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How I spent New Year in hospital

I was sexually excited but rather nervous about my "appointment" last Sunday. Getting dressed up in the stockings and undies my doctor friend had bought me, and packing up my nightie and yet more undies in an overnight bag, got me really excited, but as the taxi got nearer and nearer to the hospital I guess my initial courage - the result of not having had sex for over a week - started to fail. None of the clinics were operating, and the hospital corridor where my friend's office was situated was in darkness. I knocked on his door and heard him call me in. Once inside his room, and I could see his smile, as well as his legs and chest, and I could feel his sexual desire and urgency, I began to get my horny feelings back again. He said he wanted to take me up to the seventh floor, where the best private rooms were situated. He was dressed in his white coat, with a stethoscope round his neck, and I followed him, like a real patient, to the lift and my hospital bedroom.
Once inside the bedroom, I noticed him lock the door behind us and I could feel my heart start pounding as I saw the hospital bed and the screens and the equipment. He said simply and quietly: "Get undressed Emily and put your nightie on". He watched me this time and I tried not to look at him as I removed my panties and put on the nightie. He asked me if I had been to wee for the last few hours, and I told him I hadn't been at all that morning. That seemed to excite him, and he came across and pulled up my nightie and put his stethoscope against my heart - fingering gently between my legs as he listened to my heart. He told me to get onto the bed, and he took off his pants and shirt and he got astride me - pressing his cock against my stomach. I really wanted to wee now. His cock was strong and fully erect and looked really good. For the first time I wanted to take it inside my mouth, and I reared up and took the end between my lips. It was at this moment that he told me to take off my knickers and sit above him, and ride backwards and forwards across his face. When I told him I couldn't hold my pee any more, he simply told me to let it go. He seemed to really enjoy it as it wet first his chest, and then his face. He licked at me and then put me on my back and entered me easily - the first thrust reaching up to the very top. We were both very happy as we fucked like crazy on that hospital bed.

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