crotch and belly. "I guess you're right, Gloria. She seems ready for

"Not yet", Gloria whispered. "Just watch. They're going to get her
much, much hotter."

I didn't see how they could get my wife any hotter. Carl was slowly
thrusting his hips back and forth against her. As he pumped against her,
Luke moved up behind my wife. She gave a start when she felt a second man
pressing against her. When she turned her head to see who it was, Luke
held her chin and kissed her full on the mouth. They held the kiss for a
long time as Luke fitted his body against my wife making her the meat of
the two-man sandwich.

It was now harder to see Carl's hands, but I could still see enough to
know that he now had them inside my wife's panties playing with her naked
ass. Luke's hands circled my wife's shoulders and closed over her 36D
tits. The humped her, front and back, their cocks thrusting against her
belly and her ass, back and forth. Gail threw her head back, her eyes
closed, her mouth wide open, breathing heavily.

Luke's hands moved into the top of the black sheathe cupping and
squeezing both large mounds. With one smooth motion, he pulled the bodice
down below my wife's tits, fully exposing both melons. I and every other
man could see her large nipples, now fully erect, being squeezing by Luke's

My wife began to gasp, her tongue flew out and licked around and around
the lips of her wide open mouth. I could her moaning. Her hips were now
thrusting back and forth, helplessly between the two men working on her.
Then she began to beg... "Ooooohhh Please...
oohhhhh...gawd...aaahhhhhhh... take me somewhere...OOOOOHHHH...

Gloria had unzipped my pants and taken out my raging erection. She was
jacking me off faster now, stopping every time she realized that I was
about to cum. "Will they take her somewhere and fuck her now?", I asked.

"Not yet. She's not ready."

I almost shouted, "What? Not ready?? I've never seen her this hot.
How can she possibly be more ready?"

"Watch. You won't believe it."

The black sheathe was now bunched uselessly around my wife's waist.
Both tits seemed swollen, the nipples ready to burst. Luke cupped them,
kneaded them, squeezed them, pinched the erect nipples causing Gail to
grunt and moan. Carl had slotted her bikini panties into her ass crack and
cuntal slit. His hands opened her ass cheeks and then pressed them
shut...over and he pulled my wife against his thrusting rigid
cock. I heard her moaning and gasping,
"OOOHHHHHHHHHHhhhh..Stop..STOP...You're driving me crazy". Her body
thrashed and arched; one grunt of female passion followed another:
Ugh..Ugh..Ohh..Aahh..Aahh..Ah...Ugh..Oouuuu..!!" The men didn't give her a
moment's respite. Four hands caressed her tits; fingers probed into her
ass and pussy.

The waitress who had served us our drinks moved up beside them. Her
hands and fingers joined Carl and Luke's caressing my wife. She stroked
Gail's belly in slow, sensuous circles then let her fingers move downward
to the exposed triangle of trimmed pubic hair. Her other hand began
kneading the thrusting ass. The six hands were driving my wife wild with
desire. This increased even more when the waitress moved her fingers
inside the panties onto the throbbing, erect clitoris. She flicked her
fingernail over the tip of the turgid organ bringing a wild shriek of
pleasure. Gail's hips pumped back and forth uncontrollably against the
hand in her panties. Just before she exploded in a violent climax, the
waitress withdrew her hand. "NOOoooo...please..don't stop... do me...
please... more.. more..", my wife pleaded.

"Honey, you really don't need your panties any longer do you?", she
asked in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear. Gail just hung onto to
her two lovers, her hips continuing to thrust back and forth in hot, female
fuck motions. "Hold her still so I can get her panties off."

Carl and Luke stopped grinding their cocks against my wife and held her
in place. The waitress knelt beside them, reached up and hooked her
fingers in the waistband and slowly drew them down Gail's legs. "Step up,
Honey, so I can get them over your heels", she directed. She lifted her
feet, and the panties were slipped off. Rising, the waitress waved my
wife's panties toward the audience to a loud cheer. She handed them to
Carl who pocketed the souvenir.

