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A learning experience...

I’ve never told anyone this story before. It still affects me.

When I first discovered online chat, I was bored and a little horny and discovered there were people online who talked about everything, including a lot of things I knew nothing about (not that I know about many of them firsthand now). When I figured out the protocol, I started participating and sharing some thoughts and desires that I had never discussed with “real people.” One time I was in a chat room where I had become the focus of two of the other guys in the room. I was paying more attention to the first guy, and when the second guy just sort of cut in and took over, virtually bending me over a chair and taking what he wanted. He described how he was stretching me out, which was just what I wanted to hear. He really excited me with the way he had manhandled me in this play-acting fashion and I found myself wondering what it might be like for real.

When he wanted to move to a private chat room to continue our discussion I agreed. It was soon clear that he was used to taking what he wanted and the idea was making my knees weak. He said he was coming to the Bay Area in a few weeks and wanted to get together. Being happily married, I didn’t think that was such a good idea, but he continued to describe what he would do to me if we ever met. He told me he planned to push me to my knees and fuck my still virginal booty. After that he would use me any other way he wanted. He would stretch out my pussy and my ass and I would suck him off whenever he wanted. His lewd suggestions and his complete confidence that I was going to meet him and that he was going to fuck my brains out soon had really aroused me and I started seriously considering getting together with him. If a guy f***es you to have anal sex with him, roughly fucks your ass, takes your anal cherry and cums deep inside you despite your struggles and protests, he has dominated you in a really profound and fundamental way and though I didn’t want to admit it, it was incredibly erotic to me. I was never aware of a desire to be dominated, but apparently it was there and I knew if he did this, he could make me do anything else he wanted!

So, to my surprise and despite the fact that I’d never done anything like this before, I found myself agreeing to meet him, with both of us knowing that shortly after we met he would fuck me. I told him that I was only considering the possibility of meeting, not yet actually agreeing to it, but at this point he seemed to know that he was going to have me and I was just trying to provide relieve my guilt. He was confident that I would show at the appointed time for him and he would turn me into his little sex doll. He was completely sure that I had already submitted to his power and the actual stretching of my tight, tender holes and his cum deep inside me was a given. I still wasn’t so sure, but his confidence was a tremendous aphrodisiac and I found myself carried along by his certainty. We started making plans to meet on his trip to a conference in San Jose.

By the time his San Jose trip arrived, I had come to my senses and realized I wasn’t ready for such a big step…meeting a dominant, rough man and surrendering myself to him, knowing that not only was he going fuck me and use me in any way he wished, but that he was going to fuck my ass and crow as he conquered me body and psyche. Still, in some old-fashioned way, I felt that I owed him an explanation but I didn’t want to tell him over the phone so I decided just to meet him for a drink and tell him in person.

I joined him in the bar at his hotel and we found a table. I explained my change of heart afraid that he would be angry and even make a scene, but fortunately he was understanding and a complete gentleman about it. He tried to change my mind, but when he saw that I was serious, he stopped. I was able to relax and we had a few more drinks and soon I was feeling pretty good. I was sorry I had worried about him as I had clearly misjudged him. After a while, though, he gave it one more try and said that he had some things in his room that he thought might help me change my mind. I joked with him, “Oh, sure, you just want to get me up to your room…” But he said no, he was serious and that I at least owed him the courtesy to let him try once more. Well, I knew I wasn’t going to change my mind, but I felt guilty for leading him on and I was a little curious about what he had up there, so I agreed to let him take me to his room.

When we got there and he took me in, before I could turn to ask, “So, what did you have to show me?” he put his arms around me from behind. I started to squawk when he caught my neck in the crook of his elbow and I felt him apply pressure to the side. The next thing I knew, I was on the bed face down, blindfolded and I couldn’t move. When he realized I was awake he snarled “You little cunt…you think you can just change your mind about this…you think you can just walk in here and tell me that you’ve had second thoughts…well sorry, bitch, but I’m changing your mind back!”

