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I truly love cum!

I’m one of those women that actually, really and truly, love the taste of cum. I LOVE CUM! Over the years, I’ve become a real connoisseur. I love the taste, the texture, the warmth, the smell. I love the stickyness of thick cum, and the saltiness of liquid cum.

I love to give head, and get huge loads of cum! Just so I can taste it, and enjoy it in my mouth, and then swallow every drop. DO I swallow? Every drop I can get!

I especially love pre-cum! I love the way it tastes and feels, so slick, and so lubricating. It makes my pussy wet just feeling it on my fingers and my lips. I love to give head with it just dripping down in long strands of drool between my mouth and his cock.

And I can’t say enough about men who are big cummers. I’ve seen some videos that show guys who can cum three times in a row, bam-bam-bam, with just a few minutes of stroking in between each orgasm. The first orgasm is 4-5 shots, really nice long ropes of cum and some big aftermath dribbles. Then a few minutes more of stroking, and boom… another couple long ropes of cum and some nice dribbles that totally cover the head. Then a few minutes MORE of stroking, and boom… another nice long spurt of cum and more liquid aftermath dribbles!

I would be drinking it like from a fountain. I cum every time I see it! I’m also a big Peter North fan.

Speaking of drinking it! One of my fantasies is a total bukkake meltdown. Just guy after guy after guy, in an endless chain, shooting their cum all over my face and down my throat. God, I would be in heaven! I would be filled up on cum!

If you could fill up an 8-ounce glass with hot cum, I would drink it in one long joyous drink.

If I could suck on a huge cock shooting an endless stream of cum, while another huge cock fucks my pussy, I would die from protein overdose.

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