For another five minutes, Carl and Luke danced with and worked on my
nearly naked wife. Bunched around her waist, her dress covered nothing.
Otherwise, all she wore were her hose and heels. Carl would bounce her up
and down against his cock while Luke cupped and bounced her tits. They
twirled her around to allow Luke to grind his cock into her crotch.

Gail was babbling in helpless heat. "OOhhh AAAAHHHH... UUGGH... OOHH

"See what I mean", said Gloria. "Ever see a woman that hot? She's a
total cock whore now. Just a fuck hole. Do you want to cum? I know you
do. Put your hand under my dress. Feel my cunt. Finger fuck into me
while I suck the load out of your cock." I did as she ordered, but
remembering my promise to my wife, I pulled out before I came.

Carl and Luke were now leading my wife off the dance floor. "They're
taking her back to the couch to fuck her now, aren't they", I asked.

"No. Not to the couch. They'll take her to one of the back rooms.
There are beds and fucking platforms there."

"Fucking platforms?"

She smiled. "Don't worry. Your wife is going to love it! You can
watch if you like, but you have to promise that you will behave, not try to
fuck your wife or interfere. If you do, some very big guys will e****t you
to another room and keep you there until its all over. Ok? Do you
understand?" I nodded and said I wouldn't interfere.

When I started to follow, Gloria held me back. "We'll wait here for 10
or 15 minutes to give them time to get started. Then we'll slip into the
room and watch. If you like, you can fuck me while we watch. Would you
like to fuck me? I'm very good and both of my holes are very tight,
particularly my ass. Interested?"

I was interested, but all I could think about at the moment was my wife.
I watched as Carl and Luke led her to one of the rooms in the back of the
club. Luke's hand was on her ass pushing her forward and it looked to me
like Carl had his fingers hooked into her pussy pulling her toward the
room. She was moaning, her hips humping back and forth against the hands on
her. I watched them disappear through the doorway. Several others
followed them. I looked at Gloria. "Not yet, Lover. I'll let you know
when you can sneak in and watch."

I went to the bar, unable to conceal my erection. The same waitress
came over, smiled, and said, "You have a very hot, sexy wife. She do this

"No. Never before. This is the first time we've ever been to a club
like this."

"Really? That's sort of hard to believe the way she's been showing off.
Acts like a hot whore. My guess is that she's been cheating on you."

"I don't think so. She's actually sort of conservative."

The waitress laughed. "Yeah. Right! Very conservative hot slut. You
gonna watch all those guys fuck her?"

"All those guys? You mean Carl and Luke?"

She laughed again. "No, Honey. I mean ALL the guys. Carl and Luke
will get her first since they got her worked up. After they finish, most
of the other men here will fuck her. In fact, she's such a hottie, I
imagine some of the women will too." My erection grew even larger and

Ten minutes creeped by. Finally, I could stand it no longer. I walked
to the back of the club and looked into the room where Carl and Luke had
taken my wife. The room was large and brightly lit. Quite a few people
were sitting on couches around the walls of the room and some were
standing. An elevated mattress was in the center of the room. There was no
head or foot board. Off to one side were the "fucking platforms".

Beside the bed, Gail was kneeling in front of Carl who was now naked.
For the first time I saw his cock. I couldn't believe it. He was BIG!
Just fucking HUGE! His throbbing, erect shaft was almost twice the size of
mine. My wife could hardly get her hands around it. The head was a
swollen big purple knob atop an equally large shaft. It looked to be at
least 9 inches long. And he was hard. I mean incredibly HARD! His weapon
stood almost straight up against his hard belly.

Carl sat down in a chair, thrust his cock toward my wife and said, "Suck
it, Slut...Get your mouth hole over my cock and suck me. Hurry up!" My
wife couldn't do it fast enough. She knelt in front of the chair, took his
huge cock in her hand and began jacking him off. "Don't jack it, Slut...
Suck it!" he commanded. She held his balls with one hand, and with the
other guided his pulsing cock into her mouth hole. Her mouth stretched as
wide as possible to get him inside. Once the head was firmly lodged in my
wife's mouth, Carl held the back of her head, thrust his hips upward, and
drove half of the organ deep into my wife's mouth. She gagged on the
immense cock.

