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Hot one

I gave her a hard kiss on lips and asked to kiss me. She kissed and pushed her tongue in my mouth. It swiveled in saliva and started flowing out. She has worn a tight jeans and I was unable to go any where near her junction. She was talking in mild tone and wanted to go to next action. My dick was hard enough to bear her on it and so I asked her to get up. She stood and I was quick to pull down her jeans and panty to thighs. I caught her from back firmly and inserted my finger in her pussy. It was wet enough and I placed her cautiously on my dick focusing her pussy. I whispered in her ear to do from top. She jerked and I pushed from bottom. The jerk of the bus, the tight grip of the pussy on dick, my pressure on her pelvis and her vibrant action made us to cum soonI moved her top uptil her neck and I could see her bra. I kissed her bra, her neckline. I could see her prominent hard nipples through her bra. I bit her nipples through bra. Then she placed my right hand on her left tit and made my hand press there. I was squeezing her boobs now and then in a sec I moved up her bra and sucked her nipples like a small baby. She was moaning so heavily. I opened my eyes and saw her boobs. I could see a strand of hair on her right tit. I played with that hair with my lips. I was squeezing and licking both of her tits. Then I asked her to love me as well. She suddenly got up and pushed me on bed and ripped my t-shirt off. She started kissing me like mad. She started licking my nipples. She bit me so hard there, I could even see her teeth marks. She was licking my arms, my chest, my navel and my belly2ALL GIRLS IHAVE NIC BIG COCK[image][/image]

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