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Me & My Mom Hot In Home

Me & My Mom Hot In Home

Hello Today I’m going to share with you my hot experience with my mom, Ok let me first tell you about me I’m Akshay I’m 18 and my mom Sheela is 40 but she still maintained herself well she is having snow fair boobs and pink pussy lips and my dad who is 45 so we 3 live in a medium house of new Delhi, My experience begins like this, As my father is a business man so he need to go for foreign trip for a week or so and me and my mom remains home, it usually last about a week but this time it’s about 1 month so me and my mom was again left home everything went in a same way as it should.

My mom is having bit problem of lower back pain which happens quiet often so she use to take an oil massage from my dad but since my dad was out she asked me to do so I was like ok i will do it but in return you have to make pav bhaji next morning she was like ok i will do it, so i asked her to lay down till that day i was like ok she is fine but my view changed that day, as i have to oil her i asked to lay on bed in such a manner that her breast is on bed and lower back portion toward me she did then she raised her kamiz (as she was wearing salwar kamiz)

And I was stunned looking her shape lower back and her boobs were slightly visible the snow white boobs looks so sexy but I remained silent and then I started giving her massage. Her kamiz was raised up to the level where bra straps so I willingly touches it as to show that its creating problem but she did not respond then she asked me to massage bit lower in pain area when was massaging there I willingly move my hand bit lower and a time came when I can feel her panty straps but when I looked her face she did not show any emotions so I started oiling in such a way that oil was actually sliding down to her ass but she did not respond and that day I massaged her for about 1 hour

Next day I masturbate twice thinking about my mom waist size her boos and feel of panty and was waiting about night to come so she could ask me to massage her again, and the time came now this time she asked me come in room in 5 min to give massage but as I couldn’t wait, I reached there in just 2 min and I opened the door. I was stunned looking that my mom was standing in just bra at top and salwar in bottom and I was staring at her big snowy boobs she noticed me soon staring her big boobs so she complained i asked you to come after 5 min and why you came so early

I said sorry then she asked me to close door I was like I saw heaven about 2 min later she asked me to come in room when I entered I saw light were off when I asked her reason she did not replied as usual she laid on bed as breast on bed and back upward I started giving her upper back massage first so raised my hand bit upper so I could touch her bra but I was surprised there was no bra then she replied I was removing it when you entered room as it was creating problem yesterday I stay silent then I go to lower back when I tried to go deeper there was no panty

I could feel her butts lining I was happy, then she replied “lower back me hi massage karoge ya upar bhe” she was smiling naughty then she said your hand are full of oil why don’t you massage me in front I felt like its bit uncommon but I did that with full hearted…and that day I massaged her for about 1 hour then the third climax day came as usual I was waiting for the night and night came this night I reached near to bed she raise her kamiz but today when I was massaging her upper back I felt something it was bra strap when I touched it twice she said is it creating problem

I said not much which she replied please open the hook at back and i was like in heaven it took me no time to open her bra from back i massaged her there and after when i was massaging her down her panty strap was touching me and I was trying to make panty lower but she soon noticed so she said you want me to make it lower I stayed silent and she moved it bit lower and now i again could touch her sexy butt linings her butt were huge and soft and I was enjoying them by pressing time to time

Then she asked me to massage her in front then I started massaging forward as her bra hook was open so her bra just over her breast and she need to hold it I started her massaging on stomach this time first I went little lower and again i tried to bit deeper and this time I could feel her hair of pussy when I see her face i saw a naughty smile but i didn’t respond then when I was massaging her stomach portion I was touching her boobs and time came when her one boob

Was clearly visible she noticed i was seeing it so she continued earlier you use to suck the same thing which I felt ashamed and i said her sorry but without my expectation she said you already saw it last time when you entered the room and moreover it’s a part of body and you should not be sorry for that then she asked do you want see again but i remain silent and then i was on cloud 9 she removed her bra slowly and slowly first I saw the lower portion of white boobs then I noticed the pink nipple and I could not stop myself from looking at that but

My mom asked are you going to see it whole day or you going to massage me then again I started massaging as till now my mother removed her kamiz completely so she was half naked in front me and i was massaging her my tool raise and raised such that it was visible from my pajama but I keep on massaging her and willingly massaging her around her boobs I could feel her breath was getting deeper her nipples were raised till the time i could understand something she hold my tool in her and said “bhot bada ho gay” let me see it as i showed you one thing now it’s your chance to show me I was so ready that on no time