I watched him f***e her head downward. I saw more inches of hard cock
disappearing. Then, slowly it was dragged out as her cheeks hollowed,
sucking. When it was all out except the big head, the shaft started back
in. Four inches..five inches..six inches. My wife's eyes bulged. More
cock was pushed inside. I could see her throat bulging as the head
entered. Again, she gagged. Carl held her head in place. Her nose flared
as she tried to breathe in air around the huge cock. When only an inch of
cock remained outside my wife's mouth, the fucking began.

"Make the slut suck it all", some woman in the crowd yelled. "Fuck her
mouth!" Gail gagged repeatedly, "OOMMPPPPFFFFFF... GGHHAAAAAAAA..
OOMMMPPFF". Carl paid no attention to her. He held her head firmly in
place as his hips drove his weapon in and out of the open mouth hole.
Gail's saliva ran down the cock shaft, coating his balls, and dripping onto
the floor. His hips thrust upward as he rammed the last inch of cock into
her throat. Finally, my wife's gagging slowed as the organ entered further
down her gullet and her throat expanded. She was now taking all of him.
Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked it harder.

She tried to put her hand on his shaft to jerk it when it was pulled
out, but Carl pushed it away and warned, "No hands, Slut! Mouth suck
only!" Gail put her hands behind her back and began bobbing her head up and
down on the shaft in time to his thrusts into her throat.

I was jacking off furiously. My hand flashing up and down my 6 inch
cock...up over the throbbing head...then back down the shaft... again and
again, as I watched my wife sucking him. I couldn't believe it. She would
hardly ever suck me, and when she did, she wouldn't even take all of my
cock into her mouth. Now I watched in awe as Carl drove over 9 inches of
cock in and out of my wife's mouth. I could see her throat swell as the
big cockhead entered and then withdrew. Saliva was running out the corners
of her mouth, down her chin, and dripping onto the floor.

A woman beside me was watching me jerk my cock. "You're her husband,
aren't you?" I nodded, unable to stop jerking my cock. "Thought so.
Husband's always go wild when they watch their wives. Let me help you."
She pushed my hand off my cock and replaced it with her own.

Suddenly, Carl pulled his cock out of her mouth. "Get on the bed", he
ordered. "Head over the edge!" My wife climbed up on the bed, laid down on
her back with her feet facing me. She steepled her knees and spread them
as she let her head fall back over the edge of the bed. Even though I was
several feet away, I could easily see the wetness of her pussy, her lips
swollen around the waiting hole. It was throbbing, opening...
closing...opening.. closing.

Carl stepped up to her head, pushed his cock downward until it was
aligned with her mouth. I watched, waited, my cock throbbing in the
woman's hand. She felt it jerking, knew I was about to shoot, so she
slowed and squeezed the head to prevent my orgasm. With one smooth stroke,
Carl drove his cock straight into my wife's mouth...
until I saw her throat swell out as the head entered. My wife's neck
bulged as the cock continued down toward her belly. With her mouth and
throat forming a continuous tube, Carl was filling it with the entire
length of his huge cock. The woman jacked my cock harder. Carl's balls
were now resting on my wife's nose, her mouth hole forming a big oval
around the embedded shaft.

As my wife's cunt throbbed in hard spasms, Luke moved up between her
wide open thighs, his thick 10" black cock rigid with lust. His body
blocked my view of the cunthole, but I could tell that he was swabbing the
head up and down the wet slit. Each time the head slid over the Gail's
hard, erect clit, her hips thrust upward. I could hear her moan around the
cock embedded in her throat. Luke thrust his hips at the spread V of her
thighs. The scream of passion told me that he had speared her completely.
He moved upward, and as his legs spread, I could see the thick phallus sunk
all the way to the hilt into my wife's waiting cunt.

Her opening was stretched into a huge oval, the pink cunt lips clinging
tightly to the black shaft in her. Shoving his hands underneath my wife's
ass, he began fucking her. Hard, driving strokes into her widely stretched
cunthole. She began to babble; incoherent gasps and grunts of a female
receiving a hard fucking from a dominant male intent on planting his seed
deep inside her.

