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Hot Young Thing - Part One

It was the summer that I just turned 14, and I was bored.
We got word that my uncle was recovering from shoulder surgery, and he needed help because he could only use one arm. He lived alone in Texas, and my mom thought it would be good for us both if I spent the summer with him. I flew into Dallas-Fort Worth, and he met me at the airport. God, it was hot there. When we got to his ranch, I was shocked to see that there was no one around for miles. We were truly alone. Uncle Clyde showed me to his guest room, and helped me with my luggage. He still had one good arm, but the other one was in a sling. After he left, I changed into clothes that were more appropriate for the steamy weather.

When Uncle Clyde saw me wearing my skimpy daisy duke shorts and my tiny belly shirt with no bra, I could sense his pleasure. His wide eyes twinkled, and I could tell he was thinking naughty thoughts.

I knew my young body was attractive. I was proud of my firm round breasts. They weren't all that big yet, but they had a perky bounce to them, and I loved wearing thin, tight little shirts that showed them off. I have a skinny waist, which accentuated my full, round ass. Wearing my skimpy cutoff shorts felt so sexy, and they didn't cover much. My ass cheeks were clearly exposed, and it was probably obvious that I wasn't wearing panties, or even a thong.

I bopped around Uncle Clyde's kitchen, putting away the dishes I just finished washing for him. I could feel his eyes follow me as I reached high up, stacking his dishes on the top shelf. I didn't mind the attention, and I'm sure he didn't mind watching me. I got all tingly in my crotch, knowing the effect I was having on him.

It was so hot, I went to take a cold shower after doing my chores. As I towelled off, I became aware of some noise in the adjoining guest room. I noticed that the heat vent passed through to the other room, and you could easily see into the bathroom through the grating on the vent. Sure enough, Uncle Clyde was in the guest room, watching me dry off. I was feeling frisky, and decided to give him a show, pretending all the while that his secret "window" remained a secret.

I dropped my towel and pretended I was admiring my firm body in the mirror, which hung directly over the "secret window". I began touching my proud breasts, squeezing them and playing with my nipples. Then I ran my hands up and down my body, paying particular attention to my still hairless pussy. I rubbed my clit in circles, and I was getting turned on, knowing my uncle was enjoying every minute of the show. I turned away from the "window", bent over to pick up the towel, and slowly dried off my legs and feet, giving my uncle a nice long look at my smooth, bare ass, all bent over and sticking out at him.

Having such an interested audience watching me, I decided to keep the show going. I stood in front of the heat vent brushing my long blond hair, while my other hand found my pussy. I glided my finger up and down over my slit, tickled my clit, and finally slipped my finger into my hole. It was already hot and wet, which was no surprise. It seemed like it was always wet lately.

When I finished brushing my hair, I playfully flicked my nipples with the bristles, which sent chills right down to my pussy. I let the bristles tickle me all the way down my body, and end up on my crotch. I stroked the brush over my clit, legs spread wide. It felt so good, I turned the hairbrush around, and slid the handle into my eager pussy. It was exhilarating, and the thought of being watched drove my crazy. I pumped the brush handle in and out, faster and faster, until my body spasmed with an orgasm so strong, I had never felt anything like it before.

Not wanting to put on the same sweaty outfit, I wrapped myself in my towel and went back to the guest room to change. There was Uncle Clyde sitting at his desk, doing paperwork. He apologized for the intrusion, but said he needed to get to his files. He got up to go, but I thought I'd tease him a little more as "punishment" for boldly watching my show. I told him to wait a minute, and he could help me pick out a fresh outfit. I opened the dresser drawer and showed him all the clothes I'd brought with me. There were short-shorts and shorter shorts, a couple mini skirts, and belly shirts of all types. Still wrapped in my towel, I began pulling out different bits of clothes so he could help me decide. He stood next to me, looking in the drawer, and then he saw it.

When I moved one of my skirts, a bright pink object fell out the skirt. I had forgotten that I tucked my pink dildo in the skirt to hide it. The toy wasn't always mine. My older s****r left it in the closet when she moved away. But it was mine now, and I used it early and often. Now it lay in the dresser completely exposed , and my little secret was no longer a secret.

Uncle Clyde's eyes lit up like he was looking at a winning lottery ticket. He was dumbfounded. He reached in the drawer and picked it up like it was a delicate sparrow. He held it lovingly in both hands, looked at me, then he held it close to his nose and sniffed it, all the way up and down the whole thing. I was still wet from my great orgasm in the bathroom, but I could feel my juices heating up again.

Finally, Uncle Clyde asked me if it was mine. I told him someone gave it to me. No, my mom didn't know I had it, and neither did anyone else, until now. He seemed to be delighted that he now knew my secret. I told him it was just like me discovering his "secret window". His glee turned into shock and fear in a hurry. He knew he could get into big trouble if I told anyone what he was up to. What to do now? We made a deal.

I would let him watch me play with my dildo through his heat vent, and neither one of us would ever betray our secrets to anyone. This time, he went into the bathroom and watched me sitting on the edge of the guest bed, directly facing the heat vent. I opened up my towel, and threw it back on the bed behind me. I played with my tits, and ran my fingers all over my body, stopping to finger my soaking wet pussy. I put two fingers in, and jerked them quickly, making loud squishing sounds that I'm sure Uncle Clyde could hear. It was even more exciting this time, knowing that my uncle knew I was okay with him watching.

I took my fingers slowly out of my hole, and put them to my mouth. I licked all my juices from both fingers, then reached for my dildo. I scooted my ass off the edge of the bed, and put my feet against the wall to brace myself. My pussy was aiming straight at my uncle's wild eyes, about 12 inches away from the heat vent. Like a pro (I already was, at age 13) I worked my pink friend up, down and around my crotch area, gyrating with energy. I slid that dildo up inside my dripping pussy like I knew what I was doing. Slowly at first, I pushed it all the way in as far as it would go, then I gradually pulled it back out, then back in again. What a rush!

I grabbed my toy with both hands, and increased my stroke, faster and deeper, trying to give the performance of a lifetime. Uncle Clyde was great motivation.

My legs started to get tired, so I rolled over, and knelt on the edge of the bed, with my ass close to the vent. I put baby oil on my hands, and I began to rub it all over my ass, squeezing and kneading my cheeks, and spreading them so Uncle Clyde could have a good look at my smooth asshole. I playfully ran my finger up and down my ass crack, and circled my hole with my finger tip.

That's when I revealed my other secret. I had brought along another hairbrush, one with a long, round, black handle with light grooves on it. I'm sure I surprised my uncle when he saw me teasing my asshole with the handle of a hairbrush. After a few minutes of driving my uncle crazier, I pushed the handle into my asshole, and began pleasuring my aroused ass. Now, for the best part: While I stroked my asshole furiously with the hairbrush, I slipped my pink toy into my pussy, and gave myself a double fuck. I could hear Uncle Clyde gasping in the bathroom as he watched me continuously slam my ass and pussy at the same time. What a show it was. I came hard and loud, and I didn't hold back.

Afterward, I lay back on the bed, totally spent, and fell asl**p. Uncle Clyde stayed in the bathroom for awhile, until he had the strength to stand up and move.

When I awoke, I thought about our experience together, and I smiled, knowing that this could be a long and interesting summer indeed. I discovered I loved to tease men with my beautiful body, and I knew I had Uncle Clyde's full attention.

(Part Two coming soon.)

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