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Old and White

I live in a resort town, and on this night I met my friends at one of the local bars. We wanted to get away from all the out of towners. Earl and Sam and I were playing pool and drinking. The subject of girls came up and we all agreed that it had been too long since any of us had gotten laid. The bar was empty. Three white women came in and sat at the bar, they were petite and in their late sixties or early seventies and not bad looking for their age. they came over and wanted to play. We were all having a good time and getting a buzz on. They were getting nasty with the more they d***k. They had said that they were from out of town and their husbands were at some meeting. Earl whispered to me that we could nail these women easily and I agreed but I thought they were too old. Sam chimed in that we could poke them now and hit the bars for some younger tail afterwards.

We all agreed and asked the women if they would like to go to our house and smoke some weed. They said yes and we were there in two minutes. Sam was on the couch with Mary-she had blonde hair and looked to weigh about 110lbs. Earl was kissing on Linda who was dark hair and about 125lbs and large tits. I was with Beth who was very horny and rubbing my dick. Beth had said that she had only cheated on her husband two other times. She had said that all three women had always wondered what it would be like to be with some younger black guys and to have a group sex thing. Me and my guys had fucked plenty of white girls before but never any that were this old. I just needed some wet pussy to stick my dick in and nut in. With in five minutes Beth and I were naked and in the 69 position. Her pussy was very wet and smelled great though it was wrinkled and hairy, some of it gray. I could tell she was going to orgasim quickly and wanted to my dick in her before she did. It slid in with ease up to my balls and it was tighter than I expected. She commented that my dick was bigger than her husband's. I proceeded to bang her with long deep strokes. After two minutes she came very hard, she grab me and held me tight and pulled me deeper into her, her pussy clamped on my dick. I could no longer hold back and let loose a massive load of jizz. I felt that I must have shot a gallon of spooge in her and Beth agreed. My cock was staying hard and it was still in her cunt. Sam was still pounding Mary and Earl had already dumped his nut sauce deep into Linda and gotten up and went tin the kitchen. Earls dick snot was leaking out of Linda's hairy pussy. Linda, Beth and I were talking, my dick still deep in Beth when Sam finally busted his nut in Mary's blonde pussy. We all sat around and talked for little bit. Beth had removed herself from my dick and went to the can. Mary was stroking my cock and then mounted it her pussy slimey from her and Sams earlier fuck session. Linda paired up with Sam and Beth took Earl. Beth told Mary to hold on tight that I was a good fuck! Mary was fucking me hard, everybody was fucking hard. Mary told me that she wanted my sperm deep in her. I could not believe that I was fucking these women, they were old enough to be my grand mother. I soon blew my wad deep into Mary. Sam and Earl did so also. As I looked over at Beth's warn out pussy I could the my and Earl's goo leaking from it. I got up and went to the bathroom, Linda followed. She held my dong while I peed. Then she sat on the pot to pee and started sucking me. My dick hardend up and I put her on the counter and fucked her quick, nuting in her. I withdrew and she stated that she had never done three guys in one night, it made her feel really good. she said she liked the idea of our sperm swimming around her womb. I thought that was a wierd thing to say but I was glad to have fucked three older married white women and to nut in them all.They cleaned up and dressed and said they needed to get back to their condo. They took our number and called us a day later and spent the whole day at our place fucking us while their husbands played golf. I think older women are A Okay and will never look at a granny the same way again.

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