At the other end of the bed, the mouth fucking continued. Gail's eyes
bulged as the big cock was slowly pulled outward until only the bloated
head was still inside...then it again started its inward journey into the
depths of her throat, his ball sac slapping my wife's face and nose. Carl
held her big tits as the mouth fucking gained speed. The huge cock
jackhammered in and out of Gail's mouth. When he wanted her to open wider,
he would pinch her nose shut so she would have to stretch her mouth wider
to be able to breathe. He would allow her one or two breaths before
slamming back into her throat.

A man on the other side of the bed, who had a woman bent over fucking
her doggie, screamed, "Suck it! Suck it all you hot whore!" After a few of
minutes of hard fucking, Carl's cock was pumping easily back and forth in
my wife's mouth.

Gail's 5" heels were pointed straight at the ceiling as they jerked back
and forth in response to Luke's hard fuck strokes. Her legs rose up and
wrapped around her lover's back, trying to pull him even deeper into her
sex pit, if that were possible. Her big tits were being jarred back and
forth. Luke's buttocks rippled each time he drove his cock into my wife.
He had managed to sink 8 inches of cock into her cunt. It looked like she
had a baseball bat buried in her. She screeched as she convulsed in

Unable to escape her tightly plugged hole, her sex juices pooled in the
bottom of her cunt where Luke's steel-hard piston churned them into a white
froth that clung to his cock as he pulled 7 inches out of her on his
outstroke. When he hammered it back into my wife's wide open vagina, the
froth was scrapped off by her widely stretched lips. After a few fuck
strokes, her cunt, her pubic hair, her inner thighs were coated with the
churned sex froth.

"FUCK ALL OF IT INTO THE BITCH!", someone yelled. With a shock, I
realized that it was me. Luke liked my command. He hooked my wife's legs
over his arms so she couldn't lower them or bring them together. Then he
pressed them up and back until her knees were touching her big tits. The
position tilted her vagina upward, turning it into a perfect target for
Luke's huge cock. It rammed straight down into the waiting hole. The
steel hard shaft sank easily and smoothly all the way to her cervix. The
huge cockhead thudded into the bottom of her cunt pushing her womb out of
the way. The final two inches of cock sank out of sight into my wife's
dilated pussy. All she could do was groan and grunt and take the hard
fucking he was giving her. Her heels began to jerk wildly in midair as she
exploded into another orgasm.

A moment after Luke's cock had disappeared into the my wife's cunt, Carl
exploded down my wife's throat. "AH FUCK! TAKE IT YOU HOT BITCH. I'M
CUMMING..OOHHHH SHITTTT." There was no way Gail could do anything but take
it. His cock was all way down her throat and the load was shooting
straight into her belly. Both men were pounding my wife's holes at both
ends. She had 19 inches of cock in her. As Carl pulled his cock out of my
wife's mouth, the semen formed a long strand from the cock tip to her lips.
As he backed away, it broke and fell to the floor.

Again, I looked between Luke's legs to where his massive organ was
relentlessly fucking in and out of my wife's cunt Luke was driving it into
the depths of her sex channel. He spread Gail even wider and rammed
himself into the wet, froth-covered hole hard and fast. It stretched
around his girth. All 10 inches of cock were f***ed into my wife again and
again. Her tongue lolled out of her wide open mouth. I could hear the
dull thud of his cock hitting my wife's cervix on every stroke. She
grunted continuously in response to the male organ nailing her to the bed.

Suddenly Luke stopped pumping. He let his cock soak in my wife's juices
for a moment, the head buried deep, rammed up against her womb. Her held
it there. Not moving. Gail began to moan. Then her hips began humping
against her lover's body. She urged him to fuck her. He just smiled down
at her and flexed his cock making her moan even louder. She begged him.
"Please do it to me... oohhh gawd... let me cum..PLEASE.. FUCK ME..

Finally, he took pity on the begging slut. He fucked her harder than
ever, ramming in hard, driving strokes that slammed into the very bottom of
her cunt. My wife's high heels were now above his head jerking back and
forth as he pounded her hips into the bed. Luke started to grunt. He
planted himself all the way into my wife on every thrust. I wanted him to
cum in her, to empty himself into her cunthole.

