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The Wrong Bus (Part 1)

I read the rules but this story is one of my favorite fantasies that I could never write better myself. I'm including the writes info as I want to make sure they get credit. I'll post the other parts later. Have fun with this first part.

The Wrong Bus (Part 1)
By Sissy Trisha

Here I was laid over a man's lap wearing nothing but my frilliest
pink Rumba panties and a matching pink bra. I had only met the man by
accident on the bus a few hours ago. I would never have guessed that
I would now be calling him Master and he now had enough on me to ruin
my life. Perhaps I should start at the beginning and the decision
this morning that ultimately led me to where I was now.

I had woken this morning like I usually do for work but I was
feeling a bit adventurous today. I decided instead of my normal
underwear I was going to wear my newest secret acquisitions to work.
I slipped on my brand new hot pink Rumba panties they had rows and
rows of white lace all across the butt. When I had seen them on E-Bay
I knew I had to have them. I then picked out a matching pink lace bra
that I thought went with the panties perfectly. It had a cute little
bow between the cups and where the straps met the cups, it was very
girly. I admired myself for a few moments in the mirror knowing full
well I looked like a man in panties and bra. I didn't care I loved
the way I looked and how my lingerie made me feel like a little
sissy. I quickly dressed for work wearing my usual jeans and shirt
but slipping a sweater on over my shirt after noticing my bra clearly
showed through my shirt. I noticed the time and ran out the door to
catch my bus to work.

I spent the day convinced people could see the lace of my panties or
the outline of my bra even though I knew they couldn't. At the end of
the day I was a bit paranoid and very excited by what for me had been
a very adventurous day up to that point. Little did I know what was
to come!

I got on my bus as usual to head home and read a sissy story and
masturbate into my panties. The previous bus had apparently broken
down however and the one I got on was very crowded. Each stop we went
to seemed like more people were getting on and no one was getting off
until we were starting to feel like sardines. This isn't usually a
problem but when you are convinced people can see your lingerie and
afraid someone will bump into you and feel your bra it is very nerve

Suddenly the bus was stopping and we were all pushed forward and my
worst nightmare came true. I felt a man's hand and weight on my back
bracing himself from the sudden stop. Once we had stopped his hand
didn't move from my back! I felt his fingers outlining first my
shoulder strap and then the rest of my bra. I shifted and began to
try and move forward hoping to get off the bus and away. As soon as I
moved however I felt his fingers wrap around my bra strap holding me
in place. The next thing I knew he was whispering in my ear "I bet
that is a very pretty bra you are wearing and you're told." and I
froze. We rode on in silence for several more stops his hand never
leaving my back. Finally his hand left my back and he pulled the
signal for the bus to stop. I hoped that this was the end of it and I
swore to myself never to do this again. No such luck though, I felt
his hand on my shoulder gently pushing me towards the bus door. "This
is your stop isn't it?" he said. I didn't respond but followed his
direction out of the bus.

I looked around and saw no one at all. I felt the man reach into my
back pocket and take my wallet. I reached back to stop him and found
myself face first into the brick side of a house. I turned around and
for the first time got a look at the man. I immediately realized I
stood no chance of physically over powering him. He stood 6' 1" and
obviously worked out a lot from the looks of the muscles on his arms.
He slipped my wallet into his jacket and I knew I was lost.

"Well sissy what is your name?"

"John" I said

"Stupid bitch what is your sissy name? Oh never mind your name is
Trisha in public and Sissy or slut or bitch or whatever I choose to
call you in private from now on and when you speak to me you call me
Sir or Harold Sir in public and Master Harold in private. Do you
understand Trisha?"

"Look man I don't know ..." I only got that far before he had
slapped me hard enough to knock me off my feet.

"Hmmm, not a quick learner then are you Trisha? What did I tell you
to call me not 2 seconds ago?"

I looked up at him with my eyes tearing up from the blow as he
raised his hand again "Sir you told me to call you sir."

