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Over me

Hello, I am Anja and live in a partnership with Hanna. I love her really, but from time to time I need change. She accept this and also my other predilections. I do not quell them with it. For this I search for myself other partners. However, love I do only her!! Sometimes she watches if I have visit... She likes this.
While I enjoy myself, besides, Hanna sits and watches, sometimes she does photos, she never reaches in the events.
Always I hear when she comes, because she comes loudly. She wants that I hear them, because that is her dear proof!
And I answer to her even more loudly...
Since I also love them....
Up to the first time when it has got me.
Hanna is 100% of lesbian, I am bi. From time to time I need one-night stand, something hard and living between my thighs or also something unusual, according to desire and mood.
Hanna went to their shift and should also stay the whole night.
I was just riding on a fully delivered 20 cm of my lover as the door opens and Hanna walked in. I solidified and got out no tone. The whole masculinity of my engraver collapsed in itself and slipped out from my pussy. Hanna came up to me, kissed me on the mouth and said only - I nicely you, do please go on.
I looked at them still shoked, solidifies and flabbergasted, there she kissed me one more time, smiled and said with shaky voice: if it acts please, it acts for me ...-
Unfortunately, did not become from it, because the wide one searched my lovers.
For it I discovered at this night an other, miraculous side of my Hanna.

later more....

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