LUKE. USE MEEEEEEEE.", my wife screamed.

He did. A minute later I saw his buttocks contracting. His strokes
shortened and he rammed in deep, held it, pulled back slightly, rammed in
deep again, over and over. I knew his cock was expanding inside my wife's
sex hole, jerking and throbbing. Everyone heard Luke grunt as he unloaded
into the female hole.

"FUCK HER..CUM IN THE WHORE", a woman yelled. The first gush of semen
probably filled what empty space there was inside Gail's pussy because the
excess was f***ed upward until it spewed out of her tightly plugged vagina.
Again, I saw Luke's ass muscles clench as he pumped more cum into the
waiting, open hole. Semen was running down my wife's ass crack and pooling
on the bed. I saw Gail tighten her thighs about her lover and knew she was
squeezing her cunt around his cock to milk more of his load. It was Luke's
turn to moan at the intense sensation this created. In response, his butt
clenched several more times ejecting more cum into my wife. He continued
to shoot for almost 30 seconds. Then his fuck motions slowed and finally

When Luke dismounted from my wife, her legs fell to the bed. She lay
there unmoving, her legs spread wide open. Carl and Luke were apparently
finished using my wife. Both of them put on their pants and wandered out
of the room. I followed them out as did a few of the others. At the door,
I looked back at the bed where another guy was mounting my wife. When she
felt his weight on her, she steepled her knees and raised her feet off the
bed. I watched as he got into position between her thighs. She moaned
loudly when the cock entered her pussy. He slid his hands under my wife's
ass to get her into better position and began to fuck her in smooth steady
strokes. I needed a drink.

I nursed my drink at the bar for awhile before deciding to see what else
was happening. There were still a lot of couples on the dance floor. Each
man was freely exploring the female body pressed against him. Many of the
women had their tits out. Skirts and dresses were hiked high exposing a
lot of thighs. A few had their skirts up around their hips. Those women
usually had male hands inside their panties.

Half of the couches and love seats were occupied. On one couch, a
middle-aged woman was chatting with a much younger girl. They looked
alike. Both were somewhat overweight with large tits. Both wore a
miniskirt that didn't do much to conceal their fleshy thighs. The better
part of their tits were exposed by the plunging necklines of their
sweaters. The older woman saw me staring at her exposed thighs and breasts.
She smiled at me. I smiled back without taking my eyes off her thighs.
That seemed to excite her and she pulled her skirt even higher. The
younger woman saw what was happening and she followed suit, pulling her
skirt higher.

I got hard again and they both saw my bulge about the same time. They
licked their lips, and I motioned for them to show me more. They both
laughed but didn't show any more. Again I motioned for them to spread
wider with the same result.

This teasing continued for awhile. We even began to chat. After
chatting for 30 minutes or so, I learned that Sera and Terri were mother
and daughter, 41 and 19, and they learned that I was Gail's husband. "Are
you shocked", Sera asked.

"A little, I guess. This is very new to us."

Now it was Terri's turn to be surprised. "You mean your wife has never
done this before", she said.

"Never. This is the first time."

"It must have really blown you away to see her being fucked by those
monster cocks", Sera said with a sexy smile.

"Yeah, it did. I'm still hard from watching."

Two black guys had been listening to the conversation and taking in the
plump thighs and tits on the two women. They saw I wasn't getting anywhere
fast and decided to speed things up. They came up behind them, leaned over
and began kissing their necks and cheeks. At the same time four big black
hands cupped four big tits. The women turned to see who it was. As soon
as they opened their mouths to say something, they were covered by two male
mouths and filled by two large tongues. I saw Sera's mouth open even wider
to admit the tongue. Her daughter did the same. Both women began to
squirm. Their squirming increased when they felt their tits being taken
out. Four big tits were quickly exposed and cupped as the kisses deepened.

The men began to squeeze and pull on their nipples. Sera and Terri
threw their shoulders back and thrust their breasts forward. I could see
their nipples bulging as they were squeezed harder and harder. The women
began to thrash around. I thought they must be trying to make the men stop
until I noticed they were shoving their tits out as far as they could and
both women were beginning to moan. The black studs began twisting their
nipples. Two female chests heaved with excitement and mounting passion.
"The man over there wants to see your cunts. Get your legs up and open!",
came the command. This time there was no hesitation.

