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Kim and James in Vegas Chapter 2

Kim & James Story
Chapter 2
A Day of Shopping
The next morning, James called for room service, ordering coffee and danish. Kim was feeling rather naughty as she thought of the pending events scheduled for the day. She greeted the room service attendant wearing a robe, that she intentionally left open exposing her breasts. Enjoying a continental breakfast, they talked of the days planned events. James and Kim talked about what it was going to be like modeling sexy outfits.
Kim opened her robe as she played with her nipples, James began to stroke his cock as he watched Kim. Kiss me James pleaded Kim. So he did, slow, soft, seductively. Her hand moving to her slippery slit rubbing her swelling clit as James slipped two fingers up inside her, finding her G spot. A low moan escaped from Kim lips. James moved his head lower, licking around Kim's nipples, teasing her buds until they got rock hard. Fingers moving in and out, the sound of her generous flow of cream aroused them both even more. Kim's hands wrapped around James cock, feeling it rock hard.
Kim rose up as she guided James cock between her swollen lips. He slid into her with ease. Kim's pussy tightened around his shaft, holding James deep inside. James kissed Kim's breasts, massaging her nipples. She sat there a moment, savoring the feeling, then began to slowly move up and down, fucking her husband. James thrust up meeting Kim's ass as they fucked faster and faster. Kim felt an orgasm start to overtake her. James could feel Kim's pussy gush even more as she had her first orgasm of the day. Kim kept riding his cock, going for another body trembling orgasm. James feeling pussy juice flowing down over his balls, Kim's pussy dripping like a faucet. After a pause to catch her breath, Kim rose up off James lap. Looking into James eyes, she leaned over, breasts hanging as they filled James hands, Kim kissed him with loving passion. Lowering herself between James thighs, a grin on her face, her beautiful green eyes looking into James eyes, she took his hard wet cock into her mouth, tasting her own sweet cream on his rock hard cock.
Teasing the head of his cock, her hand sliding up and down his wet shaft Kim spoke softly, I want you to fill my mouth with your cum darling. She took his cock into her mouth, sucking, taking his whole cock into her throat. Her hands grasp his balls, as they squirmed, at her touch. Kim knew it would not take long for James to cum. She was fucking his cock with her mouth, playing with his balls, she slipped a finger into his ass, that was still wet from her juices. ?'m going to cum he gasped. His cock began to spurt his hot creamy cum into Kim's' sucking mouth. Her hand stroking his shaft as she felt James cum rush up the shaft and into her mouth. Again and again James cum burst forth. There was so much it was dribbling from the corners of Kim's mouth. It was James turn to catch his breath as their lips met in a slow loving passionate erotic kiss.
Kim was trying to decide what to wear on her day shopping for lingerie. It should be something easy to get in and out of. Being sexy today was not so important as what she would be shopping for would more than make up for it. That being said, she decided on a comfortable summer dress with spaghetti straps. She decided to go without a bra today as her ample breasts would swing and sway with each step. Her big nipples would be standing proud. Kim kept thinking of having Tom playing with her tits. She wanted to feel his lips sucking her nipples so bad. The thought of that was making her wet with anticipation. She and James had decided that today would be the day she got her wish.
It was getting close to noon when Tom said he would be done with his meeting. James made the call to Tom as planned.
Tom answered and told James that he was about done with his meeting and be there to pick them up in an hour and half. He would meet them at the Valet parking in front of the Luxor. Kim and James were ready to go, so thought they would spend a little time playing the slot machines while they waited. The hour and half passed quickly. They were out front of the Luxor's Valet parking when Tom pulled up in his Lincoln town car. Tom got out, waved to them and opened the back door for them to get in, saying, Today I'll drive you around my town. Are you hungry? Tom asked? James said they had a little something this morning. Perhaps we can eat later. Kim is anxious to go shopping. Tom told them OK, let's get started. I thought we would go to the same store the strippers and dancers go to. We can save the fancy stores for later. Off they went. The days adventure had begun.
Kim, sitting in the back was rubbing her nipples hoping that Tom would notice. She could see him peeking at her thru the rear view mirror. Tom ask her, that feel good? Looks good from here. Glad to see you dressed comfortable today as it is supposed to reach 105 today. In the little ice chest you will find some cold bottled water if you get thirsty. One learns living in the desert to never go anywhere without having water with you.
