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Young love

At the tender age of 14 back in 1965 at my high school I had my first sexual experience.One of my friends loved to show off to his girlfriend by wearing next to nothing in the gym.He knew that her form paraded past and stopped at a certain time during P.E. lessons.She could see him in the gym every day at that time.He used to roll up his white shorts at the legs and roll down the elastic waist band.In the changing room we were meant to keep our under pants on but he always took his off and put his shorts back on.He was well defined a real looker with long blonde hair that he flicked back all the time.
He was a star at P.E and very fast.He was always barefoot and very physical.I began to fancy him and loved when our bodies touched.He was taken by his girlfriend though and wanted to know any information on her from anyone.
In the summer I saw them together in a field behind the playing fields behind some trees in a rougher area.He had undressed her and she was undressing him.They were completly naked and I saw him enter her.She screamed and slapped his face,then they both settled down and she started moaning.She put her tongue down his throat and wrapped her legs around his pelvis.He did a really good job on her for ages.I had never seen anyone do this before.They were so young and so horny at only 14 years old.He was a really sexy well defined boy and she was very attractive.

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