I felt my cock getting even harder when Sera put her heels up on the
couch and spread herself wife open. Her thin panties were so wet that they
did little to conceal the thick lips of her pussy and the triangle of pubic
hair above her clit. Terri pulled her legs into the air, bent her knees,
and yanked them wide apart. She wore no panties and her shaved cunt
gleamed with her excitement.

Four nipples were twisted harder. Sera gasped in pain/excitement,
"AAahhhhhh gawd...aaahh". Her back arched, thrusting her tits up and out.
Her stud twisted and pulled her nipples even harder. She moaned in pain,
but at the same time, her hips started to hump up and down in wild fuck

The guy working on Sera pulled his lips off hers, pushed her onto her
back on the couch and suctioned her tits into his mouth biting the nipples
in the process. Sera began begging him not to do it so hard, but her body
heaved in uncontrolled lust. He bit the nipple and a scream erupted from
her mouth. "AAAEEE.. GGHHH.. NOOO..
her even harder. She struggled to get her legs free. As soon as they
were, she snapped them into the air and spread them wide on either side of
the stud working on her tits. The action caused her skirt to rise up to
her hips.

The guy removed his mouth from Sera's tortured nipples. They were
bright red, throbbing, swollen to twice their normal size. He slapped her
left tit sharply. Then her right one. Then again, even harder. Sera
seemed to be on the verge of an orgasm. Her hips were ramming against her

The powerful black stud sat up on the couch causing Sera's eyes to widen
in surprise and disappointment. This quickly vanished when she was f***ed
face down over the a male lap. She squirmed wildly but did not try to
escape. The black guy looked at me. "Help me, Man. Help me get this
slut's panties off."

I didn't have to be asked twice. With her skirt up around her waist, it
was easy to get my fingers under the waistband and strip the panties down
her thighs. They were wet and the crotchband was sunk inside her slit.
Her pussy lips clung to the garment as I pulled it out of her, down her
thighs, and over her heels.

"Thanks, Man". Sera shrieked with pain/pleasure as a large, powerful
hand descended on her butt. WHACK! Then three more: WHACK! WHACK!
WHACK! Sera howled with pain, but her legs spread wider exposing her wet
trench for everyone to see. Her ass cheeks were turning a bright red. One
couple and two men had moved closer to the couch and were now watching.
The men were all playing with the woman's tits and ass. One had his hand
under her skirt. The humping motions of the woman's hips made it obvious
that she was being finger fucked.

Sera's spanking continued. She began to beg and cry for him to stop,
but every time he raised his hand, she would arch her hips high to make her
ass a perfect target. "She's cumming. Look at her butt clenching. You're
making her cum!" I yelled. Everyone saw that I was right. The woman's
butt cheeks were clenching..then relaxing..then clenching again..over and
over as she came.

I pushed my hand between her thighs, pressed it against her cunt and
felt her hole contracting and throbbing. "I can feel her cunt throbbing",
I informed her lover who spanked her shapely female ass hard several more
times. Sera screamed loudly, "OHHHH I'M CUMMINGG!"

Meanwhile, the other black stud had gotten Terri bent over the back of
the couch where she had her legs wide open with her head almost on the seat
of the sofa. Her "fuck-me" heels arched her ass high in the air completely
exposing her cunt and the throbbing clit. The stud put his hand under her
and took the erect shaft between two fingers. He squeezed it hard and
Terri grunted like a sow. When he began to jack the clit like it was a
small cock, a stream of cunt juice squirted out of her. That caused him to
work her clit even harder. Two more squirts burst out into the air.

Terri was howling like banshee now as she came and squirted in front of
everyone. Then, the black began spanking her ass.. WHACK
shoot through her vagina and clit, she squirted again, and then collapsed
into a helpless heap across the back of the couch, her body convulsing in a
series of hard spasms.