James could tell Tom knew his way around this town. Tom had taken a back street, crossed over the busy freeway and was heading west down Tropicana, past In and Out Burger. Past the Wild West Casino that catered to truckers. There must have been 500 trucks parked there. As they drove past a big Adult Superstore, Tom spoke up telling them, we will be stopping there on the way back to Caesars Forum”
Tom pulled up at a small shopping mall in front of the Show Girls Fashions Tom got out, opened their door, making them feel like VIP's. When they went into the store, the pretty sales girl greeted them. Tom went to her, and seemed to slip something into her hand. He whispered into her ear, this is the couple I told you about on the phone. We want the Private Room as we had arranged on the phone. I really want Kim spoiled today. We want her to feel like a queen. This calls for the exclusive VIP treatment. Tom slipped $300 into her hand telling her this is just to get the ball rolling. Depending on how the day goes, there is another $300 waiting for you when we are done. Karen was motivated to make this a very special day for all three of them. A day that she hoped they would never forget.
The clerk went to Kim introducing herself, my name is Karen. I'm here to satisfy your every wish. Karen was about 5'6 145 lbs, short dark hair. She was in her mid 30's. Wearing a tank top, that showed off her rather large breasts. Her nipples pressed against the thin material trying to escape their bonds. The men where hoping that her breasts would find a way to free themselves. Karen wore a pair of short shorts that looked as if they had been painted on. Karen asked Kim what she was looking for and what kind of budget did she want to stick to. Kim told her that she was interested in several things, a bra that would show off her breasts, a couple pair of crotchless panties, garters and nylons. She was also interested in a dinner dress, a cocktail dress for the bar later and something to go dancing in that would make every man in the place look at her.
Karen e****ted the 3 of them toward a curtain in the back of the shop. Follow me . There was a small stage surrounded by mirrors. Off to the right was another small room for changing. There were 2 leather chairs and a sofa for the men to sit in. By the changing room was a small table with a coffee pot and donuts. Karen told them to help them selves to the coffee and donuts and if they wanted a soda, those where in the little fridge behind the couch. Make yourself comfortable gentlemen while Kim and I go pick out some things to try on.
This gave James and Tom an opportunity to talk privately. James started the conversation. Kim and I have been talking about this day for a long time. We have decided that if we felt comfortable with you, that she can have her way with you if she wants. After this morning she made it pretty clear she wants you. Tom smiled back, looking at James and said, he thought he saw a gleam in Kim's eyes that morning.
Tom went on to say, ? would never want to bring any discord to your marriage. That is paramount to me. As much as I would enjoy Kim, I do not want to damage your love for each other. If anything I would like to bring a little spark to I. It is my wish that today sets off a fresh spark so that you two enjoy another 20 years of marital bliss together.
They both agreed that Kim was to control of the day and the events ahead. What ever Kim wants, Kim gets. Let's spoil her today with what ever she wants. Now how do I let her know that? Tom told him, when she comes back, I'll step out and make like I need to get something out of the car. When I come back, it's Kim ball game and I'm game for what ever happens. Sounds like a great time for me. Now before she comes back, I have a little present for us both. Which do you prefer, Viagra or Cialis? I have both.
James laughed and said I'll take the Cialis. Tom spoke up and said I'll take the Viagra. We can do a test, see which one works better.
This is going to be a day to remember.
It wasn't long before Kim came back to the private back room with a big grin on her face. Karen followed, pushing a clothes rack that was full. Karen then went back out into the store saying there's more, I'll be right back. She came back her arms full of various boxes and packages. These items she put on a table.
Tom spoke up and said, I'll be right back. I left my phone in the car, he got up and left the room. James got up, and went to Kim. He moved close as he put his arms about her, kissed her gently and told Kim, I talked with Tom and everything is fine. Today is your day and what ever you want, you get. If you want Tom, just let him know or ask. If you want us both together, that's what you get. You want to sit and play with yourself as we watch, that's what you get. Tom and I both agree, we aim to please you today. I think you are in for one of those special days that you will never forget.
Karen looked at Kim and asked, Are you ready to get started? I'll help you get dressed, then you can come out and show off for your men.
End Chapter 2. Chapter 3 coming soon.
This story was inspired by one of the couples here in xHampster.
Written by Tom Mahtal
December 2010

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