I was actually on my knees lying with a big cushion under my stomach and my ass in the air. My hands appeared to be tied to the corners of the bed. My feet seemed to be tied to the other corners of the bed and there was some kind of bar between my knees, holding them so wide apart I thought I was going to tear. I could feel cool air on my ass and I realized I was naked and that I must be completely exposed. The final indignity was that he had stuffed something in my mouth. I could breathe, but I couldn’t talk or cry out. I was completely helpless and really scared. He laughed meanly and said, “Remember how you were going to hand me your panties when you met me? You didn’t and now you’re still wearing them.” And I suddenly realized what was in my mouth—my panties, held there by a thick rubber band around my head.

“I ought to fuck your ass dry,” he said as I felt something cold drip on my exposed asshole. “But I’m going to do you a favor, even though you don’t deserve it.” More cold stuff dripped on me and then he was rolling something cylindrical in the fluid, which I now realized was lubricant of some sort. Then I felt the tip of something probing my asshole. Suddenly there was a blinding pain in my belly as he jammed something thick into my defenseless asshole. I was stretched to the splitting point and I tried to call out, but could only make muffled little noises. “This is a butt plug to open you up a little…you’ll thank me later, I promise you , bitch,” he hissed.

“And now you need a little lesson,” he said as he trailed something over my exposed ass. There was a whistling sound, a slap and a burning pain on my cheek! He had hit me with his belt and it really hurt. I tried to protest, but nothing came out, and a sharp stroke to my other cheek set it on fire too. Slap, slap, slap…the strokes came hard and fast. It burned and I was crying silently with tears flowing down my face. My ass was on fire but I was more humiliated to realize that the heat had moved between my legs to my pussy which was wet and swollen. He knew it too and in between slaps he started stroking my cunt, sliding a finger into me now and then. I was burning with embarrassment and although I struggled to get away, I couldn’t move against the restraints. I was f***ed to endure his dirty caresses, which were getting me even more turned on. He found my clitoris and was delighted to see the effect he had on me when he stroked it.

I felt him kneel on the bed behind me between my wide-spread legs and suddenly I felt something big and hard nosing around my pussy lips. It pressed and started in, when suddenly SLAP on my burning upraised ass and BAM his huge hard cock drove into my unprepared pussy. God…he was so huge and so hard and he was sooo deep. My pussy felt like it was being split in two and I tried to cry out but to no avail. He grabbed my hips and fucked me like a machine with fast, deep strokes. It hurt at first, but my pussy started to stretch to his size and it began to feel really good. Then my body really betrayed me and I started cumming hard around his huge dick. I couldn’t help myself…I was whimpering and dissolving.

He reached around in front of me and snapped something in his hand. I was aware of a chemical smell and then he yanked the butt plug out while he continued to fuck me, and when I gasped, I inhaled making me gasp at the sensation and when I took a deep breath, I inhaled . When I suddenly inhaled and suddenly my limbs went completely loose and out of control and I started cumming continuously. I didn’t know about poppers either. But then there was a huge, deep pain as he pulled out of my pussy and drove balls deep in my defenseless asshole in one powerful, hard stroke. I tried to scream…I thought I would surely die…but I couldn’t stop cumming, even harder.

He drove his huge cock into me so hard and so deep…he pried my ass cheeks apart so he could get even deeper, knowing how much it hurt…he fucked me for a long time. He reveled in reminding me, “So bitch, you thought you could change your mind…what do you think now?? You’re my new cum slut and when I turn you loose, all your holes will be gaping and flowing with my cum. You might even be pregnant! You won’t be able to walk straight when I get through with you…and you’re gonna want more!! You cunt!!” And I started cumming again from his ass fucking and his mind fucking. He laughed as he started cumming deep inside me…I could feel his hot juice filling me up as he roared triumphantly over my completely broken and dominated body. When he pulled out, he nearly pulled me inside out, leaving me gaping with his hot cum leaking out of my ravaged, no longer tight asshole.

He was true to his word and when he finished with me later that night and let me go, I was leaking from my ass and my pussy…I was covered in cum and I could taste him and a couple of his friends. I hated him for how he had used me...i was sore for days...but I realized he probably knew what I wanted more than I did.

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