Lowering his hand "Good girl now get up and let's get going and take
that stupid sweater off."

"But if I take the sweater off people will be able to see my bra,
Sir," I complained

"I don't care what they see. I told you to do it, now do it! I will
let it go this time but you need to learn to do what your told."

I still make no move to remove my sweater and the next thing I know
he has the sweater half pulled off of me. My arms are caught up in
the sleeves and I can't do a thing but let the sweater get pulled
over my head and off. I am left standing there in my white button
shirt that clearly shows my pink lacey bra for everyone to see. Just
then a couple walks around the corner to my horror. The man glances
at me and I immediately see his eyes go to my bra and him nudge the
woman with him in my direction. The woman immediately snickers and
comments as they walk by that I should never wear pink lingerie under
a white blouse. My face flushes with shame as Sir pushes me ahead of
him and we head up the street.

"Just keep heading up the street Trisha I will tell you when to
stop. It is a very pretty bra and I bet your panties match it don't

"Yes, Sir they do," I sulkily replied as two men walked pass me
commenting that it certainly was a nice bra.

"Don't be sulky girl, you and I are going to have a lot of fun
together. Well I am going to have a lot of fun with you and I suppose
it is up to you whether you have fun as well. I have been looking for
a sissy boy like you for a long time. I had seen you on the bus
before and thought perhaps, but was never sure about you. Today
though I saw how nervous you were and wondered, then I noticed just a
touch of pink panty showing from the top of your jeans. I made sure
to be behind you and luckily the bus gave me my excuse to check for
your bra. I knew you were the one as soon as I felt your bra."

"What are you going to do with me, Sir?"

"Oh I have many things that I would like to do with you Sissy but I
don't want to ruin the surprise. Stop here, this is my house." I
watch as he unlocks and opens the door then reaches over and pushes
me gently through it. I hear the door being locked behind me. "Strip
sissy and let me see your pretty lingerie." I again hesitated and
began to protest but before I could get a word out I was once again
knocked off my feet as he slapped me. "I explained this to you
before, bitch, you are to do what you are told and do it immediately.
That just earned you your first real punishment; now get out of those
clothes!" I quickly stripped until I was standing there in only my
panty and bra feeling humiliated and ashamed. At that moment I heard
the camera go off and saw the flash. Well that did it he had my
wallet with my driver's license and my business cards in it and now
he had photos of me in women's lingerie, I was truly fucked.

He then picked up all my clothes and told me not to move as he
walked off down a hallway, leaving me standing in the entranceway. I
hardly had a chance to look around when I heard him coming back
before he called out to me "Turn around and put your hands behind
your back sissy."

I slowly put my hands behind my back and immediately my wrists had
cuffs wrapped round them and where secured together. Then I felt him
putting a collar around my neck and clipping a very short chain from
it to my wrists. The chain f***ed me to hold my head up so that I
could not look down any more. Then I heard that camera again, he was
taking pictures of me bound up. Despite myself I felt my cock
stirring and beginning to push against my panties.

"Ah I see my little sissy likes being tied up."

"No, Sir I don't."

"Ah but your little clit tells a different story now doesn't it?" he
says as he reaches out and squeezes my cock through my panties. "Now
let's go into the living room and we can finish getting you dressed
and then I am going to explain your new life to you."

He attaches a leash to front of my collar and pulls me along into
the living room and tosses a few items, that he was still holding on,
to the couch. He sits down on the couch and pulls hard on my leash
till I am kneeling in front of him. He then grabs what looks like a
ring and f***es it between my teeth and then secures it with some
straps behind my head. I try to close my mouth and realize that I
can't the ring wont let me move my jaw closed at all. He smiles at me
and says, "So pretty like that with you mouth wide open waiting to be
filled. Sadly we need to fill it with something other then my cock
for now." With that he grabs a large rubber cock and shoves it into
my open mouth securing it to the ring. I find myself having to suck
on it to keep from drowning in my own saliva.