Sera's stud had now mounted her. His cock was out. I looked like it
more than 8 inches long and thick. He carefully fitted the big head into
the woman's cuntal opening. When the lips had closed over the head, he
shifted his weight and got ready to fuck the wet, open sex hole. Sera was
cupping her tits while she waited to be fucked. Her hips rotated in sexual

The guy working on Terry had whacked her ass hard and ordered her to
arch her ass up in the air. She complied with the order immediately. She
reached back and guided the cock into her pussy.

At the same moment, both hard, black cocks rammed into the soaked, wet,
slick vaginas. Mother and daughter groaned in unison. "He's fucking me,
Mom", Terri announced. "Me too. Me too.. someone is fucking me too!",
her mother yelled.

I watched as the cocks were thrust in and out of the two women. Terri
screamed she was cumming. "This one is cumming too", Sera's fucker
announced. They fucked in and out of the throbbing female holes. The guy
in Sera grunted, "I'm gonna cum in her". Almost before he got the words
out, the other black stud began ejaculating into Terri's waiting cunt. As
soon as the first load was in her sex pit, he told everyone he was shooting
in the second load. He kept everyone fully informed when he injected the
third and fourth spurts. Both men kept their cocks buried in mother and
daughter's holes until their erections ebbed.


I watched several more couples fucking until it was almost midnight. I
thought we should be going so I made my way toward the back of the club
where I had left my wife. I didn't really expect to find my wife still
there, but she was. Only now she was on all fours on the same mattress. A
large pillow had been placed under belly and hips to elevate her buttocks
high. She kept her knees spread wide so that both of her sex holes were
fully exposed. She still wore her 5 inch heels but nothing else. She had
her legs bent so that her heels were pointed straight up. Her dress was no
where in sight.

An oriental guy, I thought Japanese, was on her. He was mounted high on
my wife's hips so that he could drive his cock straight down into her
asshole. His cock looked to be a little over 6 inches and average girth.
Gail was taking all of it easily. The guy was hammering it all the way in
on every stroke, his balls bouncing off her pussy as he fucked her. She
had her hand between her thighs working her clit and was obviously enjoying
the fuck. She grunted like a whore on every thrust.

He was talking to her: "Arch your ass higher, Whore" His cock rammed
into the hilt. She moaned. "Squeeze your ass on my cock, you white slutty
Bitch". I saw Gail's buttocks contract as she did as he ordered. He
reached around my wife's chest and squeezed her tits as he fucked her

Gail gasped and told him that she was cumming. "Cum in me", she

"Where do you want my load, Slut?"

"In my ass, please, in my ass."

He began to fuck my wife with rapid, deep strokes until he was about to
shoot. "HERE IT COMES, WHORE. OPEN YOUR ASS FOR IT!" I watched as he
filled my wife's ass with his load.

I waited outside the room until the Japanese guy left. I decided to
wait a moment to let her compose herself and get some clothes on if she
could find any. That was a mistake. Two more young guys entered. They
didn't look like they were 18. I waited for 10 minutes or so and then went
back into the room. My wife was still mounted on the fuck pillow. One of
the teenagers was getting ready to put his cock into her ass.

I couldn't suppress a gasp when I saw it. Her asshole was gaping open,
a huge round hole that could probably have taken my fist. The teenager had
a much bigger cock than the Japanese man. But even so, he had no problem
fitting the head into my wife's gaping hole. She was so awash with
lubricant and cum that he sank all the way into her on the first thrust.
Then he began fucking her like a battering ram. He jackhammered his cock
in and out of her driving her body into the mattress on every thrust.

I would have stopped him if I had not heard my wife telling him how good
it was. "ooohhhhh gawd... that's the way... yesss.. yes.. it
to me...fuck me...fuck me hard...oohhhhh you gonna make me cum... screw
me..screw me harder... asss... you're in my
assss....fuck it...Baby..fuck it hard."

I thought the guy would surely cum very fast, but he must have fucked a
lot of women during the evening because he had good staying power even when
my wife exploded in a hard climax. He even pulled his cock out of her as
she was cumming so we could all see her cunt and assholes throbbing,
opening and closing, as they contracted in hard spasms.

