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Ann's new toy The Stallion

Ann the farmers Wife The last Time
These are individual stories about a mature farmers wife and me (young virgin lad) back in the nineteen eighties and how we found out about sex and what we got up to over six months

Ann’s new toy The Stallion

It has been two weeks since I was snowed in at Ann’s farm, I am now here on my day off once a week doing tractor work. Ann’s husband has gone to the mart and then he and his mates are going out this afternoon for a Christmas drink.
I just come back to the house for my lunch and Ann is waiting for me.
“I’ve got something to show you, come with me”
I remove my wellingtons and jumper at the door and follow Ann up stairs in to the bedroom
“look what I’ve got”
Ann pulls this mighty looking thing out of her knickers drawer
“it’s called the stallion, I sent for it from the porn magazine”
It was about a foot long, hard plastic, dark brown and as thick as my wrist, Ann turned it on and the buzz was loud as well. Ann seemed existed rubbing her hand over it.
Ann got a bath towel and laid it on the bottom of the bed, She pulled her trousers and knickers down and sat on the bed just on the towel. Ann had changed, she had never tried to kiss or touched me today.
Ann parted her legs wide, the pink of her fanny lips showing and laid back on the pillow pulling her blouse up to her bra, she took her vibrator and licked it while her other hand played with her fanny , I watched as she slid two fingers in to herself and the vibrator tip in to her mouth. She then fetched her self off with her fingers, my cock was starting to strain in my trousers.
Ann put down the stallion and with two hands parted her fanny lips pulling them apart, I could see right in to her fanny hole all pink and wrinkly. Making a V with her fingers on one hand, she managed to keep her lips open and ran the stallion tip along her slit before pushing it in.
Fuck, it looked big, Ann was now half way in and turned the end for it to vibrate, she was breathing deep and slow with her eyes shut. I pulled my cock out of my zip and stroked it while touching the top of her leg, her eyes opening as I touch her.
Ann was moving the stallion around in big circles, her fanny getting stretched as she did so, her other hand was on her clitoris, her fingers rubbing it in a circle motion. Ann was on her way as she moaned , her vibrator looked out of control, she was using it like a pinch bar, (what you use to make holes for fence posts).It looked like you could fit a three inch post in to her fanny.
Ann’s other hand was strumming away on her clitoris, fast and hard. She starts to gasp now
“watch this,” Ann said
Ann roughly rubs her clitoris and pulls the stallion out, as she squirts her orgasm two feet out of her, hitting the bath towel, She was breathing fast and heavy as she reaches for my cock.
“fuck me hard”
I pull off my trousers and boxers and climb between Ann’ legs, her fanny still open, as I taste her juice before moving up to kiss Ann. My cock found her love hole but it was hard to tell, I had no friction rubbing on my cock as I tried to thrust in to her, I was hard and I fucked her but nothing was happening .
“let me suck it”
I climbed from between her legs and knelt on the bed at her face, Ann took me in to her warm mouth as I reached down to her fanny. Ann was already there with the stallion back in side her, I rubbed her clitoris as she sucked me.
The buzzing started then Ann started moaning, her hand came on to mine and pushed it hard in to her clitoris in a circler motion, her stallion slipping in and out of her, she let my cock slip out of her mouth so she could concentrate on herself.
She was panting fast as she pulled the stallion out, my hand being f***ed out of the way from her clitoris as she rubbed faster and harder. I took my cock in my hand and started stroking it, pointing it at her face. I watched as Ann’s body tensed, her legs nipping together as she let out another squirt of her juice squirting on to the towel and over her fanny.
My cock erupted, warm creamy cum splattered across her face. Ann opened her mouth and took my cock inside her mouth sucking every last drop. When she was finished with me, she was straight off the bed and drying her fanny with the towel then got dressed.
Ann had no need for me now and I think we both knew, that was the last time I saw Ann naked.
I still went every week on my day off but nothing was ever said. I left my job in the spring to work for a farm contractor and had to stop going to Ann’s farm as well.
I only saw Ann odd times after that, sadly she passed away a couple of years back. Now I feel I can tell my story, I’ve never met another woman who could squirt like that when she orgasmed, I thought she was a freak until I found this site and it’s fairly common, I learnt a lot in that six months.

Watch out for; Stephanie The Farmers Daughter

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