"Now then one more thing and we can get on with your new life." He
pushes me face down onto the couch. I feel my panties being pulled
down and some lubricant being spread between my cheeks. The next
thing I feel is a searing pain as I feel my ass being split in two as
Master shoves a butt plug into me. The pain gets worse until I feel
the largest part enter my ass and it close around the end of it
securing the plug inside me. My panties are pulled back up and I am
let up from the couch and gently pushed down until I am kneeling
before my new Master.

Master stares down at me with a sinister grin: "Now sissy let me
explain your new life and the rules of it to you. First of all your
pathetic mundane little life is over and it and you belong to me, do
you understand?" I stare at him with a look of shock on my face and
nod my head yes. This act of submission draws a smile to his face for
the first time.

"Good girl, you are to do whatever anyone in this house tells you to
promptly and without question. In this house you the lowest rung on
the ladder, everyone is your superior. When you enter my house, you
will put on whatever is laid out for you, if nothing is laid out then
you will wear only your bra and panties. Which brings me to the last
rule: you will throw out all your boy underwear and from this day
forward you will at all times wear a bra and panties. Do you
understand?" I feel a tear welling up in my eyes as I solemnly nod my
head yes.

"Now then sissy if you follow the rules and do as you're told you
might just find that you enjoy your new life. You may not believe
this yet but I want you to enjoy yourself. It will be hard for you at
first until you learn to accept you position, but it is ultimately
what you need and best for you. If you don't do as you're told I
promise your punishments will be swift and you will regret having
made me punish you."

"Speaking of punishment you don't think I have forgotten about the
one you have earned already have you? In all the shock I had
forgotten about it myself. Now I want you to come up here and lay
yourself across my lap and take your punishment like a good girl."

Thoughts of making a run for it rush through my mind but where was I
to go? I was wearing only women's lingerie, plugged at both ends and
bound. He sees my hesitation and pats his lap telling me, "No sense
in trying to run girl, now get up here before you make it worse."

I resign myself to my predicament hoping that once I get out of here
I can get away but until then there is not much I can do. I struggle
to my feet and to my horror suddenly realize my cock had become hard
and was tenting out the front of my panties.

Master Harold is quick to notice this and points out that I must be
enjoying myself as he grabs my cock through the panties. He pulls me
onto the couch with it then grabs the leash hanging from my collar
and pulls me down and over his lap. For the first time since I was a
c***d I find myself about to receive a spanking. Master Harold pulls
down the back of my panties leaving my cock still encased in my
panties pinned between his lap and me.

The first spank is a shock but turns out to be simply a warm up for
him. He is soon alternating cheeks and pauses between each spank so
that I never know which side is next or when it will be coming. It
takes only a few spanks before I am tearing up and struggling and a
few more before I am sobbing like a little girl into my gag. I am
begging him to stop but all that comes out are muffled groans.

To my horror I realize that my struggles had done nothing more then
make him madder and make my cock harder as it rubbed against my
panties. Then the worst thing I could have imagined happened. The
feelings of being spanked, being utterly dominated of the panties
pinned between my cock and Master Harold's lap all overwhelmed me and
I was suddenly cuming in my panties.

Master Harold lands a few more blows to my battered behind before
stopping. I am still sobbing uncontrollably from the pain and
humiliation of the day as he rolls me off his lap and onto the floor.
He pulls my leash till once again I am kneeling before him.

"So my little sissy seemed to like her spanking did she?" I shake my
head violently no.

"This seems to demonstrate otherwise", he says as he rubs my cum
soaked panties into my crotch. "Now that you seem to have had some
fun it is time for you to take care of your Master isn't it?"

I stare blankly at him as he unbuttons his pants pulling his cock
out. I stare at it as he begins to rub it and it grows larger
obviously dwarfing mine. He reaches down and removes the cock gag but
leaves the ring forcing my mouth open in.