His buddy took the opportunity to get his cock into my wife. He pushed
his friend aside and got into position to fuck. He decided to use her
cunt. My wife apparently appreciated having a big male organ back in her
pussy instead of her asshole. "OOOhhhhh thank you..thank
you...aaahhhhhhhhh...that feels sooooo damn good in my cunt...fuck
it..please fuck it hard."

I went outside and waited. Fifteen minutes later they were still
hammering my wife. I went back in and found teenager number 2 on his back
on the bed with Gail sitting on him, his cock deep inside her ass while
teenager number 1 was now enjoying her cunt. They had struck a steady
rhythm, both cocks in deep, both cocks pulled out, then back in...back and
forth. My wife was babbling incoherently, her mouth wide open, her tongue
out, saliva running down her chin. Her eyes flew open while I watched.
Then clenched shut. Tongue lashed her top lip. She was cumming again.
That was too much for the embedded cocks. They both exploded cum into her
holes at nearly the same time.

This time I stayed in the room while the two teenagers pulled their
pants back on and left. On the way out, one of them advised me that I
ought to take a turn in the whore because she was one really hot fuck. My
wife had collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily, her tits rising and
falling as she struggled to get her breath back. Her legs splayed wide
open, streams of male semen running from both sex holes. I noticed dried
cum on her tits, on her belly, on her face, in her hair, spread throughout
her pubic hair. It was even pooled in her navel.

Somehow, I managed to find her dress in heap in the corner of the room.
I pulled Gail to her feet and she smiled at me, "Hello, Honey. Wanna fuck
me?" "Later", I said. "Why wait? I'm a hot fuck. Don't you want some?
Or are you totally fucked out by now?" "No, I haven't fucked anyone yet. I
promised you, remember?" I don't think she believed me.

We went to the door, my wife still covered in cum and sweat. "I'll go
get the car and bring it around for you. Wait here." It took me four or
five minutes to find where we had parked the car five hours earlier. I
drove up to the front door of the club, and waited for my wife to come out.
I continued to wait but she didn't show up.

Finally, Gloria came out, leaned in the window, and said, "You may as
well come on back in. It's going to be awhile. They're fucking her

Gloria and I went back inside and I saw Gail on one of the couches, one
leg up on the back of the couch, the other spread out with the heel on the
floor. The black guy between her thighs was the same one who had fucked
Sera earlier. Now his ass rose and fell between my wife's open thighs. I
could hear the wet squishing sounds as his big cock slugged in and out of
my wife's vagina. As I watched, her legs rose up into the air, her heels
jerking back and forth in time to his thrusts. A few minutes later, they
both began to grunt, then the fucking slowed and stopped. I wondered if
the guy had any cum left to shoot into my wife.

When her lover had dismounted, I asked, "Are you ready to go now?" "I
guess so", came the reply. I was about to pull her to her feet when a
young boy tapped me on the shoulder. He couldn't have been more than 14.
"Can I fuck her?", he asked.

"You're too young to even be in here", I replied.

"My Dad owns this place. If the doors are locked, we're officially
closed and I can be here", he explained. I didn't know what to say, so I
didn't say anything. Finally, a well-tanned guy, about 40, said, "I'm his
Dad. It's ok. The doors are locked."

The boy took my silence for a "yes". Taking off his clothes, he moved
to the couch where my wife waited. The k** had a nice cock, maybe 7 inches
or so, very hard since Gail was his first of the night. Gail smiled at
him. "I've never been fucked by a 18 year old guy, Honey. I can't wait!
Get on me. Fuck me good, Baby. Make me cum."

He did, once, while he was shooting one big load into my wife's cunt,
and then a second time, when he turned her over and entered her ass where
he came in her a second time.

This time I led Gail out to the parking lot and got her into the car.
She sprawled out on the seat, her legs gaping wide open, cum soaking her

She was too tired to fuck any more when we got back to our room. She
fell onto the bed and was totally out within a minute. So, I never did get
my cock into a single woman for the entire night. It took me two hours to
fall asl**p with my raging hard on. I would have jacked off but that
seemed just too embarrassing. I think I must be the only man ever to spend
almost 6 hours in a swing club without ever getting into a woman. Sort of
depressing to think about. Needless to say, I don't tell my friends about
this experience.

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