I showed her my tool and she replied “dikhne me badah ya kuch karta bhe h” which I replied “karta to bhot kuch h”then she started licking my penis and started giving me a blow job and I could feel her throat touching my penis her tongue sliding through my penis i was liking that very much I said her i was about to cum but she said I’m strong lady i could drink it all and do she did she drank my whole cum by now i could see spots on her salwar and i asked “mere Bari kab aayegi” and she replied “ruk beta aayegi” and she opened her salwar and pink panty which was already wet when she opened he panty

I was in heaven she was having clean pussy no spot of hair her pussy lips were so pink as someone colored it her ass was shaved too when I asked do you shave she said no I use hair removing cream, now she was completely naked In front of me she no longer look 40 without cloth she just look 20 and I was stunned looking her body it was like waiting for me to enjoy it so I moved lower and she opened her legs the smell of her pussy made me go wild and when I started licking it the taste of her pre cum made me even wilder and I started licking her so wildly that she started screaming ummmmm…..

Ahhhhhhhhh… slowwww…. Babyy…. Ahhhhh…. Please… slow……I started drinking her pussy i was enjoying it so much that she reached the Cumming stage and cum on me but I drank the whole of it then she replied you are strong man i asked i never fucked someone let’s try she replied “madarchod dekhti Hu kisme jyada dam h tere baap me ya tujme” and then i entered my big tool into her pink soft vagina it smell was making me rock and then started moving front and back she started screaming ohhhhhh madarchodddd….

Teraa… bhotttt… badaaaa… hhhhh… aaarammm….. see… and we changed position and this time she sit like bitch raised her vagina toward me and her hands on bed and knee on bed and then again I started fucking her and in last she wants to do riding so I laid on bed with my strong penis toward roof and then she opened her pussy and sat on my penis it completely fixed in and she started jumping an screaming” le tu bhe madarchod ban gay le chodna than a muje chod apni maaa ko chood beta chood madarchod” and then I also started moving my penis up and low and she started scream uuhhhhh…… maaaza …. Aaaa… rhaaaa… hhhhh…

Chod beta chod bann madarchod….. ahhhhhh.. ohhhhhh….and last i asked her that I am about cum so she said” madarchod ja aaj pura chod de muje to chood” and we both cum about the same time i cum a load of it and it gave me blackout and i got kind of fainted in my mom and mom replied this is it you are weak guy I replied now what then she said you fucked me in mouth and vagina but still one hole is left and I was like are you sure she said earlier I was not sure whether my own c***d will fuck me but now things has changed

I never fucked myself in ass so you are the first one to unlock my ass I said ok but my penis was tired so she said let me raise your penis and she started kissing me on lips taking my penis in her breast and moving it and then I got bit excited and is started sucking her white boobs with light pink nipple they were so soft as cotton or air is filled in them and within 5 min we both go so excited that we were ready mom brought some butter and I put some on penis and in her ass her ass hole was so small so I was bit afraid but she said go on and

I slowly put my half penis and her ass completely hold my penis it was tight sol I was liking it and then I stared move to and fro but she scream wait. Alow… this… is… my… first… time…. And so I took out my penis there was little bl**d so she asked me to wait she brought serve spoon whose back end was round and big I slowly entered in her ass and she said it would take 10 min to get ready till the time we both must have a hot water bath my mom pour some water in bath tub and we booth took bath together
while playing with each other then I complained

I also want to remove my ass and penis hair so she prepared veet hair removing cream and put on my penis and ass hair with her boobs her this activity actually made me recharged we both started pre cum so we had sex again in bath tub in 5min I got rid of my hairs then again we both took hot water bath in bath tub but this time I masturbated her with serve spoon and she masturbated me with her white soft boobs and we both come out and then she applied some oil and I took serve spoon from her ass and there was some bl**d but she said it is ok so I applied some butter

And put my half penis in her big butted soft ass it was giving a feel of fucking virgin girl so it started and she said don’t stop now once you start so first I gave a small jerk and my most of penis was inside and then I gave big jerk and she screamed ohhhhhh…….my godddddd…… I asked is she ok she replied in just one day you have made me whore slut as you have fucked me thousand ways and now you are asking me am I ok go on so I went on she kept on screaming but I didn’t stop ass I was enjoying her soft ass and

I cum inside and then she said ok let me go as I have to prepare food but by now I was no longer want to leave her so she said let me go but then I slapped her and hold her hands tight I put spoon in her face and tied her on bed she was like fish out of water and now I took her breast I sucked them I masturbated my self by putting my penis in her breast and again I masturbated in her vagina I made her masturbate twice and at last I was tired so I opened her she said you made me slut and now ****d me you are nice guy I liked it after that we had sex many times together and sometime hardcore but we both just wait our father to go out.

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