"Now then my little sissy slut have you ever had a cock in that
pretty little mouth of yours?" I shake my head no and begin to beg
him not to do this. He raises his hand to slap me and I immediately
stop talking. "So you can learn then? Good girl now I don't ever want
to hear you say no again. You are going to come over here and you are
going to be a good girl and suck a real man's cock unlike that
pathetic thing in your panties. You are going to suck it until I cum
down that pretty little throat of yours, do you understand?" I mumble
out of the ring gag as best as I can, "yes master."

Master Harold tugs my leash until my lips are only inches from his
cock. "Go on slut get to work!"

For the first time in my life I feel a cock pass my lips and into my
mouth. I just sit there stunned with a cock in my mouth doing nothing
for a moment. Resigning myself to the situation I decide to try and
get this over with. I begin to lick the underside of his cock and
feel the velvety softness of it and throbbing of the bl**d rushing
into it as it grows under my ministrations.

For just a moment I feel proud that I am exciting him then remind
myself I am being f***ed to suck this man's cock. I try to wrap my
lips around him and begin sucking his cock into my mouth remembering
all the blowjobs I had received and trying to do what I liked. Soon I
am leaning forward as best I can, bound as I was, and bobbing my head
up and down on his cock.

Then I feel his hands on the sides of my head holding me still and
he begins to slowly fuck my mouth. It is not long before he is
pressing farther and farther until he is bumping into the back of my
throat and entering it. This causes me to begin to gag so he pulls
back some and is soon pressing back into my throat. I hear him
telling me to swallow and I need to learn to take it down my throat
for him. He continues repeatedly pressing his cock down my throat
until I gag then pulling back out only to push down my throat again.

He continues this for a few minutes until I hear him begin grunting
and holding my head tighter. I feel his cock stiffen even more as he
pushes into my throat and I feel him begin to spurt his cum down my
throat. After the first shot he pulls back into my mouth and deposits
some there on his way out. Finally I am faced with his cock as it
spurts twice more onto my face. He finally lets go of my head and
leans back pushing me away from him. I fall back into my kneeling
position with his cum dripping down my face mixing with my tears and
swallow the load he left in my mouth.

I kneel there crying, my ass hurting from my spanking the front of
my panties soaked with my own cum and the taste of and feel of
Masters cum drying on my face. Master zips his pants back up and
leans over and removes the ring gag from my mouth and tells me that
soon I won't need the ring and I will be an expert li'l sissy
cocksucker. He pulls his camera out again and takes more pictures of
me, sending me into a fit of sobbing.

After I calmed down Master gets up off the couch and helps me to my
feet. He wipes the remaining cum from my face with his finger and
pushes it into my mouth. I suck his finger clean knowing that is what
he wants.

He smiles at me and says, "That's a good girl you are learning." I
blush with embarrassment at what I had just done. "Now my little girl
it is time for you to get home I think." He leaves and comes back
with my clothes, throwing them at my feet and removes my collar and
cuffs. I reach down for my clothes but am stopped by him spanking my
ass and telling me, "you have to ask for permission to get dressed."

I stare at him momentarily before saying, "please Master may I put
my clothes on?" He smiles and gives me permission to get dressed. I
pull my pants on feeling my still wet panties squish against me and
my ass ache as my jeans pass over them. Finally dressed he walks me
to the door and pushes me to my knees pulling my face to his crotch.

"When you say good bye sissy you are to kneel and kiss my cock and
wait for permission to leave". "Yes Master." I press my lips against
the bulge in his pants and kiss it.

"Master may I wash my face before I leave?" "No slut, you may not
wash your face until you shower tomorrow morning." "Yes Master."

"Now get home and don't forget what I told you." "Yes Master, get
rid of my boy underwear and I am to wear panties and a bra at all

"Good girl, now get going."

I walked out of his house not looking forward to the bus ride home
with dried cum on my face and wet panties. I didn't know what was
ahead of me in this new life but I knew that for now I was trapped in

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